Itty Bitty Poochie Bag

Trick-or-Treat, smell my sheets (sheets of Moda Layer cakes!). Itty bitty little versions of my Poochie Bag pattern. Fast and fun little bags to hold Halloween treats, sweets and goodies. Or maybe office goodies, thread, sewing notions, embroidery floss, seed packets, stickie note packages, etc.

Using fabric ribbon for the handles, these little puppies sew up speedy fast. Well, faster then the regular sized Poochie Bags. Faster then knitting a bag this size. Way faster then cooking dinner.

– 3) Layer Cake slices (10″ x 10″) – Happy Campers by American Jane featured.
– Assorted ⅜” wide fabric ribbon

1. From green print Layer Cake slice; Cut in half for 2) 5″ x 10″ pieces for bag/liner.
2. From brown print Layer Cake; Cut 2) 2½” x 8″ for pockets. Save and set aside remainder – use for pocket on second bag.
3. From fabric ribbon; Cut 2) 15″ strips for handles.

4. Fold all pieces length to length. Press. Unfold green print and lay flat.
5. Position folded brown print on center of green print so raw edges meet.

6. Center a 15″ piece of fabric ribbon at 1⅛” from each side on top of pocket. Pin.

7. Edge-stitch ribbon down by starting at the raw edge, edge-stitching up to the fold on the green print fabric, across the ribbon’s width, then back down to the raw edge. Repeat on ribbon’s other end/side of pocket. Make two units.

8. Place units right sides together. Pin. Starting at green pin on the non-pocket end (this end will become the bag’s liner), sew around unit with a ¼” seam, stopping at the red pin – leaving a 3″ opening for turning. Use a back-stitch to lock ends.

9. Snip off the corners just above the seam to reduce bulk. Repeat on all corners.

10. Turn bag inside out. Pin open edges closed.

11. Close turning opening by top-stitching it’s edge closed.

12. Tuck liner portion of green print inside bag, and voila… Itty Bitty Poochie Bag is ready to be filled.

Three sheets of a layer cake yield two Itty Bitty Poochie Bags.
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Happy H’ween!

0 comments on “Itty Bitty Poochie Bag

  1. Blue Is Bleu says:

    So adorable! I was thinking of making one for my little niece, and I think this is the perfect pattern! Thanks 🙂

  2. Kim Walus says:

    I love bags and this is a sweet one! I must make some Halloween one's for the girls in the office. Thanks Monica for sharing this fun tutorial with us.

  3. Too cute… I wonder if my crayola 24pks that I bought for halloween will fit in these???

  4. jaybird says:

    i just happened to buy a happy camper layer cake & some of their new twill tape today!! so on my list!

  5. Heather says:

    I love this – it is too cute!!

  6. Jackie says:

    You know you are a genius!

  7. jen duncan says:

    Short and sweet. You always do the best tutorials, Monica. Thank you!

  8. Kimberly says:

    Thanks for a sweet project! I've already made, um, six! Come have a peek over on my blog…

    Have a great day!
    Take care, Kimberly

  9. Isnt that just as McCute as it can be??? Love it Monica.

  10. Brandi says:

    This bag is so cute! I love all of your projects on here…I am just wondering if anyone is going to do a stocking pattern? I would love to make one… 🙂

  11. Awesome Tutorial! Way fun. ;o) Thanks for sharin.

  12. mascanlon says:

    So cute Monica, another thing to add to my pile. And the photos are very helpful in getting it right.

  13. Kathi D says:

    Well, look at you, Missy! Back in the high life again!

    I do love these little bags so very much!

  14. amandajean says:

    so cute! my kids would love these!

  15. Margaret says:

    Está tudo muito lindoooooooooo!

    Beijos e ótima semana

  16. Oh Monica. She's done it again.

  17. mariaerba says:

    so pretty…I made it!
    picture on my blog 😉

  18. Carrie says:

    Made this today as a trick or treat bag for my toddler. It will be so much easier for her to carry than a standard size treat bag. It should keep us from collecting way too much candy as well.

  19. Margot says:

    I love this… it is too cute ♥
    thank you
    hugs 🙂

  20. Rae Ann says:

    Monica, the bags are darling! Thanks for the great tutorial.
    Have a HaPpY HalLoWEen!!!

  21. 19nullsieben says:

    Thanks so much for the tutorial! Want to see my Poochie Bag? I changed the size a little and made only on the front a bag with a litte quilt – and I really like it!

    Find the pics here:

  22. Alisa says:

    Thanks for a great tutorial! I just used it to make goodie bags for my girl's birthday party leaving out the pocket.