"Off the Grid" Sliced Nine Patch Quilt

I'm so excited to be back for my second Moda Bake Shop tutorial! This time I'll share a quick and easy quilt pattern featuring my variation on the classic 9-patch block. Finishing out at approximately 50" square, this quilt would make a great lap quilt, baby quilt, or dorm room quilt to send off to your favorite college student. If you're inspired, maybe you can even whip one up this week for your Valentine!

  • 2 charm packs (Note: you will need a total of 81 charm squares. My two charm packs of MoMo's "Wonderland" line only yielded 80 squares, so I cut my final square from my backing fabric.)
  • 1 honey bun of the same line
  • 3 yards of a coordinating backing fabric
  • 1 yard of a coordinating binding fabric

Step 1:
Separate out your charm squares into nine groups of 9. You will be sewing these bundles into 9-patch blocks, so be cognizant of your mixture of color & pattern in each group.

NOTE: all of the squares will be cut down further in later steps except for the center square of each 9-patch. So if you have a large print that you want to feature, or an image that lends itself to fussy-cut squares, it would be good to include one in each of the bundles.

Step 2:
Sew your first group of 9 squares into a 9-patch block. Remember, the center square is the only one that will not be cut down further, so be aware of your placement of squares. Press your seams accordingly.

Step 3:
Select one of your 9-patch blocks. See how the block features 2 vertical and 2 horizontal seams? Using your cutting mat and straight-edged ruler, make a straight, vertical cut that measures 2.25" to the right of the right-hand vertical seam. (I lined the seam up against a vertical inch mark on my mat, and used the mat guides to measure 2.25" inches over.) This will slice through the squares in the third column of the block.

See my picture to help visualize this step:

Step 4:
Perform the same step, but this time measure 2.25" to the left of the left-hand vertical seam. This will leave you with 3 separate pieces of the block.

Step 5:
Select 4 honey bun strips. Be sure to select strips of colors and/or patterns that might not already appear in that 9-patch block. From each of the 4 strips, cut a 7.25" piece and an 8" piece. You should now have four 7.25" pieces (each of a different print), and four corresponding 8" pieces. Put the four 8" pieces aside for now.

Step 6:
Arrange the four 7.25" pieces into two "columns" of 2, in between the three pieces of the original block like so:

Sew the column pieces together:

Step 7:
Reassemble the block, with your newly created columns inserted where you had previously made the slices. Sew the 5 pieces back together.

Step 8:
Rotate your reassembled block 90 degrees. Once again, identify your two vertical seams. Repeat steps 3 & 4, making two more slices in your block.

Step 9:
Pull out the four 8" pieces that you had put aside in step 5. Arrange them to match up with the pieces you have already sewn into the block. Each of the four prints should connect, making a cross-like pattern. See the picture to help clarify:

Step 10:
Sew these new column pieces together, and reassemble the block again. Your finished block should now look like this:

Step 11:
Repeat steps 2-10 for the remaining nine sets of charm squares, making a total of 9 "split nine-patch" blocks.

Step 12:
Now that we've made the 9 blocks for the quilt, the remainder of the tutorial will step through sashing the blocks.

Take an inventory of your remaining honey bun strips. (I don't know about you, but at this point I had a huge pile of cut-up strips. It's a good time to make sure you have what you need for the remaining steps.)

  1. First, find 8 honey bun strips that have at least 16.75" in length each. (If longer than 16.75", trim down to size.) These can be prints that you haven't used in your quilt yet (preferred), or leftover strips from making your blocks. Put these aside for now.
  2. Pull out 8 more honey bun strips of at least 16" in length each. These can be prints that you haven't used in your quilt yet, or leftover strips from your blocks. Cut two 8" pieces from each of these strips, yielding 16 total 8" pieces (2 of each print).
  3. Find another 8 honey bun strips that have at least 9" in length each. These can also be prints that you haven't used in your quilt yet, or leftover strips from making your blocks.
  4. Finally, find or cut 8 more 8" strips. These can be from any prints that you've used already in the quilt, or from any unused honey bun strips that you still have.

