9-Patchtastic Quilt

A fun and easy 9-patch making method to make this 9-Patchtastic quilt. Use a 40 count package of Moda Charms and a background fabric to make a little 24″ x 30″ quilt… or go big and use a package of Moda Layer Cakes and a background fabric to make a large 66″ x 82½” quilt.

This easy 9-patch method makes for a perfect retreat or group project. Less thinkie – more talkie, more snackie, more laughie. Remembering to always press to the print, or to the side that has the most print… will make for nicely nested seams when joining your blocks and rows.

All seams are ¼” and are sewn with fabrics right sides together. Please note:
[ ]” denotes Charm quilt instructions and “{ }” denotes Layer Cake quilt instructions.

[CHARM QUILT 24″ x 30″ Finished]
1 package Moda Snippets Charms (or forty 5″ squares)
¾ yd. Moda Bella Solids – Snow (9900-11) for background
¼ yd. for binding
1 yd. for backing
30″ x 36″ batting

From 5″ SNIPPET charms, cut:
40) charms into 4½” squares

5) 4½” strips
–> sub-cut into 40) 4½” squares

——– OR ——–

{LAYER CAKE QUILT 66″ x 82½” Finished}
1 package of Moda Snippets Layer Cake slices (or forty 10″ squares)
2⅞ yds. Moda Bella Solids – Snow (9900-11) for background
⅝ yd. for binding
5 yds. for backing
72″ x 89″ batting

From 10″ SNIPPET Layer Cake slices, cut:
40) slices into 9¾” squares

10) 9¾” strips
–> sub-cut into 40) 9¾” squares

1. Layer a print square and a background square. Right sides together.

2. Join fabrics with a seam on each side.

3. Cut joined unit into three equal slices in the same direction as your seams.

[1½” slices for Charm quilt]
{3¼” slices for Layer Cake quilt}

4. Press each seamed end slice unit toward the print. Layer a center slice unit to each end slice unit.

5. Join, right sides together with a ¼” seam.

6. Press to the print on both units.

7. The back will look like this:

8. Layer each unit (right sides together) with the seams horizontal.

9. Join units with a ¼” seam on each side.

10. Cut joined unit into three equal slices in the same direction as your just made seams.

[1½” slices for Charm quilt]
{3¼” slices for Layer Cake quilt}

11. Press end slices toward the side that has the most print.

12. Layer a center slice unit to each end slice unit.

13. Join units with a ¼” seam.

14. Press end slices toward the side that has the most print. You will yield two 9-patch blocks:
— One block will have 5 print squares – a “5 print block”
— One block will have 4 prints squares – a “4 print block”

15. Lay out your blocks on a design wall or favorite design laying area in rows of 8 blocks, each block alternating with a “5 print block” and a “4 print block”. Start your first row with a “4 print block”, the second row starting with a “5 print block” – alternating with each new row. Make 10 rows.

Join blocks in each row, always pressing to the “5 print block”.

Join rows to finish quilt. Layer, baste, quilt as desired. Bind. Fin.

Along with background fabric… a 40 count charm pack will yield a 24″ x 30″ quilt top… and a 40 count Moda Layer Cake pack will yield a 66″ x 82½” quilt top.

This fun 9-patch method can be used on any size square of fabric, as long as you trim up your square so that it can be divided equally into thirds.
Have a happy patchtastic day!
Monica/Happy Zombie

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  1. CUTE (as always !) … and I must say I’m impressed with your mathematically genius mind …. you should add “Einstein” to your name …. Monica /Happy Einstein …or Monica Einstein /Happy Zombie….ANYHOW …. thanks for doing the hard figurin’ part !

  2. Karen says:

    Ooooh, so fresh and cute. You’ve done it again, Monica!

  3. Brilliant! Your tutorial is great…excellent pictures, smart construction and great instructions. Love it.

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    Mon, You awe me…I mean I still haven’t lifted my jaw from the floor. it’s soo simple and yet soo stunning to me. And the way you construct it? I mean whoa…awesome…just awesome…

  5. Donna says:

    Wow, I can’t wait to try your method. Great tut!

  6. Karen says:

    Thank you so much for this. I’m working on a nine-patch quilt right now. This way will definitely work better and think I’ll start another one using the charms. Love it!

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    You know I love it! You made it and did a great tutorial! Thanks, nice and happy.

  8. dude, can i adopt you as my older, prettier sister, please?!?!
    i ♥ you mon!!!

    your tutorial=pure awesomeness!!!

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    That is a very spiffy method. Thanks so much for sharing! I will never do a 9 patch the “old way” again. So great!

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    Hooray Monica! Another fantastic quilt design.

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    This a great tutorial. Very clear. Thank you for sharing the neat way of making a 9-patch quilt.

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    Monica–I love your quilt and how you did the nine patch. So creative! Thanks for sharing and have an awesome week!

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    I just bought the fat quarter collection of Snippets when I went to Paducah to the Quilt Show just so I could make cute quilts like this!

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