Flip Floppin' Toddler Wear

1 Jelly Roll {featured Botany by Lauren + Jessi Jung}
1 White Girls Shirt
1 White Boys Polo
Fusible Tape

1. Divide the jelly roll into colors.  Select two color ways you wish to use on your shirts.  I chose to use the yellow and green colorways for this tutorial. 

For the Girls Shirt, select 4 green and 4 yellow strips for the flaps and 1 strip for the tie.

For the Boys Shirt, select 3 strips. 
Girls Shirt

2. From the 8 strips you selected for the flaps on the girls shirt, cut them in half on the fold.
3. You should now have 16 strips.  Fold each of the strips Right Sides Together with the short ends matched up.
4. Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew down either side of the long ends creating a tube with an opening at one end (opposite from the fold.)
5. Using a Bodkin, turn your strip right side out.
To poke the corners out, I use a Crystal Point Turner by Lee. This thing is awesome... no poking through the fabric.
6. Repeat this process for all 16 strips.
7. Press and Top-stitch on all three of the closed sides.
8. Measure your shirt and determine how long you want your strips to hang down.  I measured my shirt from just below the arm pit down to the bottom of the shirt.  My measurement was 10".  Trim all your pieces to the measurement you need.  BE SURE to trim from the open end of the strip.
9. Start placing your yellow strips evenly across the front side of the shirt making sure all the bottoms are lined up.  The two end pieces will be centered with the side seams of your shirt.
10.  Next layer your green pieces stagered ontop of the yellow strips hiding the white shirt behind.  I pinned my pieces in sections for easy handling when sewing.  I also pinned both the top and bottom of the strips.  You will only sew down the top of the strips.  The bottom pinned just helps in keeping your strips aligned.
11.  Stitch down the top of the strips to secure in place.
12.  Continue placing and sewing sections of strips down until you have 16 strips going all around the shirt.  You may need more or less strips depending on the size of the shirt.
13.  Take the piece set aside for the tie on the shirt.  With Right Sides Together (RST), fold the strip in half lengthwise and stitch down all three raw edges with a 1/4" seam.  Leave open a 3 inch hole in the center of the strip for turning.

Turn the Strip right side out, press and topstitch 1/8" on all four sides, closing the 3" turn hole.
14.  Using some fusible tape, apply to the back side of the tie around the shirt. Press.  This will help keep the tie in place while stitching to the shirt.
15. Starting at one end of the tie where the two ends meet on the shirt, top-stitch onto the shirt on both sides of the tie.  Tie the loose ends in a knot.  Your knot can be on the front or the back side of the shirt.
16.  One adorable little Flip Floppin' Shirt for a sweet little girl.

Boys Shirt
17. Cut the following sizes from your 3 strips.
cut 2 - 2 1/2" x 5"
cut 2 - 2 1/2" x 7"
cut 2 - 2 1/2" x 9"

Depending on the size of your shirt, you may need to smaller or taller.  I just kept a 2" height distance between the three strips.
18. Fold the ends of the strips in on the short ends and press.
Then fold the strip in half and then unfold. Fold the two raw edges in towards the center fold line and press.
19.  Using the Fusible tape, apply a piece the back side of each strip and press on to the shirt as shown.
Repeat the same design on the back opposite side of the shirt.
20.  Using a zig-zag stitch, stitch around the four sides of all six strips to secure onto the shirt.
21.  One handsome, modern little man.

One jelly roll will make several shirt combinations.

Mix, match and have FUN!

Angela Yosten


lissa said...

Angela, Matthew and Paige look adorable in their new outfits. Great job!

Julie Deuvall said...

This is a wonderful idea! Love it.

Sheri Howard said...

Love that little girls shirt...I know I would have loved that as a kid!!!

rachel griffith said...

ubber adorable.
the shirts & your kiddos.

mascanlon said...

Such cute ideas and adorable kids!

michelleml said...

You did it again great idea and love the little models. Thanks for sharing

Debilou~Mississippi Mama said...

too cute,, i'm thinking i'd like to have a big girls shirt like that.

Jenny Garland said...

Angela, these are PRECIOUS!! Love, love, love em :)

Crystal Hendrix said...

Very creative!

Tracey J said...

way cute...
Great shots of the kiddos too.

I love the little girls shirt (of course), but yea for a cute little boy shirt too! :)

quiltcetera said...

I love the 'spin' picture! So precious. Another awesome idea Angela. :)

Jeni said...

I can't wait to make one of the cute shirts. I just got home from my local quilt store...I neede to buy one of those pokining things. I will be making one of these tonight while watching my favorite...Grey's Antomy. Thanks for sharing this!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

This is just adorable Angela! I will be making a few of these!! Thank you.

Magicaldamselfly said...

I knew it was gonna be worth waiting for that is why I was so impatient. I love, love, love this.

Kim Walus said...

VERY CUTE IDEA! I just LOVE it! I'm really feeling the sunshine now. The fabric and colors are perfect for springtime.

Andrea said...

These are wonderful! thanks for such a great way to customize kids wear!

Jennifer said...

Very cute! My twins love to match their clothes. Thanks for the inspiration!

Linka said...

These are adorable, and unique. Fun and easy project.

Maritxikis said...

Great idea. Thanks

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