Let's recap this step. You should now have:

  • 8 "A" strips, 8" in length each (8 different prints)
  • 16 "B" strips, 8" in length each (8 different prints, two of each print)
  • 8 "C" strips, 16.75" in length each (8 different prints)
  • 8 "D" strips, 9" in length each (8 different prints)

Step 13:
Lay out your nine blocks in an eye-pleasing 3 x 3 grid. Pull out your 8" "A" & "B" strips. Working in vertical columns, pick two pieces to serve as sashing in between each block, as well as above the top block and below the bottom block.

In your first column, select four "A" strips and four "B" strips. (Remember, your "B" strips are the ones that each has a matching partner.) Your four "B" strips should occupy the right position of each sashing, closest to the center of the quilt:

Sew all of the sashing pieces together, and then assemble the entire first column:

Step 14:
In your middle column, select eight "B" strips. Lay them out to create sashing above, below, and in between the blocks. The first four should be the matches to what you've already used in the first column. These will occupy the left position of each sashing, matching each up with its partner in the first column.

Sew all of the sashing pieces together, and then assemble the entire middle column.

DO NOT sew the columns together yet.

Step 15:
In your third column, take your remaining four "A" strips and four "B" strips. Again, lay them out to create sashing in between the blocks. Your four "B" strips should occupy the left position of each sashing, matching each up with its partner in the middle column.

Sew all of the sashing pieces together, and then assemble the entire third column.

Step 16:
We will now be creating vertical sashing in between the columns using our "C" and "D" strips.

Create four vertical sashes, each comprised of a D+C+C+D strip (in that order). In other words, you will start with a 9" strip, attach a 16.75" strip, attach another 16.75" strip, and finish with a 9" strip. These will all be sewn together on their 1.5" sides, creating a long, skinny continuous sashing strip.

We're not worried about matching any prints up here, so just arrange them in an eye-pleasing layout.

Step 17:
Lay your quilt out, from left to right, in the following order:
  1. Skinny vertical sashing strip
  2. Vertical column 1
  3. Skinny vertical sashing strip
  4. Vertical column 2
  5. Skinny vertical sashing strip
  6. Vertical column 3
  7. Skinny vertical sashing strip
Sew all components together in this order.

Step 18:
Baste, quilt, and bind your quilt.

A brand new quilt!

NOTE: you will have leftover honey bun strips for some other fun Moda Bake Shop projects!

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below. And if you decide to make your own "Off the Grid" quilt, I would absolutely love to see it! Visit me at my blog, http://www.quiltdad.com/.


Stacey said...

Great Quilt John!! That is so cute!!

Jenny said...

oh, wow, i love this idea! thanks for the tutorial!

patchworkstuen said...

a great tutorial - love the technique. It´s a must try project.

Jackie said...

John, what a great quilt and tutorial!

Sarah Craig said...

I love this quilt!! It looks complicated but really is so easy! Now if I can just find time to make it.......... ;-)

Trudi said...

Great pattern John! I have a FQ bundle just waiting for the right project, and I think this may be it! (perhaps a little large! I'm a bed quilt kinda girl hehe)

Crystal Stanworth said...

awesome! will do this one. thanks!

Amanda Reeder said...

Great quilt!! Can't wait to try it!! Thank you

Kim Walus said...

What a great quilt. Your pictures are perfect. I really LOVE the fabric you used, especially the back. Awesome!

Trisha said...

What a great quilt and it looks like fun to make. Thanks,John!

Heather said...

could you please give the measurement of the charm squares and how wide the strip of the honey bun is. Not all quilters are familiar with these products and their dimensions.

Angela said...

All the measurements to our precuts used on the Moda Bake Shop can be found on the Bakery page. You can also click on the Weights and Measures title to download a PDF version of this same information. The PDF is called "Equivalent Measures". Thanks!

Donna said...

This one definitely moves to the top of my must make list...I love it!

KaHolly said...

Such a clever pattern! Makes a busy little quilt, doesn't it? I'll definitely bookmark this tutorial for later use. Thanks. ~karen

Sequana said...

All that Column A and Column B stuff sounds like a Chinese dinner. *L* Looks really great tho.

I sure wish these Bake Shop patterns came in pdf. I'm not missing that they DO, am I?

MichelleB said...

This is a great quilt! I love it. What are the final measurements of it?

KarrieLyne said...

oh my goodness this is too cuuuuuttteee!!! I am totally going to make this quilt!!

