Patchwork & Points

Kennedy and her quilt

1- Martinque by 3 sisters charm pack
1- bella solids charm pack
(yes you heard it here- Moda is doing a variety of bella solids in charm packs, jelly rolls, layer cakes and fat quarter bundles) IN STORES APRIL 2010
1/2 yd Prairie Point
1 1/2 yd Backing (you will also cut 1-5″ square from this fabric)

Your choice of buttons or floss to tie quilt top


STEP 1: Set aside 4 solid charms and 5 print charms.
STEP 2: Alternate print and solid charm packs sewing sets of two. Press towards the prints so the seam allowance does not show through. Continue combining the sets until you have 9 sets of 8 squares.

STEP 3: Using the charm squares set aside in step 1, add 1 charm to each of the rows. Arrange the rows in whatever order you want. My niece Kennedy was up bright and earlier so this is where the project became “hers.” This will give you 9 rows x 9 rows. Imagine the possibilites of adding the solid charm packs to your favorite print collection. Can you tell I am super duper excited about mixing Bella solids with the moda prints?
And yes i did let my niece have a Dr. Pepper for breakfast.

PRAIRIE POINTS (or as my niece calls them, shark fins)
Cut 4 strips 4″ wide.  I decided to do this size prairie point when I was playing around with my pillowcase tutorial. Follow the directions listed on my blog for the prairie points except the size is smaller. I have listed the sizes here.
Fold the strip in half length wise and press to determine the middle. Start on one end of the strip and cut every 2″ stopping at the middle fold. From the other side of the strip make your first cut at 1″ then start cutting every 2″ being sure to stop at the middle fold.
4″ strip cut every 2″ alternating on each side so it it staggered

Lay the strip on your ironing board and press all the squares in the same direction. Leave the 1″ strip
loose. You will get rid of it later.
Then continue pressing all the triangles back onto themsleves in the opposite direction.
The strip of “Points” will fold together to create your strip of prairie points.
By pressing the points in the same direction you can “nest” each of the points into each other.
The points all line up nicely and rest inside each other. This step if reminds me of a caterpillar. To hold the “caterpillar” in place you can now top stitch this down to hold them in place.

Prairie Points rolled up
If you want a strip longer than approx 41″ of points just make another strip and nest it into the last point on your strip. This is the perfect size for making prairie point border on a baby quilt or throw.

The length of the prairie point strip will always be the length of the fabric. The only thing that varies is how many points and how far apart they are.

For example, cut an 8″ strip for 4″ prairie points and you will have fewer but bigger points. The strip will still be approx 41″/42″ long.

Cut a smaller strip 6″ for 3″ points. The strip will still be approx 41″/42″ long.

Machine Baste the praire points to all 4 sides of your quilt top.
Lay quilt top on the floor right sides up.
Next lay quilt backing right side facing quilt top.
Lay batting on top. Pin the 3 layers together. Sew 1/4″ on four sides leaving a 12″ opening to turn the quilt right side out. Be sure and use the 1/4 seam allowance so you do not chop off the small prairie points.
Clip away any excess batting and backing. Trim the corners nicely and turn right side out.
Sew the opening closed. I topstitched around the edges of the entire quilt.
Use your favorite choice to secure the layers together. Kennedy choose to tie the squares in the middle of the print blocks with a pink thread.
I was serious about Kennedy making the quilt “Hers”. The quilt is off to Austin for a neighbor who is expecting a new baby.(Kennedy said 70% chance it is a girl)

1 Print Charm Pack & 1 Bella Solid charm pack yields a 9×9 quilt measuring approx. 40.5″ x 40.5″

2 Charm Packs & 2 Bella Solids charm packs yield a 10 x 15 quilt measuring 40.5″ x 67.5″

3 Charm Packs & 3 Bella Solids charm packs yield a 15 x 16 quilt measuring 67.5″ x 72″

Lots of fun doing this project with my niece. She nows wants a sewing machine for her birthday!
Project Runway, here we come!