Sultry Jelly Roll Project Sheet


This quilt was made using the Sultry Collection from Basic Grey available in stores Feb 2009.
Braid: One Jelly Roll™ (40–2½”x WOF strips)
Inner border & Braid: (30170 13) ⅞ yard
Final border & Braid: (30160 17) 1¾ yards
Binding: (30167 15) ⅝ yard
Backing: 4 yards– pieced across
Completely optional but I use Best Press to press everything.It produces a nice pressed project without a starchy build up. I would drink this stuff if it wouldn’t kill me. Ask for it at your shop and give it a try. Lots of Flavors.
Sewline marking pencils.
From 7 of the Jelly Roll™ strips, cut a 2 1/2″ square. This will be your starter piece for each row. Then cut the remainder of these strips into 7″ x 2 1/2″ sections. Cut the other 33 Jelly Roll™ strips into 6 – 7″ sections. We also cut a few extra strips from the border fabrics to have enough strips to make this length. For a complete printable pattern, go the moda website, under Fun Stuff is the Sultry Project Sheet. If you are like me, you probably do not need another ruler, but I used the Fons & Porter ruler that is 8″ x 14″. It comes in so handy. I was able to cut the 7″ strips by turning the ruler on its long side and making a cut at 7″ and 14″ all the way down the strip.
Let me do some preaching here: Before you start to sew this. Stop and change the needle on your machine. How long has it been? Well that is too long.
Okay, now begin, Sew a 7″ strip to one side of the 2 1/2″square much like you would a log cabin. Press.Add another strip to the other side of the square as shown below.Continue adding strips to each side working away from the square. This is it! Kind of mindless from here on out. Just pick up any strip and sew. It is meant to be very scrappy. The length of this section will determine how long your quilt is before borders. Follow the project sheet qty for their recommended lengths.Once the rows are the desired length, you will need to straighten the top edge. I line my 45 degree lines on my ruler along the strip seams to make sure I have a parallel cut across the top. (my pics are pretty yellow so you can’t see the yellow lines on the ruler, but they are there)This is one thing I did different from the project sheet. The project sheet gives instructions to trim the rows before sewing. This area is all bias edges, Yikes! which is code word for “Will Stretch.” Optional technique shown here: Lay 2 of the rows right side together lining up the side edges. Using a straight edge draw a sewing line down the length of the row. Pin the rows together in a few places and sew taking care not to pull or stretch the rows. Trim off the “tags” or excess.
Ta Da! Easy! If for some reason your rows end up being slightly different lengths, don’t trim yet.

Continue sewing your rows together always lining up from the top and matching the sides. Once the top is complete you can straighten the bottom edge. Add borders.

Jump up and Down! You are done!
This is a wonderful quilt to make for a baby quilt also. Sew 5 strips into rows about 45″ long.
Add desired borders. Enjoy!

The project sheet quilt yield a quilt that finishes 65″ x 70″. Ask for the Sultry Collection at your favorite independent quilt or specialty store.

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  1. Vickie E says:

    Thanks Lissa! I have been eyeing this collection on FQ shop…now I have a potential project…it’s sure tempting..

  2. Camille says:

    PERFECT! I have been wanting to try a quilt like this. Thanks!

  3. happy zombie says:

    I love it Lissa! Like Camille… I’ve been wanting to do a quilt like this too!

  4. oh it’s wonderful!!!😀

  5. This is so exciting, can’t wait to see more!!Nadine

  6. Carla says:

    I’m done with my strips. Just have to trim them. Scared to go any further. On the photo it looks like the strips are offset when sewn together but yours look like points match. Should I match up seams when sewing the strips together?

  7. sewer says:

    definitely match up the chevrons before sewing or it will look wobbly. directions don’t tell you this. i staystitched before trimming tips.

  8. jaybird says:

    got all seven strips done and 2 together with the third pinned… hopefully i’ll have the top done tomorrow

  9. Mandy says:

    I purchased the Flutterby Jellyroll and I want to make this quilt. I haven’t sewn since I was in high school five years ago, so should I start with a different quilt for my Jellyroll? I know this is probably a dumb question, but what does it mean “braid” in the first three lines of the fabric requirements? I think I can do this, I just have to start it right. Thanks

  10. Jennifer says:

    for some reason, i don't have enough 2.5×7 strips to make each braid the recommended 20 strips long… i wonder why?