I was wondering though, you said you will have extra honey bun strips leftover. Do you think if I made an additional 3 blocks to make it longer, will there be enough strips to do so or will I need 2 honey bun rolls? I know I'd need 3 charm packs but if I don't have to buy a second honey bun that would be great :)

Thanks for an awesome tut and quilt!!

quiltiferous said...

Clean lines and bright colors=awesome!

quiltiferous said...

Clean lines and bright colors=awesome!

John said...

Thanks for all of the lovely comments!

MichelleB, the final size of the quilt is approximately 50" square and is indicated in the opening paragraph of the tutorial.

KarrieLynn, you should definitely have enough leftover strips from your first honey bun. I think you'd just need three more long (16.75") strips. Just be sure to put them aside so that you keep enough long pieces intact.

John said...

Err, I meant FOUR more of those long strips.

Shari said...

Yah hoo i Love it

Melanie said...

Cool! I, being a novice and unexciting quilter, will probably use a few more solids to compliment. Maybe the sashing? Seriously, I love this quilt!

PamKittyMorning said...

Wow that's cool!

"Lois Grebowski" said...

Yay, John! that is a great idea!

Kelly O. said...

oh my goodness John!
that quilt looks totally scary and yet you make it so simple to do! you rock!

happy zombie said...

Clever, clever... and oh so beautiful!

Julie said...

Gorgeous quilt. I love the photo in the tree in the snow too.

Quilts and Cats said...

I love this! Can't talk now, must go online to the moda shop and buy fabric!

Jill and Cameron said...

VERY CUTE! love it!!!

John said...

Sequana, there is a button at the bottom of the post that says "Printer-Friendly Version". That should take you to a PDF version of the post.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Really, really fabulous.

Molly said...

John, this is AMAZING! I love it...Now to get some Wonderland! :)
Great job.

Sharon said...

Fantastic! I love it. I was looking for a new technique to try out and THIS is it. Thanks so much!

Sherry said...

I LOVE this quilt! Thanks so much for sharing with us. I know how I'm gonna be using some of my Moda precuts.

Lindsay said...

This looks FUN, John. And I love Wonderland!


Jenny Garland said...

Fantastic; love it!

Bradie Sparrow said...

Very creative! A fabulous way to spice up a nine patch.

Beth said...

ok, wow this is awesome!

Lara said...

I adore this John!! I am hoping that I will be able to make this featuring Figgy Pudding (unless I can find a honey bun of Wonderland!!)...

a good yarn said...

Oh I do like simple blocks that look complicated. So effective in this fabric range and it would work in so many others. Thanks! Ann :-)

Frauke said...

springtime colours, thank four your sewingtips, Frauke from Northgermany
excuse my mistakes

Bloom said...

Great quilt John! Very clever & completely stunning.

jules said...

great job john... i think this may be a nice way for me to use up my assorted stash of leftover pre-cuts!

rachel griffith said...

pure awesomeness.
as usual.

CL said...

Love the quilt. In step 5-what are the widths of the 7.25 and 8 inch strips? Thanks

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Smart, smart, SMART!!!!!
With all of this charity stash busting going on around here, now I am ready to sew for me, and this is just the perfect rainy day project!!
Thank you for the great idea/design.

John said...

CL, the strips in Step 5 are 1.5" in width. Honey bun strips are always 1.5", and these pieces are just cut from a honey bun strip. Enjoy the pattern!

quiltretreat namawsbuzyquiltn said...

Now John wasnt that simple, you are brillant and love this take on the 9 patch

LoriJean said...

I love this quilt! I'd like to make it with Moda Boutique by Chez Moi but can't find that fabric in a Honey Bun. Any suggestions? Thanks

Quilts and Cats said...

I made a comment on Feb. 8 but couldn't decide on which fabric to use. My choice is made, the fabric purchased! I'm going to go with Tranquility by Sandy Gervais, as soon as it all come in the mail.

Exuberant Color said...

I can see I will have to make one of these. I love quilts with grids. Great pattern, John!

Deb said...

I've been looking for a pattern to make quilts for my 2 older boys...and I think this may be it. I LOVE it! I've actually never made a quilt, but this just might be the kick in the pants I need to dive in - thanks, John!

