Reversible Pocket Calendar Cover


Little inexpensive clear vinyl covered pocket calendars can go from ho-humm functional – to oh-so-cute in a matter of minutes. The pocket calendars with the clear removable covers can be found in almost any store that sells office supplies, and can occasionally be found at “dollar stores”.

  • 2 slices of a Moda Layer Cake (2 – 10″ x 10″ squares). Snippets by American Jane featured.
  • 1 pocket calendar with clear vinyl removable cover
  • Iron-on Adhesive for fabric (example, Heat n Bond Lite)

1. Select two Layer Cakes (2 – 10″ x 10″ squares), and remove vinyl cover from calendar.

2. Cut a piece of iron-on adhesive larger then your calendar. A good half inch extra on all four sides is plenty.

3. Iron on the adhesive (according to manufacture’s instructions) – bumpy side down, paper side up – to the WRONG side of your fabric. Leave yourself a 1/4” clearance near the edge of your fabric and the adhesive so you don’t fuse your project to your ironing board.

4. Remove the adhesive’s paper after ironing.

5. Place second fabric, WRONG side down – so adhesive is sandwiched between your fabrics. Iron to fuse the pieces together.

6. Place your calendar over your fused fabric unit, at least a 1/2″ in from the side and bottom. This will insure your sandwiched unit will be fused on all four sides (this will help prevent fraying). Mark the four corners of the calendar with a pencil as a cutting guide.

7. Trim unit using your pencil marks as your guide. TIP: It is better to cut larger, and then trim as needed to fit unit inside your clear vinyl cover.

8. Slide fused unit in cover. You may need to do a little trimming to get it to fit accurately and neatly.

9. Insert calendar and you’re done! Done of course, unless you can’t decide which side of the fused unit to use. Alternating the sides of the fused unit takes only seconds to change.

One package of Moda Layer Cakes will yield 20 reversible calendar covers. Make 20 to give to your friends, family, co-workers and the appointmently challenged … or keep them for yourself to alternate with your mood, fashion/desk accessories or season.

You can take your personalized cover a step further – and embellish your cover with fused/ironed on applique pieces. Your iron is your oyster. Something like that.

Happy Days! And months. And year…

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  1. PunkiePie says:

    Great idea! Some of those calendars are just so ugly. Now we can pretty them up in minutes!

  2. Angela says:

    SUPER CUTE! What a great low calorie idea!

  3. Camille says:

    Monica, I love this!! A list/schedule/calendar junkie am I, and this is AWESOME. Thanks!

  4. Vickie E says:

    Love it…I want to run out and buy some generic ones to cover for friend…

  5. happy zombie says:

    Thanks you guys! It just seems like too simple of a project to post… but gosh, simple can be so fun too! I’m embarrassed to have my ratty old ironing board cover shown… I think a new cover is in order!

  6. Way cute! Looking forward to visiting often!

  7. now that is SUPER cute monica!!!

  8. Doe says:

    Love the idea of new sew to cover a generic calendar. Thanks for the tut!

  9. Very cute Monica. You McZombie you.