Fabric Candy Dishes

1 jelly roll OR honey bun. {hunky dory featured.}
1/4 – 1/2 yard fabric.
cellophane or plastic wrap.
2″ foam brush.
mod podge or elmer’s glue all.
glass bowl.

pick out your favorite bowl.
{or a bowl you like the size & shape of.}

take some jelly roll strips and cut them in half.
{i cut right on the fold.}

flip your bowl so the bottom is up.
cover the outside of your bowl in cellophane.
{make sure you get all the air out.}

dump your mod podge or glue into a bowl.
{this will ensure a much easier work environment. trust me.}

paint a thin layer of glue all over the cellophane.

lay a jelly roll strip, right side down, across your bowl.
paint another thin layer of glue over your strip.

keep layering strips and gluing until the bottom is completely covered.

take your piece of fabric, right side up, and drape it over your bowl.

start pressing the fabric against the bowl.
remember: pleats are good. they add character.

trim your excess fabric off.

paint another coat of glue all over your fabric.

set your bowl out in the sun to dry.
make sure you check on it periodically.
{you’d hate to find debris dried on your fabric.}note: i placed my bowl on aluminum foil.
it attracts the sun and helps it dry faster.

when your bowl is completely dry, take it out of it’s mold.
your fabric bowl should look something like mine.
bad hair day & all.

trim those stragglers.

and add the good stuff.

now stand back and check out your easy, peasy homemade candy dishes.

note: to reverse the look of the bowl, like i did with the smaller one, let the jelly roll strips show on the outside with the whole cloth on the inside.
it’s fun to mix & match.

this is a great craft to do with kids.
my kiddos love making these.

& they’re perfect for every holiday.
gotta love all those holiday fabrics & candies.

hope yall enjoy!!!

rachel of p.s. i quilt