Sierra said...

love this pattern! is it okay to use a jelly roll instead of a honey bun? i can't find a honey bun in the charm pack fabric i have. i know the difference is only an inch in width.

AquaBaby said...

What is the dimensions of this quilt?

John said...

Aquababy, this quilt finishes out at about 50" square.

Wendy said...

i am so excited to have found this pattern. I have been sitting on some charm packs for a child's quilt and haven't been motivated to make it. This pattern has changed that will be my weekend project. Thanks!

shona said...

I LOVE this quilt but i am really really struggling to purchase honey buns and charm packs in Wonderland.... I am in Scotland, so if anyone knows anywhere i can get the fabric please let me know!! Desperate to get started on this gorgeous quilt!!


Krista said...

I am making this lovely quilt now! Shouldn't the 8" strips to be sewn onto the second cuts be 8.75"? They are not long enough, or did I make a mistake somewhere??

Krista said...

Ah - never mind. I just realized I am using a Jelly Roll and should be using a 1.5 wide Honey Bun. No wonder!

Emily said...

Hello! I love this pattern! I am thinking about using my very very favorite line Summer in the City for this - but I don't have a honey bun - is it correct that I only need one 7.5 in and one 8 in strip (1.5 wide) of each print I want to use in place of a full honey bun?
Any help is greatly appreciated!

melissa said...

Hi John!!! I just pinned my double Wonderland quilt sandwhich and wondered if you had any suggestions on how to quilt it. This is my second quilt - so anything not too difficult would be appreciated. My finished size is 74 x 81 Thanks--you're awesome---- Melissa

melissa said...

If anybody else out there has any ideas on quilting this- I'd love to hear them!!!

John said...

Hey Melissa!

SO glad you made this quilt and enjoyed the pattern! As for quilting, I just did an all-over meandering stipple, which is always nice for texture and a casual feel. If you're not comfortable with free-motion quilting, I think this design would lend itself very nicely to stitching-in-the-ditch, i.e. just quilting inside the seam lines. Because there are so many in this quilt and they are all straight lines, it would be fairly easy to do and would make the fabrics pop! It would turn out to be a basic grid pattern.

Good luck, and please share pictures!


Martina said...

Hi John,
thank you very much for this great quilt!
The tutorial is very easy to understand.
I just did some blocks with 3 charm packs of KASHMIR and SUMBA-Fabrics. There are only about 30 charms in each pack so I use 3 packs.
Since those are much older fabric lines(at least 3 years old, if not more)there are no honey buns available.
Therefore I plunged into my stash and just cut 40 strips of 1,5" of corresponding "Asia" fabrics.
It looks very nice together- so all of you that have problems getting the matching "charm packs" and "honey buns"- this as another way of making a good looking quilt.
Of course- staying in the same fabric line DOES look better, but... ;-))
I live overseas and I always come back to this wonderful site to get ideas for fabulous projects.
Thank you very much!

Anita said...

I just discovered "Off the Grid" sliced 9-patch quilt, and am trying to print the PDF version. But when I click on that link, nothing appears. Then I tried to print the "recipe" straight from the site, and that didn't work either... I only got the first 2 photos before the "ingredients" and some small print on the right-hand side about following on Flickr. Help?

Sarah said...

I just finished the top of a baby quilt using this pattern and Sandy Gervais Lollipop fabric. I didn't get the pre-cut packs but that would have saved me a lot of time. Thanks for the fantastic idea and tutorial! Now onto the back and the quilting...

Sue said...

I just finished mine using a variety of fall fabrics. I love the pattern. Here's my photo: http://www.careyfamily.org/my-thanksgiving-quilt-is-done/

Thanks for the pattern, John!

Jen W said...

I love this quilt. I went onto the Moda site and am having a hard time finding a pattern that is available in both a Jelly Roll and Charm Packs. Any suggestions?

Jeannine Senechal said...

I just finished this quilt using the Winterlude collection and it looks great! However, I discovered that several of the cutting measurements in the pattern are incorrect as follows:
STEP 5: The 8" strips SHOULD BE 7.75"
STEP 12: The 16.75" strips SHOULD BE 16.5". All the 8" strips SHOULD BE 7.75". The 9" strips SHOULD BE 8.5".