Chenille Hot Pad

Chenille Hot Pad
Vickie E

Moda Layer Cake Urban Couture
3/4 yd. Insul-brite
3/4 yd. coordinate fabric for binding
Olfa Chenille cutter

Select 5 - 10 inch squares for your hot pad. One square will be the backing...4 will become the chenille.

Layer them as shown, backing, insul-brite, and 4 'chenille' squares.

I did not pin to prevent shifting, however, if you are new to quilting or do not have a walking basting may be a good idea. I began at one point of the square and turned the fabric sandwich on point. I quilted through all layers. I continued to do this every 3/8 of an inch. I've turned the piece over so that you can see the quilting easier.

I then squared my hot pad to 9 inches.

Using my Olfa chenille cutter...I cut the top 3 layers ONLY....You MUST be careful not to trim through the bottom layer that would be right above the insulbrite. A chenille cutter makes this process just zip along quickly.

You can see the lighter under layer now. I cut my binding strips 2 1/4 inches. This takes about 40-42 inches of binding with the corners. 3/4 yard of coordinating fabric will bind all 5 hot pads.

You MUST bind the hot pad before you wash it.

Once you have bound the piece, then you could wash it to give it that raggy chenille look. And it is soooo soft. My husband was in disbelief that it wasn't a purchased piece!

5 Hot pads from the recipe above. It takes less than an hour to complete one hotpad. I certainly hope you can use this recipe...Thanks Mid-Ohio Knitter Vickie E


PunkiePie said...

COOL! I never saw a process like that. I'm going to file this one away too. I'm in need of some new hot pads but don't have any layer cakes handy at the moment.

Carla said...

I've been wanting to try this. Thanks! I just love that circle fabric.

Jackie said...

Fantastic Tutorial Vickie! I love it!

happy zombie said...

The Captain and Chenille! Thank you, thank you... I'll be here all week.

Really cute, Vickie! I've always wondered how to make chenille!

amandajean said...

what a great project! i am in dire need of some new hot pad myself. now i just need a chenille cutter. :)

Erin said...

I have never seen a chenille cutter, but now I gotta have one. That must be so nice and soft! I need some new hotpads anyway. Oh, and a walking foot!

tarabu said...

I'm with Erin - now I need a chenille cutter!

Valerie Garrison said...

Thank you for sharing this great tutorial !!!
I have wanted to make these chenille pot holders for so long and now I have finally found instructions. I am so excited! Thanks again! You have made my day!

Liberty Academy said...

I have done this before with flannel, is this flannel or cotton that you used?