Triple Irish Flower Quilt


EDIT: September 3, 2009 Many people ask about making this quilt larger. It is based on a Triple Irish Chain quilt from the book, Time for a Chain by Nancy J. Smith & Lynda S. Milligan by POSSIBILITIES. It is available on and has all sizes for quilts, and strip widths…It is the best I have found for Irish Chain quilts! 
This is a modified Triple Irish Chain, based on a quilt I made a few years ago. The pink Irish Chain in the next photo is a reproduction of an antique quilt. The antique quilt was made with 1930’s fabrics and rose colored flowers.
The borders were the left over strips sewn on the bias, the original was beautiful.
~~One Honey Bun roll, I used 1930 Hello Betty by Chloe’s Closet, any line would be great!
~~1 1/3 yard Moda Snow Bella solid (white) edit: not Moda Snow, use Moda White
~~1/4 yard Moda Christmas Red Bella solid, or any solid color you would like your flowers!
~~ 1-1 1/2″ strip of solid yellow (the 1930 Hello Betty Honey Bun has one strip)
~~1/3 yard Chloe’s Closet fabric for binding

Snow white fabric: Cut 6 strips 5 1/2″ width of fabric
Cut 2 strips 3 1/2″ width of fabric
Cut 3 strips 1 1/2″ width of fabric
From the 5 1/2″ strips, cut 12-5 1/2″ squares, set aside.
Yellow fabric: Cut 1 strip 1 1/2″ width of fabric, or use the one strips from the Honey Bun
Red fabric: Cut 5 strips 1 1/2″ width of fabric
Binding fabric: Cut 5 strips 2 1/2″ width of fabric, sew together end to end
Red, white and yellow strips.

White 5 1/2″ squares.

SEWING: All seams are 1/4″

Choose 25 colors from the Honey Bun, I didn’t use any solid colors, only the prints.

You will be sewing the strips together on the long sides the full width of the fabric. These strips sets are lettered. It may be helpful to color on graph paper the placement of the strips, then you can letter them.

1. This is set “A” It is three print strips, one white, and three prints. Make one set. Press all seams one way.
2. This is set “B” It is seven print strips. Make one set. Press all seams one way.
3. This is set “C” It is two print strips, three red strips, two print strips. Make one set. Press all seams one way.
4. This is set “D” It is one white strip, one print, one red, one yellow, one red, one print, and one white strip. Make one set. Press all seams one way.

5. This is set “E” It is one print strip, one 3 1/2″ white strip, one print strip. Make one set. Press all seams one way.

6. This is set “F” It is two print strips, one 3 1/2″ white strip, two print strips. Make one set. Press all seams one way.
Now you will cross cut these lettered sets into 1 1/2″ strips.
From set A: Cut 26-1 1/2″ strips
From set B: Cut 26- 1 1/2″ strips
From set C: Cut 26- 1 1/2″ strips
From set D: Cut 13- 1 1/2″ strips
From set E: Cut 24- 1 1/2″ strips
From set F: Cut 24- 1 1/2″ strips
Now you will sew these 1 1/2″ strips together to make two blocks: The flower block, and the white block.
1. This is the flower block. Make 13 blocks. Press all seams one way.
These are the letters of the strips for the flower block:
2. This is the starting of the white block. Make 12 blocks. Press all seams one way.

These are the letters of the strips for the white block:

E—3 1/2″ white strip—E
3. For the final part of the white block sew “F” strips to the sides. Continue for all 12 blocks. Press all seams all one way.
These are the letters of the strips for finishing the white block:
F—-3 1/2″ white strip—F
4. Now you will set the blocks into rows, alternating flower blocks with the white blocks as below starting with the flower block, five blocks across and five blocks down.
Every other row starts with a flower block. This is now the CENTER. Press well. I like to spray lightly with starch on the front as I press.
5. Sew remaining 5 1/2″ white strips together end to end for borders. Measure the CENTER side to side. Cut 2 strips that measurement and sew border strips to top and bottom of CENTER. Press seams toward borders.
6. Measure the CENTER length. Cut 2 white strips that measurement and sew to sides of CENTER for borders. Press seams toward borders.
7. Quilt, bind and enjoy.

I used a piece of Picket Fence from Chloe’s Closet that I had on hand for the binding. You could use a solid red, or a piece from the line of fabric.

One darling baby quilt, or Summer table topper!

Finished size 45″ x 45″

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  1. eamylove says:

    Let me be the first to say – what a delightful quilt! Those 30’s-types are the best, huh?

  2. this is really, really cute!!!

  3. ~Michelle~ says:

    Super cute – thanks for sharing!

  4. Quilt Hollow says:

    Sheri did a fantastic job!! Applause happening here!!!!

  5. amy says:

    What a beautiful quilt! I’ve been looking for a quilt pattern for my king size bed and this would be perfect. How would I make this pattern into a king size quilt? Thanks for any help!

  6. Betsy says:

    I cannot wait to try this. Love it.

  7. Angela says:

    GREAT Tutorial Sheri! I think I will have to make this with some of my snippets fabric!

  8. Vickie E says:

    it’s really lovely!!

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    that is really lovely and what smart idea!!!! thanks for sharing!!!

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    What a cute use of pre-cut fabrics!

  11. Casey says:

    I really like this quilt! nice job

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    I love the quilt! That red center makes it happy and contemporary at the same time while keeping it’s charm. Just a great job all the way around!!!

  13. Jackie says:

    What a terrific quilt!

  14. madrekarin says:

    That is so stinkin’ cute!! I love Irish Chain variations. You know I’ll be making this one soon. 🙂
    Thanks so much!

  15. Katherine says:

    Beautiful! Your site amazes me. What a wonderful gift to all of us. Thanks for sharing!

  16. SarahB says:

    Love it! I will absolutely be making this!

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    This is a wonderful quilt! Way to go and thank you so very much!

  18. Candace says:

    Fantastic Sheri! I just love the borders! How do you get your strips – like in Set A and Set B – to not be wonky when you sew then together – mine always start “bending” after I sew a few!

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  20. Shanna says:

    I love this!! I will definitely have to add this to my to-do list :o) Thank you for the easy directions.

  21. Karen says:

    AWSOME!!! Looks like there might have to be one of these in my future;)

  22. Kim says:

    awesome job! It’s so fresh. I would make it larger.. will have to figure out the measurements. Thank you for the tutorial.

  23. jabeybaby says:

    What a sweet quilt!

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    I love it Sheri!!! And I have the perfect “honey bun” to make this!

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