Candy Buttons Quilt

Designed by Vickie Eapen

• 2 Charm packs of Sweet by Urban Chiks
• 1 1/4 yard background fabric Moda Bella Solid Snow sku# 9900-11
• 2 yards border Sweet Sugar Creamsicle sku# 31056 28
• 4 yards backing Spots Cream Bright sku#31054 11
• 1 yard Sweet Candy Stripe Gumdrop sku#31057 17 bias binding
• Sizzix Die cutter & Circle #1 and/or other 4 inch acrylic circle template (Omnigrid)
• Clover large orange Yo-Yo maker
• Batting 55 X 55 inches

Gather all your supplies, 2 charm packs of Sweet, a 4 inch circle cutter or template, and background fabric.

I used a Circle #1 for the Original Sizzix machine to cut my circles. I can cut 5 charms at a time. I know there are several other companies that make die cutting machines (Accu-Cut) and templates (Omnigrid), if you do not have access to a Sizzix. As long as it is a 4 inch diameter circle it will work.
• cut 36 charm circles for the blocks
• cut 25 charm circles for the yo-yo’s

I used 6.5 inch background squares to finish to 6 inches.

• cut (36) 6.5 inch background fabrics
• layer the circles onto the backgrounds and pin in place.

• sew around the circle edge with a 1/4 inch seam for all 36 blocks. Leave a raw edge.

• Lay out the circle blocks on a design wall or bed, 6 blocks X 6 blocks.
Begin sewing 2 by 2 until you have 6 rows of 6. At that point the cross rows can sewn together.
Once the main quilt is sewn then prepare the yo-yo’s for applique.

The 4 inch circle fits the large yo-yo perfectly.

• Then applique the 25 yo-yo’s at the background fabric intersections.
• Cut 4 strips of orange border fabric approximately 6 inches X 48 inches
(measure your quilt top as seam allowances may vary)
• Then sub cut 2 of the 4 strips 6″ X 36″
• Sew the 36″ border to top and bottom of the quilt
• Then sew the 48″ border to the sides.

This quilt was custom by Jackie in CT. She quilted the swirls in the circle centers and meander around the yo-yo’s. The raw edges of the circles were NOT quilted to allow them to fray a bit for added dimension.

The quilt will be square 47″ X 47″.
• Next take a 5 inch acrylic Omnigrid circle template and line the curve with the corner of the border.

• Using a rotary cutter trim the point off the quilt.
Make bias binding with your favorite method and sew to quilt. Make sure to ease binding around the corners.
A quilt about 47 X 47 inches.

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    I just got a yo yo maker and I've been practicing, so this is perfect timing!

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    I think I need that yo yo maker. how Slick!

  8. Jackie says:

    Hi Vickie, The quilt and the tutorial came out beautiful! I am glad you liked the quilting. I really like how the spirals came out too!

  9. What a great tutorial – I like how you put the smaller yo-yos in the middles. I have all 4 sizes of the yo-yo makers from Clover and haven't used them nearly as much as I could.

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    thanks thanks thanks!!!

  21. Kathy says:

    I couldn't tell from the photos, did you quilt over the raw edges or are you leaving them to fray when washed? Very cute!

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    I do remember with fondness, those candy dots on paper…I hated eating paper that stayed stuck to the backs, but that was the price to pay for sweet treats back then. I really need to get over my perfection ideal….a quilt can be lovely with raw edges…not everything needs to be hand sewn and appliqued….fusibles will work fine….I could churn out more quilts with that kind of thinking. THanks for the lovely inspiration of circles…I do love orbs!

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