Figgy Four Patch Quilt

 Finished size approximately 66 X 88
Created by Vickie E

• Figgy Pudding Layer cake ™
• Figgy Pudding Charm pack ™
• 3 yards Figgy Pudding sku# 3015054 Grunge Brown
• Batting 75X 96
• 6 yards Backing & binding

Choose 40 prints from your layer cake and square to 9.5 inches. Set aside. Then choose 32 prints from the charm pack. There will be a few extra charms which I set aside for a coordinating pillow.
Sew 4 charms into a row.
Continue until there are 4 rows of 4 charms and then join the rows.

Repeat that process with 16 more charm squares. They should measure 18.5 inches square.

I used my design wall for placement of all my Layer cake squares. Once I decided on the arrangement I began to sew them into 4-patches.

You will need 10 4-patches measuring 18.5 inches square.
Here they are on my design wall.

The next step is to cut the sashing and border strips.

I do not care to piece my borders. I cut the selvage off the entire 3 yards. I save it for selvage quilts! Once the selvage edge is cut that becomes my straight edge for cutting. You need 10 strips cut at 3.5 inches X WOF (which is about 108 inches). If you notice, I left the fabric folded as it came off the bolt. Therefore when I make my cut...I am actually making 2 strips per cut. 5 cuts will yield 10 strips. There will be some leftover fabric which I am using to make a coordinating pillow (tutorial soon??).

Take a strip and cross cut them 18.5 inches, do this for a total of 8 strips.

Sew the 18.5 inch sashings to the blocks.

Then add the horizontal sashings which can be cross cut to approximately 66 inches. You will need 5 horizontal strips. I would measure your quilt before cutting as there is always variations in stitch width that could affect the overall size of the quilt.

Finally add the 2 outer border strips. They will be cut to the size of your quilt about 88 inches. Quilt as desired and bind. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. It is really a quick quilt to piece since the blocks are 18 inches finished. I think this would be a great guy quilt with the dark brown tones!
Large throw quilt 67 X 88 inches


Donnelly said...

Very nice. Love the colors/fabric choices.
Have a great day.

jaybird said...

what a quick way to whip up a quilt fast!

rachel griffith said...

what a quickly pieced quilt.

jen duncan said...

Cute Christmas quilt Vickie!

*kelebek* said...

merhaba ..harikalar yaratmışsın ...sevgiyle kal..

TexasRed said...

Love`these colors!

happy zombie said...

Stunning, Vicki!!! Do you ever sleep???

PunkiePie said...

I'm really liking this!

jabeybaby said...

This is so cute! I love those fabrics!

artycrafty said...

I love the basic grey papers when scrapbooking - so great to see they have broken out into material too!

artycrafty said...

I love the basic grey papers when scrapbooking - so great to see they have broken out into material too!

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Angela said...

Great quilt Vickie! Love it!

PamKittyMorning said...

Very cute Vicki!

Lily said...

¡¡I love your quilt!!! It´s so cute....