Neptune Necklace

1 charm pack - featured Neptune by Tula Pink for Moda
13 - 20 mm wood beads
glue stick
48"- 3/8" grosgrain ribbon
heavy duty needle with large eye

Pick out 13 prints (small patterns work best).
Cut into quarters.

Apply a generous amount of glue to the back of fabric.

Roll bead in the middle of fabric.
Cover entire bead with fabric.

Clip off excess fabric from each end.
Leave enough fabric to be tucked into hole of bead.

Smooth fabric up the bead and tuck into hole of bead.
Use an awl (I used the end of a paint brush) to push fabric into hole and hollow out hole.

Thread grosgrain ribbon on to heavy duty needle.
Tie a double knot 12" from the end of ribbon.
Thread bead onto ribbon.
Next make a knot.
Thread another bead on.
Repeat steps until all beads have been threaded onto ribbon.
Tie a double knot after the last bead.

Your finished!

4 necklaces or 1 super long necklace.



happy zombie said...

NO WAY! Holly... that is just to neat! Or should I say.... saaaaaaa-weet!

MandMStudio said...

That's cool, I can't wait to try it:)

Aunt Donna said...

Too cute! I want to try it!

rachel griffith said...

hold. the. phone.
i NEVER would have thought of that.

hi-5 holly!!!

Sarah Pead said...

Another way to do this (I believe I saw Amy Butler do it on Martha Stewart a couple of years ago), is to sew a casing, or tube, out of one piece of fabric and put the wooden beads into the casing and then tie knots between each of the beads. I have 4 different ones that I made and they are all really easy and fun to make AND great gift ideas!

Selvage Quilter said...

I have always wondered how these pretty necklaces were made! The part that amazes me is that you can poke the fabric into those little holes. I'm going to try it today. :)

Simone de Klerk said...

Great! I still have those beads, all kinds of sizes, so I'm definitely going to try it!!!

Sara said...

I made one of these about two months ago and I'm thrilled with the results! I love the Neptune fabric! Looks great!

Kim said...

What an awesome idea! I never would have thought to do this with fabric.

V and Co. said...

well now that is creative and cute! :)

Shawn said...

So cute, what a great idea and looks like fun too!

b davis said...

Ahh! I love this. And so simple too. I can't wait to make some.

Jocelynilla said...

LOVE that! Next project on my to-make list!

Carrie P. said...

How cool is that!

Brenda said...

Thank you for the fabulous idea and great pics! I can't wait to use some of my leftover "charms" to make gifts for my sister in laws!

SETI said...

I just go to make my own:)
Thank you!!!

daffodilhilltoo said...

I love this! I just ordered a charm pack of this fabric so a girls group from church that I'm over can make some for Mothers day! Mom's will love it! And we can make 10 necklaces with 1 charm pack!

Maria Jové said...

Ohhh, i love it
thank you so much


Daniela Cerri said...

is good for me!!! dan

dbb said...
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dbb said...

Wow, it seems very interesting to make such lovely necklace. Love Love Love this great idea!I can't wait to have a try!!

ilsa said...

If you used bigger beads ( or even this size) you could make a cool garland for Christmas tree I would imagine!?!?

Julianne Blanch said...

I am wanting to make these for a Mother/Daughter activity. Where did you find these beads? I am having a hard time locating them in packets, like you have. Also, are you saying tht the size of beads can be 13-20 mm or are you saying they are 20 mm with a hole that's 13 mm? Thanks, Julianne

Julianne Blanch said...

Never mind . . . I get it now. You're saying you need 13 20 mm beads. OK, I'm slow.

Alicia said...

Great idea!!!

Debbie said...

I just made this for a friend and i had to do it twice. The first one I cut 48"of ribbon and it came down to 18". The second time I started with 80" and now is about 28". Is there 20mm beads that come in different hole sizes? mine a pencil eraser could fit in it.