Puppy and Kitty Softies

Made from the ♥ by Vickie E aka mid-ohio quilter
Read all directions carefully before beginning this project.

• Hushabye Layer Cake Moda sku# 23040LC
• DMC pearl cotton size 8 DMC #776, #3348, Valdani #8
• Clover yo-yo makers Jumbo, Large, Small & X-small
• scrap brown wool felt
• poly stuffing
• pencil, needle, thread, pins
• Pinking Shears
• purple thang
• embroidery hoop
• stabilizer for embroidery
• water soluble pen or brown pigma pen
• a small scrap light weight heat n bond

•Begin by choosing 3 of your 10 inch squares, preferably at least one that has a circle print.

• Cut out 2 'eyes' with out 1/8 of an inch around the edge as shown.

• Using the JUMBO clover yo-yo maker or other 7-inch circle template. Trace with a pencil or water erasable pen on the wrong side (WS) of one of your "body" fabrics.
• *Tip* trace the 'bumps' on the yo-yo maker and use to align your circles when you sew them together.

• Print the templates for the ears, arms, legs and faces. Make a paper template by cutting out on the line. This is your sewing line.
• *Note* click on picture to enlarge and print

• Place the 2 "body" fabrics right sides together (RST) and pin to prevent shifting.
• Using the templates trace around the ears, legs/arms.

• This is the way the fabric will look. Sew around the solid lines of the ears, arms and legs...leaving the bottom open for turning. Set aside.

• Cut out the body pieces AFTER you sew the arms, legs and ears. Set pieces aside.
• Trace the face onto the circle with a water soluble pen or brown pigma pen.
• Using pinking shears...trim the 'eye' fabrics as shown.

• Using Size 8 pearl cotton to match the fabrics sew fabric eyes onto face.
• Pink DMC #3348
• Green DMC #776
• Brown Valdani #8
• Use a running stitch to outline and attach the eyes.

• Trace the nose template onto fusible light weight heat n bond. Adhere to wool felt.
• Cut out on the line and peel paper backing and iron to kitty "front" fabric. *note* if you use a blue water soluble pen...heat will set the pen and it will not rinse away.

• Using an embroidery hoop, use a running stitch to make the whiskers and mouth.
• Stitch a buttonhole around the brown nose.
• IF you used a water erasable pen...rinse out BEFORE you turn your piece or iron!

• Cut out arms, legs and ears with a scant 1/8 inch seam allowance.
• Clip inner curve of arms and legs before turning.

•Turn out all pieces shown. *note* 2 legs face right, 2 face left!
•Lightly stuff with polyfil and a purple thang

• With softies face up; pin arms, legs and ears.
• *note* the appendage fabric you want to face the front of the softie needs to be pinned "DOWN" and the fabric to the back fabric needs to be "UP".

• Lay the 'back' fabric RST with the front fabric.

• Pin, Pin, Pin....all the way around easing excess If there is any.

• Pinch back fabric and snip a 1.5 inch slit in the fabric.

• Turn right side out.

• Iron and stuff firmly with polyfil.

• Slip stitch opening closed.

• Using the 3 sizes of yo-yo maker and scraps make:
• 5 x-small yo-yo's
• 1 small yo-yo
• 1 large yo-yo

• Take completed yo-yo and quilting thread and string 5 yo-yo's together.

• Knot the thread but do NOT cut it.

• Add the small yo-yo and knot thread, do not cut the thread.

• Finally the large one can be sewed on the small and appliqued to cover the opening.

•Back view of the puppy...made with just 1 large yo-yo for a more baby friendly toy.

• Back side of both softies.

One layer cake could make several softies. I hope you enjoy the designs as they were made from my ♥ for my little girls.


Jilly's Space said...

Too CUTE!!!

synnove75 said...

These are CUTE!!! Easy too:-)

Jackie said...

Vickie, Very cute!!

jaybird said...

nice job vickie! just like i told angela.. now i need to just find some kids to make all this adorable stuff for!!

Terry said...

Oh my goodness...I LOVE their little yo-yo tails!! They're just too cute! :0)

Evelyn said...

Those are so adorable, and something I might actually not be afraid to try! Thanks for the tutorial!

di said...

How easy! You had me wondering about the smaller yo-yo sizes until the "end" - love the tails!

Ali R said...

Love them! Thanks Vickie, I hope to try these out soon :)

PunkiePie said...

Cute cute cute! I'm making these. Yup. I am!

Donnelly said...

Very Cute!! Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day.

Dandelion Quilts said...

I bet the girls are loving them.

Martina said...

They are lovely! Thanks for sharing.

free indeed said...

Ha! That tail is just too cute! I love yoyos and want to make a table cloth sometime.

Sheri Howard said...

Vickie, those are so humerous!

rachel griffith said...

SUPER cute vickie.
i ♥ the little tails.

dotti white said...

These are very sweet, Vickie---there will be many of these loved by cute little ones! Have a great weekend!

Amy R said...

Really cute Vickie! Thanks for sharing!

Molly said...

These are adorable! I'm definitely going to make them for my little girl! :) Thanks!

Carin said...

These are so cute and easy enough even I can make them :O)

sweetbabies00 said...

Great tutorial! I feel confident I can do it.

madrekarin said...


Lori E said...

great tutorial! and a perfect little gift for a special cutie

junglewife said...

Those are TOO cute! My little girl who LOVES stuffed animals and kitties would just go nuts over them!

Pat said...

Great tutorial and very cute project!

Janice said...

They are so cute, I would love to make them .

Agneta quilts said...

These are both cute and easy made! Thanks for the tutorial!

thesewingroomandmore said...

Love these! Can't wait to make them!

Deana said...

These are too cute! I especially love the tails!. My daugthers are going to love these! Thanks for the tutorial!

Krousegirl said...

The yo yo tails are the icing on the cake...I love all things yo-yo! Thanks for a do-able tutorial!
Krousegirl2 at aol dot com

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

These are so cute Vickie! They will make great gifts for all the little ones!!

Martha said...

Cute softies!! Thanks for the tutorial.


virginia said...

preciosooooooo. me encanto mis felicitaciones. virginia, te dejo un mimo en mi blog de mimos un beso

pam1228 said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I love the little tails made out of yo yo's...

Melvin said...

These are amazing...
thanks for sharing...

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