Lumiere Table Runner

Table Runner 17" x 38"
Designed by Cindy Lammon of Hyacinth Quilt Designs

I love a scalloped border and found an easy way to piece one. Lumiere de Noel is the perfect fabric for this simply scalloped table runner. It would look elegant on your table for Christmas or really any time of the year!

1/3 yard red and cream floral for the center (#13540-12)
1/2 yard red for the borders (#13529-44)
1 Lumiere de Noel charm pack (#13540PP)
1/4 yard for binding (#12554-14)
2/3 yard for backing

Red and cream floral:
  • 1 rectangle 8 1/2" x 29 1/2"
  • 2 strips 1", cut into 2 borders 1" x 29 1/2" and 2 borders 1" x 9 1/2"
  • 2 strips 1 1/2", cut into 52 squares 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"
  • 3 strips 2 1/2", cut into 2 borders 2 1/2" x 34 1/2" and 2 borders 2 1/2" x 17 1/2"
  • 4 squares 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"
From the light pieces in the charm pack:
  • 26 rectangles 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"
  • 4 squares 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"
You'll get 2 rectangles from each charm square with a 1 1/2" x 5" piece left over.


1. Sew 1 red 1" x 29 1/2" strip to opposite sides of the long edges of the 8 1/2" x 29 1/2" red and cream floral. Repeat with the 1" x 9 1/2" red strips on the short sides.

2. Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the 52 red 1 1/2" squares and the four 1 1/2" squares cut from the charms.

3. Place one red square on 2 corners of a 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" rectangle as pictured, noting the direction of the marked line. Sew on the line.

4. Press the left seam allowance toward the triangle and the right seam allowance toward the rectangle.

5. Trim the seam allowance to 1/4". Repeat to make 26 units.

6. Place a marked 1 1/2" light square on one corner of a red 2 1/2" square as pictured. Sew on the marked line. Press toward the triangle and trim the seam allowance to 1/4". Repeat and make 4 units.

7. Arrange 20 of the units from step #5 in 2 rows of 10 each and stitch together. I pressed these seams open.

8. Arrange 6 of the units from step #5 in 2 rows of 3 each and stitch together. Sew a square unit from step #6 to each end of the two rows.

9. Sew the long pieced borders to the long sides of the table runner; press. Repeat with the short pieced borders sewing them to the short sides of the runner.

10. Sew the 2 1/2" x 34 1/2" red strips to the long sides of the runner; press. Repeat with the 2 1/2" x 17 1/2" red strips sewing them to the short sides.

11. You can leave the corner as is. I decided to trim off the corners to match the angle of the scalloped border. Measure 4" from the corner along each edge and make a mark. Connect the marks. This is your cutting line. Repeat for all four corners.

12. Layer the table runner with the batting and backing. Quilt as desired. If you trimmed the corners, you'll be binding corners that are not 90 degrees. Create a miter using the same technique you would for a 90-degree angle. When you fold the binding up to create a miter, be sure the binding strip lines up with the next edge. This will assure that you create the perfect angle for the miter.

13. Fold the binding strip down to match the second side. You'll see that the fold will not be perfectly even with the first edge because of the different angle.

14. Hand stitch binding to the back of the runner.


A beautiful table runner to grace your table at Christmas or any time of the year!


traceyjay said...

it's beautiful Cindy! I love that border effect. :)

And French General is just gorgeous anyway. :)

PamKittyMorning said...

Love the simple nature of this runner plus the scalloped edge is a winner!

Annelies said...

Wow...this one is a winner in my book. Also a good stash buster. Thanks for the fun pattern.

Cara said...

Beautiful use of the fabrics! So elegant!

Magoo said...

Cindy I just love this! WTG! i am in a table runner swap and i think this maybe my pattern of choice! Thanks for such a great pattern!


KaHolly said...

This table runner is a winner. Stand up and take a bow!! ~karen

Mary Grace McNamara said...

What a fun design! Love the red and white.


Briarside Lane said...

I like this one!... especially the border design. Love the fabrics... Karen

eamylove said...

Yay!!! I love that pieced scallop effect. Such a pretty project!

Dianne said...

beautiful tutorial! and of course with's extra lovely :)

NanaKaren said...

This is SO beautiful! The border just makes it even more so!

Ariane said...

I love it!! The border just makes it so wonderful! I will be using this pattern for sure.

seasidegirl said...

Your Table runner is just beautiful. I love the French General fabrics. Great job!!!!

Little Green Doll said...

It's very beautiful! I love the fabrics!!

madrekarin said...

That is just beautiful!

Robyn - Coffee and Cotton said...

So very pretty. I love the scalloped look!

nicoledemana said...

wow this is amazing love the choice of fabrics too French general is brill thanks for the tute ttfn

Sandie said...

I love this look! The border is what cinches it all togehter. I want to make this in green and cream toile fabrics for my formal dining room.

sunshinelee1 said...

I love it! What size strip did you use for the binding?

prairiegirl said...

That looks stunning!