Charity Crosses

Charity Crosses is made with the beautiful new
Collection for a Cause by Howard Marcus
At Temecula Quilt Co we are all about reproductions and
 like to add a "piece" of the past to a quilt for today.

One Layer Cake - Collection for a Cause - Charity
1 Yard Bella Solid - Ivory
Half Yard - Binding
 2- 1/2 yards - Backing

1. Cut each "piece" of Layer Cake as follows:
- 4 - 4" squares
- 4 - 2"x4" rectangles
- 1 - 2"x2" squares
From solid background fabric cut:
- 28 - 2"x 9" strips
- 8  - 2"x WOF strips

2. Mix and Match cut pieces to create 35 different blocks.

3. Sew each section together and press seams as follows:
- Press center section towards middle
- Press two other sections outward

4. Sew three sections together

5. Press and repeat for all 35 blocks.

6. Another look at the finished blocks

7. Layout quilt top with 7 rows of 5 blocks.

8. Place a 2" x 9" strip of Bella Solid between each block.

9. Sew rows together horizontally, press toward light background strips.

10. Piece 2"x WOF strips of background fabric to create a piece as wide as your quilt.

11. Piece rows together being sure to line up vertical sashing strips.

12. Quilt as desired and bind.

One beautiful throw for a chilly spring evening.
Completed Quilt 46" x 65"


Lynne said...

What a beautiful quilt - this would make a good "boy" quilt - as I have two boys, I always keep my eyes open for those! Fabulous.

KaHolly said...

This is a sweet little quilt, and I agree with Lynn that it would be perfect for gifting a boy. The tutorial is well done, with clear instructions and perfect photos. Thank you very much. Definitely a keeper! ~karen

madrekarin said...

That is just beautiful! This one goes on my "must make" list. :)

Quilt Hollow said...

Fantastic to have these fun and fast quilts on hand! Thank you!!

Sherry said...

I love the quilt. Great instructions too. Thanks for sharing!

Barbieann said...

very nice. I'll be sure to do this pattern, thanks

Shawn said...

Such a nice quilt and great instructions, thanks for sharing!!

traceyjay said...

I agree those are some great instructions...

I love this design with the fabric. It's beautiful

Elaine D. Allen said...

I like to see the "click here for a printable page" link. It's not on this one. Great layer cake pattern. Thanks

Jennifer said...

I love the picture on the tractor! We are farm people and it caught my eye! I have a layer cake just waiting for a project . . . thanks for the inspiration!

Peggy said...

When you are giving the dimensions could you please say how big the finish block is. As a beginner I find this very helpful. Thank you

Gr8life59 said...

this will go on my list of to do's as well, what a great idea for gift giving to the men in my life!.

Michelle said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love it!

Elvis Lives said...

Too bad the pictures can't be viewed anymore. It makes it all a bit pointless

vintagemodernquilts | Lisa said...

Photos on the Moda Bake Shop are hosted by the Chefs on external sites. We are working with Cheryl to have these images fixed. Thanks for your patience.

Lisa Calle
Moda Bake Shop