Car Diddy Bag

Isn't it amazing how quickly a car can get unorganized and messy? And add some kids into the mix... yikes!

This tutorial is for a multifunctional Car Diddy bag. Use it as a litter bag (the interior is laminated for easy cleaning) or as a toy/activity bag.

Enjoy :)

8 layer cake squares (Martinique)
3/8 yd Moda laminated cotton (Martinique)
Two (1") D-rings

1. Cut 5 layer cake squares according to the following diagram. You will now have (20) 5" squares!

2. Cut 3 layer cake squares according to the the following diagram. You will now have (27) 3" squares!

3. Layer a 3" square on top of a 5" square and stitch in place. Repeat for a total of 18 sets.

You will have two leftover 5" squares and nine leftover 3" squares. Set these aside.

4. Slice each square on the diagonals.

5. When you peel back the corner, you'll see a dog tail underneath.

Snip the dog tails off to keep the block from getting too bulky.

6. Mix and match triangles.

7. Sew triangles together to create 18 new squares.

8. Lay out nine squares like the picture below.

Sew the squares from each row together.

Then sew the rows together. Repeat this step to create another exterior panel.

9. Layer the two exterior panels from Step 8 right sides together. Stitch down one side, across the bottom, and up the other side. Please be sure to leave the top open! Turn right side out and press.

10. Take twelve of the 3" leftover squares from Step 3 and stitch right side together to create a long strip. Take two more 3" leftover squares and stitch right side together to create a short strip.

11. Fold each strip right side together and stitch along each long side. Turn right side out and press.

12. Edge stitch the long ends of each strip.

13. Slide two D-rights onto the middle of the short strip. Stitch a line to keep D-rings secure.

14. Measure 1.5" in from each top corner of the exterior. Baste strips in place, sewing through only one layer of the exterior.

15. Now grab your laminated cotton. Isn't it fabulous? You're going to love sewing with it. Okay, back to business... Cut two 11" x 11" squares from the laminated fabric.

Layer right sides together and stitch both sides, leaving the top and bottom open. Leave the lining wrong side out and place the exterior inside the lining, with right sides together.

Pin the top edges together and stitch all the way around.

16. Pull the exterior through the opening in the bottom of the lining. Hand or machine stitch the opening in the bottom of the lining.

17. Tuck the lining into the exterior and top stitch all the way around.

That's it! You're done. Loop your sassy new litter or toy bag around the front headrest and secure with the D-rings.

A cute and functional way to minimize mess!


Me and Madeline said...

Love it! I've never used laminated cotton before, must try this!

craftthefinalfrontier said...

What a fabulous bag. My son turns 28 tomorrow....much too old to be sitting in the back with toys! I can see it being put to good use slung over the passenger seat when I'm in the car on my own. Thank you for sharing.

Sara said...

Great idea! I love it!

Cara said...

Where would you find the laminate cotton?

Connie W said...


Andrea said...

I really really like this idea...the back of my van always looks a mess...

Crystal Hendrix said...

I will have to make one of those! So cute!

Beverly said...

Great idea! I'm going to give this a go. Where do you get the laminated cotton?

Marcia said...

hmmm, the pictures don't come through.

Jenny Garland said...

Moda sells the laminated cotton. I would check around at your favorite local quilt shop for it.

Chris said...

Hmm, if you put a zipper or some velcro at the top and skipped the strap it might make a good wetbag too.
I have some oilcloth, which is maybe thicker than laminated cotton, but I might try it with that.

The simple life... said...

Looks great! I am ready to give it a try. We will have to look into the laminated cotton for our store.

Melissa Stramel said...

Love this idea! I'll be making one.

Jennifer said...

Very handy. I love the way the blocks are made. I might use your technique in a quilt!

Five Little Crafty Birdies said...

Thanks for this cute idea! Gonna make a few of these. So cute! Love it!

Angela said...

The laminated cotton featured in this tutorial is actually called Vinyl Coated Fabric by Moda fabrics. You can find it at your local quilt store that carries Moda or by doing an online search for Moda Vinyl Fabric or Moda Vinyl Coated Fabric.

onlymehere said...

We have something similar in our car that I use as a garbage bag! I'm almost an empty nester so we just use it for ourselves. When I'm alone it's easy to flip around so it's on the front of the passenger seat and easy for me. I empty it after each trip out of town.

john & natalie said...

I am making this right now and can't wait to finish it. It's such a cute idea. I'm confused though because you say you have 2 extra 5" blocks and 9 extra 3" blocks but then when you come to making the strap you say to use 12 of the 3" squares for the long section and 2 more of the 3" squares for the short section. How are you getting 14 3" squares?

Sew Flippin Cool said...

I need to make one of these. Not only for organization, but also to keep the kids from scuffing the back of my seats. I've included your tutorial in the post Must Make Monday- Bags on my blog, The Handmade Experiment.