Lil' Ragtime Tablerunner & Placemat

For the tablerunner you will need:

36-5" squares

18- 4" squares of batting

For each placemat you will need:

24-5" squares

12-4" squares of batting

Heritage 6 1/2" rag Quilting Snips (VP7)
I can't tell you how much I love this little tool. I had not done raggy things in quite awhile because of the snipping would hurt my hand. I can do a whole quilt with no trouble with these little babies. Even my mom with arthritis in her hands can do a whole quilt with these.

take 2 charms and make a sandwich with the batting centered and touching the wrong sides of the fabrics.

stitch an X across the sandwich. don't worry about it being perfect, I just eye balled it.

lay out your charms as follows for the tablerunner (3x4 for the placemat)
stitch together using 1/2" seams. I put a post-it on my machine for a 1/2" sewing reference. Sew together in rows, with all seams facing up.

Finger-press seams open and stitch the rows together. All seams face up. Stitch across the open seams. Looks odd now, but works out when the snipping is finished!

After stitching rows together, stitch a 1/2" seam all the around the outside of the runner/placemat.

Snip. I snipped about 1/4" apart, pretty close, but it think it gives a nicer finished look.
Start by snipping at each side of the seams to release the seam allowance so it will stand up.

Then snip through both sides of the seam allowance at once. Snip up close to the stitching line...but be careful not to cut through the stitching.
Snip all around the edges, up close to the stitching line, too.

It has a cute fringe already...and gets better after it is washed and dried in the dryer.
TIP:If you wash more than one runner at a time we suggest clamping an old nylon stocking to the drain hose of your washer, if possible, to catch the loose threads the first time they are washed. When the washing is finished just throw the nylon stocking away.

Tablerunner 17x22 and placemats 12x15, but you could easily take this idea and make a baby quilt, different shaped runner,etc
from Angie of All Washed Up


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How gosh darn cute is that! ooxx`jodi

Vickie E said...

that is a grat tutorial. I have never made a rag quilt like this...I have ALOT of little batting pieces left over..that gets me thinking for sure! thanks

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The Un-Organized Mom said...

Sooo cute!!! rag quilts are my favorite!!

Misty said...

I love these so much! The fabric is adorable...gotta get some! I've made a rag quilt for my mother, and you are right, the scissors will kill your hand! I had blisters! I will go and get one of those snipping tools right away!!!

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adorable! Thanks for the tip about the snips!

Heather said...

These both are so cute. Love the snipping!

jaybird said...

too cute!... now i just need to figure out which charm pack to make it out of since i already used my oh cherry oh one... hmm...

Colleen said...

So,so cute! I never thought to make placemats like this. Can someone tell me what the best type of batting is to use for these projects.... a low loft polyester batting, high loft, cotton batting, etc. Thanks!

michellejohnnie said...

Gorgeous! I love this technique. I linked to it!

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Yes, the springloaded scissors are a must! Love it!

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That is so cute! Great tutorial too. Thanks! Jenn

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Great tutorial and what a fun quilt!

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Just found this recipe! Super easy, super cute...made 4th of July placemats in a day with it...thanks ladies!