Lucy Goosey in 3D

This is a fun 3 D project (your geese are dimensional). Quick to make and what kid doesn’t love playing with tags and flappy things? This one is made for a little girl.

It would be a great shower gift to display cards in, or……

baby shower gifts.

2 Charm Packs (72 charms, 36 matching pairs)
3/4 yard of coordinating fabric for borders
1 1/4 yard for backing
1/3 yard binding
New needle (you’ll be stitching through several layers at a time)
Unit A: take 2 matching charms and sew together. Make 18 pairs.

Press seams open.

Fold wrong sides together. This is unit A.

Sandwich unit A between 2 matching charms. Place the first charm right side up. Place unit A putting the fold towards the top. Sides and bottom will match, the fold will be 1/4″ from the top edge. Place the second charm right side down.

Sew along one side.


pull the center portion so your block looks like this.

I pinned the bottom corners and the center and finger pressed the seam open – repeat to make 18 flying geese units.

Sew into 3 rows of 6.

Press seams open to prevent bulk.

Cut 4 strips at 2 1/2″ for sashing and side borders.

Cut 2 strips at 6 1/2″ for the top and bottom borders.

Bind: we cut 4 strips at 2″ for the binding. You may prefer your binding a little wider.
Here are some other finishing ideas. A tablerunner,
use Christmas fabrics and use it to hold your holiday cards,
this is using Miss Jump fabrics for a boy quilt

One super fun project (35″ x 39″) that can be a baby quilt, table runner, or a wall hanging to hold cards.

Angie Davy
Angie Davy

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0 comments on “Lucy Goosey in 3D

  1. kiseri says:

    What a great idea!!! Thank you, i will make this surely!

  2. Kucki68 says:

    I like the idea for christmas cards. Maybe I will make some for my friends for gifts.

  3. Micki says:

    I just found your blog! Love it! The tutorials are great, and this one is a great idea!Micki

  4. Jackie says:

    Fabulous and fun quilt! I love quilts that multi task!

  5. Karen says:

    Am I missing the print option on this page? I would love to make this quilt.Thanks!

  6. This is very cute! I have just bought a bunch of charm packs because my LQS had a great sale so now I have another idea of what to do with them! Yippee! Ditto to previous commenter, where is the print option?Anna

  7. madrekarin says:

    It’s the one-seam flying geese!! (Only with two seams.)I love making these. It makes a quilt top in a snap! Love the colors of this quilt.

  8. omg…SUPER cute!!!

  9. Bernice says:

    Just love this pattern for the card holder idea! Thank You…love this blog.

  10. bunnytopia says:

    what a great little quilt, you girls did it again, I did 4 of you petite four table runners as easter gifts for friends and family, they look fabulous!!!!

  11. Sheri Howard says:

    That is very clever, you are brilliant! I love flying geese, and I love that it is 3D! Thanks so much!

  12. Waht a great idea!!! Great tutorial.

  13. BrendaLou says:

    I’ll have to make one of these! Where did you get those great charm packs?

  14. heather says:

    This is SUPER FANTASTIC!!! I will be trying this real soon!! Thanks for the GREAT idea!!