Swanky Turnover Quilt

A sweet little quilt to use as a baby quilt, car quilt, table topper or adorn on a wall.

25 block finished quilt is 45″ x 45″
All seams ¼”

1 pkg. Chez Moi Swanky Turnovers (80 – 6″ triangles)
1¼ yd. Chez Moi Swanky – Highland Park PEACOCK (16034-13)
¼ yd. Moda Bella Solids – LEMON (9900-131)
1 yd. Flag Day Farm solid – IVORY (14620-11)
2¾ yds. backing fabric
51″ x 51″ batting

From LEMON, cut:
4) 1½” strips for inner boarder

From IVORY, cut:
25) 6″ squares for waffle blocks
–> sub-cut each square diagonally to yield 50 triangles

From PEACOCK, cut:
5) 4½” strips for outer border
5) 2¼” strips for binding

Each Turnover has a matching twin, and are conveniently paired together in the Turnover pack.
Gather 25 twins (50 total) of the small/medium scale prints for waffle blocks.
Gather 14 twins (28 total) of the large scale prints for setting triangles and corners.

1) Making one block at a time, gather one twin SWANKY triangle set and one IVORY triangle set.

2) Cut out a 3″ square from each triangle. You will yield two small triangles and one square.

3) Trim each 3″ square of the SWANKY and the IVORY to 2¾”.

4) To the IVORY squares, join the small triangle of SWANKY to each side. To the SWANKY square, join a triangle to IVORY to each side. Press to the Swanky for all four units.

5) Join one of each unit to make a secondary unit, and press in opposite directions.

6) Join secondary units to complete the block. Press. Trim off dog-ears. Make 24 more blocks. Mmmm, pass the strawberries and whipped cream… it smells like waffles!

7) From the 28 large scale SWANKY Turnover triangles, join 24 of them (chop suey style… do not match them with their twin) – to make 12 setting triangles. Note: The remaining 4 triangles of the 28 – you will use for your setting corners.

8) From setting triangle unit’s tip, measure 5″ on center and trim off end. Use your seam as your guide.

9) Lay out your blocks. Be sure to place blocks in alternating directions.

10) Place your setting triangle units and corner triangles.

11) Make quilt center by joining blocks, setting triangles and corners into rows. Press each row in alternating direction. Join rows to complete quilt center. Press.

12) Trim quilt center’s sides ¼” past the block’s tip.

13) Because you are working with bias edges, everyone’s touch is a little different – and finished center quilt my vary a tad in size. Your finished quilt center will determine what size to cut your borders. From the center of your quilt center, measure horizontally. Cut your top and bottom LEMON inner border strips to this measurement. Pin to top and bottom. Join. Press.

14) On the quilt’s center, measure vertically from top to bottom. This will be your measurement for your side’s inner and outer borders. Join LEMON inner border to side PEACOCK outer border. Make two. Pin in place to quilt center. Join. Press.

15) From the center of your quilt center, measure horizontally. Take 3 PEACOCK outer border strips and join end to end to make one long strip. Sub-cut long PEACOCK strip into two border strips to this measurement. Pin to top and bottom. Join. Press. Done!
Layer with batting and backing, baste and quilt as desired. Bind. Snuggle.

The finished Belgian Waffle quilt measures approximately 45″ x 45″.
Strawberries and whipped cream optional – but highly recommended!
Monica/Happy Zombie

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  1. That’s just the cutest ever! How clever you are with you’re cutting. And those fancy arrows. You put me to shame.

  2. V and Co. says:

    WOMAN! you are incredible at putting things together! bravo!

  3. MichelleB says:

    Monica, I LOVE it! I love that Swanky. And your pattern is fabulous.

  4. eamylove says:

    Oh, gee! ANOTHER one I must make!!!

  5. Fiesta says:

    O love this. such a happy quilt!you make the brightest things.

  6. KaHolly says:

    What fun is that!! I have a baby quilt to make in the near future and that just might be it! So bright and cheery.

  7. jen duncan says:

    Just adorable Monica. Yes, I could just about EAT those yummy colors!

  8. dude…seriously?!?monica you rock my socks off.constantly.*me on my knees worshiping you in major wayne & garth fashion*“we're not worthy. we're not worthy!!!”tehehe.

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  10. That Monica! This is so amazing. The bakeshop has the best talent working at the counter.

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  13. Amanda says:

    I love this. You’re so great at doing tutorials.

  14. Hey Monica … I know I already told you what a hum dinger of a quilt/tutorial I think this is on FB …. but I just had to come by and say it again!!! Seriously …. this looks like it took alot of thinkin’ !! I mean, angles and MATH and stuff!!! Are you a geometry teacher in disguise? (and could you be on call to help Evan with his geometry homework? 🙂

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    pretty quilt…tempted to start another one

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    Oh Monica , I love Belgian Waffles and Swanky, I just bought he Swanky Quilt kit. What fun fabric, you are so smart and creative, wonderful pattern and instruction!!

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