Skinny Verna

Skinny Verna 9" X 30.5"
By: Vickie E

• Moda Charm pack Verna sku#27000PP
• or  Jelly Roll Verna sku#27000JR
• or Honey Bun strips/scraps Verna sku#27000HB
• 1/3 yard Moda Bella Solid White border  and binding sku#9900-11
• cotton batting  11" X 32"
• 1/3 yard backing sku#2708 14 budding green

Cut 40 pieces 5 inches X 1.25 inches. It is not critical for all the strips to be the same width and variations of width will make your runner much more interesting! I used scraps of Verna leftover from a jelly roll.

Arrange the strips in the order that you would like them to appear.
Sew them side to side as shown.

Continue sewing a strip of the 40 pieces approximately  5 inches X  31 inches.
This becomes your center.
Again the length of your center strip will vary depending on the width of your scrap strips.
Measure your center strip to determine the length of your border.
Cut 2 border fabrics 2.5 inches X approxiamately 31 inches /or your measurement.
Sew borders to the long sides.

Your runner will measure about 9.5" X  31".
Layer, quilt and bind.
I quilted my runner with a 1/4 inch width of plain straight stitch.

I was trying a technique to create a more modern look. I also machine stitched my entire binding. Having done the entire piece by machine allowed me to create this in about 3 hours. The quilting took THE most time. I had no idea that straight stitching could take so long. The effect was worth it to me.
Change your center strips to a different fabric line or use your Moda scrap bags/boxes and mix lines! Here are some ideas: Fresh Cotton, Frolic, Make Life, and Botany.

Use a grey,green or black solid to create a totally different look.
Roll it up and place it in a basket as part of a housewarming gift!
A Skinny Verna Table Runner
9" X 30.5"
I hope this has inspired you to create today!!
Vickie E


Jennifer said...

Very cute!

Bradie Sparrow said...

Awesome project Vickie! Sometimes a quilter just needs a quick finish. You're right, it would a wonderful gift. :)

CJ said...

So bright and modern and SPRINGY! I love your quilting.

Sandie Grisé said...

LOVE this runner!!! What a great mini project! I could make a few of these using my left overs from various quilting projects and give them out at Christmas time!

Michele said...

Such a cute and modern runner! Love the straight line quilting! Great job!

Jackie said...

Very cute and simple runner! Thanks, Vickie!

Sarita said...

love it!

jen duncan said...

I like the way you quilted it :)

sharon said...

This a great niffty little pattern, thank you Sharon.

Candela59 said...

I just love this idea. It is so simple and has endless possibilities. I see a runner in my immediate future :D

This would make great a Christmas gift too! Thanks for a wonderful idea!

tina said...

Miss Vickie---- it is darling! Makes me want to hustle this into production.

eamylove said...

Just as cute as it can be!!! Love that contemporary quilting effect!!!

PunkiePie said...

I really like this and the quilting you did. Putting on my list of "to do"!

Cyndi Walker said...

I'm envious of your prefectly straight quilting Vickie! :) Super cute project to boot...

Terriaw said...

I think your straight line quilting really gave this the modern look you were going for. Great project!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Simple and beautiful!

Kathy said...

Wow, and I just happen to have a honey bun that was looking for a pattern, this is just perfect!

Jenny said...

lovely! thanks for sharing

Joanne said...

I have been looking for a table runner for my dinning room table. That on e would be perfect and I already have lots of fabric. Great idea... recipe!

The simple life... said...

LOVE this!!! I just completed and have the pattern hanging in our store for others to find inspiration. Thanks!

Joy McD said...

Gorgeous! I am going to have to make one of these! Thanks for sharing!