Chocolate Stars

The inspiration for this quilt was not only the beautiful Moda fabric but my strong urge to take the piecing to the edge, stretch my abilities in piecing and inspire you to do the same.
The quilt is shown in Queen size 85" X 85" 
The quilt can be easily adjusted to 12 blocks, a Twin size 65.5" X 85".
Alternate yardage provided below in parentheses.

Chocolate Stars
85" X 85"
Featuring Marti Michell Template Set R
Queen Size (twin size)
29 Fat Quarters of FreeBird by MoMo (22 FQ's)
3 yards sashing Freebird Ovals Nest sku #32245-19
6 yards backing Freebird Leaves Melon sku #32243-13 (4 yards)
1 yard binding Freebird Oval Melon sku #32245-13 (3/4 yard)
Queen Kyoto Bamboo Batting

Organize your fat quarters and chose 16 (12) for the large blocks
{I suggest the largest prints--refer to picture below}
Press fabrics and cut {16}(12) 15.5" blocks.
Set aside.
Next choose 13 (10) fat quarters for the sashing stars and press {I chose mostly dots and lighter prints}

In order to maximize your dark brown sashing fabric cut 15.5" X Width of Fabric (WOF) strips.
Do this for a total of 6 strips.
Turn your yardage and sub cut into (7 or 8) 5.5" X 15.5" strips.
Make atleast 40 sashing strips 5.5" X 15.5".
Using the #96 template in set R, place the template on the fabric edge as shown and cut.

Repeat for opposite side.

Disgard the corners.

The result is a sashing that looks like this.
Now take the "sashing star print" fat quarters and sub cut them as shown.
5.5" - 5 5/8" - 5 5/8"
Do this for all 13 'sashing star prints' (10 for twin size)
Using template 97 and 97R  (97 flipped) sub cut the 5 5/8" strips as shown.
Cut atleast {8} 97 and {8} 97R from each fat quarter.
Now take the 5.5" strip and sub cut into {2} 5.5" squares.
A design wall or area is essential for this quilt.
I started by cutting all my pieces and laying out the rows.
I did this for the entire quilt BEFORE I started sewing.
Next start assembling the sashing.
Take a brown strip and sew the 97 and 97R template pieces to the sides as shown.
**Note** to construct the block properly there are {2} 97 and 97R pieces needed for each sashing strip. 
***12 of the sashing fat quarter prints are used twice in this quilt.
The 13th fat quarter print is used only once.***
This shows how to match your template seams.

Look how closely they match.
Next, pin pin pin!
Sew and press.
Piecing the sashings as rows was the most organized construction for this quilt.
Continue to sew the 97 template pieces to the dark brown sashing.
And continue to piece the rows.
Here I added the 5 inch print square.
pin, pin, pin!

Again, look at how nicely the seams match.
now once the pieced sashings are complete, start assembling rows with the large print 15.5" squares.
And assemble the rows that are just pieced star sashings. 
Take care in organizing your rows as you sew them to keep pieced sashings in the correct direction to form the stars.
Here the quilt top is starting to come together.
At 85" X 85" it doesn't quite fit on my design wall.
Once the rows are assembled then the rows can be sewn to each other.
The top is done!
Quilt, bind with lovely orange Freebird fabric and you're done.
Chocolate Stars Quilt
Queen size
85" X 85"
I hope this tutorial inpsired you to try a new template, stretch your quilting skills and use some fun fabric too!

Thanks Vickie E


Amy - Park City Girl said...

I might just have to get some new rulers! Your quilt if fabulous Vicki!!

quiltcetera said...

Oh Vickie! Wow, wow, wow! I Love this! Great fabric choices, fantastic design, fabulous job girl!

V and Co. said...

um vickie this is gorgeous! nicely done!

Shannon said...

Absolutely stunning quilt! Love it!

Lynne said...

That is absolutely beautiful. I love the strong shapes against the brown and that lovely orange binding.

Lynne said...

That is absolutely beautiful. I love the strong shapes against the brown and that lovely orange binding.

Juana Castañeda said...

No estaria mal que pusieras un traductor en tu blog, pues tus trabajos son muy bonitos, pero no entiendo lo que dices. Espero que tu si me puedas enteder a mi.
Un beso.

Boyknitter said...

This really is fabulous! So striking and very different! well done and thanks for shaing xxx

laurie said...

Wow, Vicki - you hit this one out of the park. Absolutely Fabulous!

Katie B. said...

What a lovely design!

Jackie said...

Just fabulous Vickie!!

Sheri Howard said...

Once again your designs are fabulous! So creative and love, love the colors!!! Thanks!

madrekarin said...

That is just beautiful!! makes me want to ventureo ut into the template world! Like I don't have enough to keep me busy as it is....:)

Darlene Gerber said...

I have used a number of Marti's templates, but not this set. I may have to purchase them now after seeing this quilt.

Jamie said...

Very pretty! I like how nicely the template made the piecing.

Muddling Through said...

Beautiful quilt. You did a wonderful job!

Marbles in a Mason Jar said...

This is absolutely stunning! Fabulous fabric choices and, well, it's just gorgeous!

Kim Walus said...

I LOVE your quilt design and the fabric you used is perfect. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Tracey J said...

For having such classic design elements, this quilt is so unique! I love the different twist on it!

Thank you for sharing. I want to make this!

Tami said...

this quilt is striking, I love it!

KathyBaker24 said...

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Brenda said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I think I too need that template set. =)

Crafty Mama said...

Oh my gosh, I think I'm in love! What a beautiful quilt! You have definitely inspired me ☺

Karen at Briarside Lane said...

love this one... will have to get those templates/rulers now, too!

Mikol said...

Looks great! I love the curved/circular look it has.

Heather said...

This is amazing. Even more amazing that I think I could do it. I've been waiting for just that right quilt to make a big project and think this might just be it. Your colors would be perfect for our bedroom too. Great tutorial! Thanks. :)

Jennifer said...

Super cute! Love the fabric, love that sashing star . . . love it all!

Millie said...

Vicky, thanks for this great pattern. I love the design and it is time for me to buy a new ruler.

PunkiePie said...

I love this and I want it for my bed!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

This is so pretty Vickie! What a great design.

a little bit biased said...

It is so so beautiful and striking. Great job!

Paula Lynn said...

Absolutely love it! Colors, design = awesome!

SarahB said...

Really beautiful!

Argery Araya C. said...

Hoy te he visitado y que bonitos estan tus trabajos la felicito, un abrazo a la distancia

bingo~bonnie said...

la,la,LOVE it!!!

lia-t said...

i love it. El diseño y los colores son espectaculares. Congratulations.

Victorine said...

Spectacular quilt. I'm going to have to make this.

All8 said...

I Love this one. Just beautiful.