Fly-Away Canvases: Andy Warhol Style

I have always been a huge fan of Andy Warhol’s famous screenprints.

If you’re not quite sure who I’m talking about... you’d probably recognize his work if you were to see it. He’s most famous for his Campbell’s Soup prints and his Marilyn Monroe series which you can view
here if you’re curious.
We've used the fabric line, Botany (which my mother and I recently designed) to create this series of "pop art" butterflies... It's a great springtime project!

I’m so excited to be posting my very first tutorial here on The Bake Shop! Please feel free to reach out with any comments or suggestions or questions!

I hope you enjoy!

You can also find out more on our blog and website!

  1. 1 Botany Layer Cake
  2. Three 12” x 14” pieces of fabric for backgrounds (1 for each canvas)
  3. Three 8" x 10" canvases (you can find these at your local craft store: Michaels, A.C. Moore, etc., any brand will be fine)
  4. Staple gun
  5. Needle and thread
  6. Freezer paper and pen (for tracing templates)

This pattern will make 3 appliquéd canvases.

STEP 1 / We recommend planning out each of your canvases before starting... especially if you’re making more than one canvas. (When creating combinations that use 5 fabrics at a time, such as these do, it might be better to plan out groups of fabrics that contain similar color palettes. Here are some combinations that we really like, but the possibilities are truly endless!)

STEP 2 / Cut a 12” x 14” piece of fabric for background.

STEP 3 / To help you when laying out your appliqué pieces, we recommend creating guides:

  • Fold square in half vertically.
  • And again horizontally.
  • Press folds.

STEP 4 These are designed to print on an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper.

  • Trace pattern pieces from templates on to dull side of freezer paper. (Be sure to add the identifying numbers to each piece.)
  • Cut out pieces.
Hint: Freezer paper is semi-transparent, so lay it on top of the diagram, then trace.

STEP 5 / Press the freezer paper pieces (shiny side down) on to the right side of your chosen fabric using a dry iron. (Pieces will temporarily stick to fabrics.)

STEP 6 / Trace around pattern pieces on right side of fabric using a mechanical pencil or pen. (Pencil/pen marks will be turned under and hidden when appliquéd.)

STEP 7 / Cut out drawn fabric pieces leaving a 1/8" edge surrounding each piece.

STEP 8 / Position and pin pattern pieces on to the background square, referring to fold lines and placement chart as guides.

STEP 9 / Use "needle-turn" method of appliqué. Sew moth parts to square in layers following the number sequence on each piece. Do not appliqué edges which will be covered by overlapping layers. (Refer to placement chart.)

STEP 10 / Iron out fold lines.

STEP 11 / Center the butterfly on the canvas.

STEP 12 / Use a staple gun to attach the fabric onto the canvas. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, but I like to start by placing one staple into the middle of each horizontal bar (see left photo). Then I put a staple in the middle of each vertical bar (see right photo).

STEP 13 / Then I work my way out from those center staples until I reach the corners of the canvas.

STEP 14 / To finish off the corners, fold the excess fabric over a few times and staple it into place.

That’s it! Enjoy your awesome set of Butterfly Canvases!

You can also check out our blog at for more fun photos and ideas... AND, you can find 5 more free patterns on our website at

Happy Quilting!


quiltcetera said...

These are incredible! I am so inspired to make these for my girlie's bedrooms. Love them!

Lynne said...

These are so clever - I love them

jaybird said...

lauren they are so beautiful!!!

Sandy said...

Lauren, So nice to see another Mother/Daughter team. Fabric is just beautiful, love the Andy Worhol style!
Best wishes with this fabric line, I'm sure it will be a block buster once it is "out there" in the world of quilting!
Mom of Jaybird

rachel griffith said...

this is cooler than cool.

michelleml said...

WOW those are beautiful

Cerise said...

So beautiful! My sister would love these. She's a huge fan of Andy Warhol and actually has one of his butterflies tattooed on her back...they are also her favorite :o) Might have to make her a set for her birthday!

a little bit biased said...

I love them and the fabric is wonderful. Great job!!

Magicaldamselfly said...

These are so magical I'm speechless. I will be making these to go in my house for this spring.

schmidt1016 said...

I fell in love with this fabric as soon as I saw it! I think my daughter would love these canvases. What a great idea!

Tracey J said...

These are so unique.

True art.

Lauren said...

Thank you all sooo much! These comments are great! If anyone winds up making this set of canvases... or anything made out of Botany for that matter, you can email some pictures to me! I'll post them on our blog giving full credit the amazing quilter who made them! Thanks again for the great feedback!

Pinky said...

Hi Lauren, I LOOOVE this range, they're just beautiful fabrics! I like the colours, and the designs, and the way they all work together!

Daniela Cerri said...

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carrie said...

Love the idea may see about having my sister help, but instead of putting them on the canvas would make a quilt out if it.

Ruthy said...
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Ruthy said...

Seems like the template pdf link is broken. I'd love to make these so is there any help with that? Beautiful!

Jenny Garland said...

Hi Ruth, the templates are included in the Printer Friendly Version at the bottom of the post. That link works. Thanks so much :)

Lauren said...

Hey Ruthy, Here's the direct link actually.

52KID said...

Hi there, I am also having trouble downloading the templates. The link goes to the placement templates, but there don't appear to be any butterfly templates.
Thanks for such a lovely design.