Custom Wall Art

Hi everyone ! I'm very excited to have a new Bake Shop tutorial for you. This recipe will show you how to create custom wall art for your home. It's the perfect size for above a mantle. Thanks so much for looking and stop by for a visit anytime!

  • 1 Rural Jardin jelly roll by French General
  • Fabric paint
  • Sponge brush
  • Exacto knife
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Printed design or font to use as a stencil
  • Cutting mat
  • 2 wood frame pieces, size 30" (located in your local craft store by the canvases)
  • 2 wood frame pieces, size 40"
  • Staple Gun

Phew! After gathering all of those material, let's get to the fun part.

1. Sew three jelly roll strips right sides together. Repeat three more times for a total of four sets of three strips.

2. Sew two jelly roll strips rights sides together. Repeat four more times for a total of five sets of two strips.

3. Set aside the four sets of three strips.

4. Take each two strip set and cut at the following intervals: 8", 20", 25", and 36".

5. Mix up the pieces from each cut strip and sew back together. You will end up with five pieced strips that look like this:

6. Now bring back the four sets of three strips you set aside. Alternate the pieced strip sets (from Step 5) with three strip sets.

7. Sew rows right sides together. Notice the length of the three strip set is longer than the length of the two strip set. Don't worry about that. We'll take care of it in a later step.

8. Cut three new jelly roll strips into 2.5" squares. Place the squares randomly on the pieced top and sew them on.

9. Take your four wood frame pieces and slide them together to create a rectangle.

10. Place the quilt top right side down on the ground. Place the frame on top.

11. Pull the fabric taut and staple to the back of the frame on all sides. Trim excess fabric.

You could be done with your art now, or continue on to stenciling.

12. I decided to stencil our monogram. The etiquette for stenciling a married couple's monogram is the wife's first name initial on the left, the married last name initial in the middle, and the husband's first name initial on the right.

Select a font on your word processing program or download a free font from There are oh so many to choose from!

I printed 8" letters for the J and B and an 11" letter for the G.

I also printed the following 4" letters and numbers:

Cut out all letters and designs on your cutting mat with an Exacto knife.

13. Now grab your trusty spray adhesive.

Spray the wrong side of each stencil and adhere to desired spot on quilt top.

14. Using a sponge brush, dab fabric paint over your stencil. Let dry completely.

15. Carefully peel back stencils and voila!

A personalized, one of a kind piece of art for your home!

Enjoy :)


The One and Only said...

I love that idea! I liked it both ways, with and without the monogram!
one question please, I tried to print out the recipe and it said that it wasn't it could be my old of a fart computer, but I was just wondering if something was amiss on your end?

Shelby said...

Cute idea! I posted about your blog earlier today, I love yall's cute ideas! :)

Qubie said...

Love Rural Jardin. Might just have to get me some. Would that make me a Moda maniac?...Cute idea

Kellys said...

What a unique way to decorate your mantle!!! I love it:) You make it look easy to make too!!

wendy_snow said...

I so sew so needed an idea for a 10th anniversary gift. It has already past but a little late is better than never! Thanks for the great idea and tutorial!!!

Kellie said...

what about using this for a backdrop for a diy photo booth at a wedding?

thestitchinchicken said...

That is so cute!!

Meet Virginia said...

LOVE this idea! Too cute!!

Check out my AWESOME giveaway tomorrow!!


Jennifer said...

Very cool idea! I know someone getting married this summer. Maybe I'll use my leftover scraps from the quilt I made her to make her some wall art! Thanks for the tute!

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Tracey J said...

Looks great!

I think I have just the spot on the wall for something like this. :)

quiltcetera said...

Love it Jenny!

Jenny Garland said...

So glad you like it!

rachel griffith said...

very cute.

cabinquilters said...

Which font style did you use?

Jenny Garland said...

I can't remember exactly which font I used but either of these would work wonderfully!

Gayle Ballinger said...

I love unique ideas! This is so cool and what a great present for a newly married couple! I think I will applique the letters as I get migraine headaches from the paints, but that should not be too difficult to do.
Thanks for the great idea!