Back To School Grommet Bag

  • (28) 5” charm squares  (we used Fresh Cottons: Hushabye was used for instruction photos)
  • ⅝ yd lining fabric
  • ⅓ yd straps fabric
  • (1) 20” x 33” piece of batting
  • 1 yd woven interfacing
  • (8) 1” grommets (we used Dritz curtain grommets, no tools needed)

Sewing the outer bag:

1. Sew 7 rows of 4 charm squares. Press rows in opposite directions. Sew rows together as desired to create outer bag unit.

2. Place batting down and put pieced outer bag unit (wrong side down) on batting.

3. Quilt as desired. Trim to 18” x 31 1/2”.

4. From lining fabric, cut (1) 18” x 31 1/2" rectangle.

5. With right sides together match one of the 31 1/2” sides of the lining and quilted rectangles. Sew using a ½” seam allowance. Press seam toward lining.

6. Fold lengthwise in half as shown. Pin all 3 sides. Using a ½” seam allowance, sew all 3 sides leaving about 4” of the lining section unsewn for turning.

7. Trim corners being careful not to cut through stitching. Turn right side out through 4” opening in lining and poke out corners.

8. Stitch the lining opening closed. Push the lining into the quilted section of bag.

9. Press the top edge of bag and topstitch ⅛”and ¼” from the top edge of bag.

Attaching the grommets:

1. On left side of bag, mark 2” down from top edge of bag and 1 ¼” from side of bag. Then mark 3 ½” from 1 ¼” mark. Repeat marks for right side of bag.

2. Repeat step 1 for other side of bag. You will now have 8 grommet placement marks.

3. Position the template provided with the grommets over the center marks and trace in the slots. Cut out the holes for each grommet on the traced lines.

4. Place the raised center of a grommet in each hole from the right side.
5. Position the pronged side of each grommet over each raised grommet and press down to secure.

Making the Straps:

From the straps fabric and woven interfacing cut:

(2) 5” x 36” strips

1. Fuse the woven interfacing to each strap strip.

2. Fold strap long side in half RST. Stitch using a ¼” seam allowance starting at short end, leaving about 4” opening for turning (along long side) and ending at shut end. Clip short end corners and turn right side out.

3. Top stitch all the way around strap being sure to close opening.

4. Thread one strap through the 4 grommet holes on one side of the bag. Repeat for the other side.

5. Tie ends of the two straps together.

Enjoy your grommet bag!!!

Hey ya'll I hope you like our Grommet Bag....they are addicting and super easy to make! 

* 2 Charm Packs will make 3 bags!
* You can always add pockets to the insde with left over charm squares!!
* These make great gifts!

Jamie Mueller


Sandie said...

What a darling bag! I can see making these as welcome gifts for new neighbors and filling them with special treats!

Beeshebags said...

Hmmmm I just tried to download the printer friendly version, and it say's it couldn't be found. Any ideas anybody? Hugs Naomi

Scattered Threads said...

Very cute bag. Love it.

foodmathquilts said...

very cute!
I'd be tempted to box the corners a bit to add a flat bottom.

Beeshebags - wait a day or so and try the printer friendly version again, sometimes it's not posted right away

tvbleak said...

What a neat bag, perfect for students and teachers and a great use for all those scraps I say I am going to use some day. Thanks for the great idea and tutorial.

CaraQuilts said...

Love it Jamie! It'll be perfect for Little Bit's gym bag!

traceyjay said...

Oh my goodness Jamie... this is one of my favorite bag designs! I really, really love it. :)

Sarah Marie said...

Thank you for making your directions so easy to follow! I am new to quilting/sewing and I love a lot of patterns, but they are not very friendly to the beginners. I will send you a picture as soon as I am finished!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Fabulous bag! Love the grommets!


HoopDeeDoo. said...

What a great idea to use curtain grommets! Thanks for sharing this project!

Norma said...

Great bag! I have been making a quilted bag that uses 8 sets of grommets so this is a nice alternative! Love it. Will be on my gift giving list for sure.

chammer1 said...

So, so, so cute.Love the look with the grommets. My neice want me to teach her to sew. She'll love this and it'll give her incentive.

Thanks for sharing this gorgeous pattern.


Barbara said...
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dbb said...

Wow, what a cute bag! Love it~~

Linda said...

Thanks for such a great tutorial! I added it to my November listings for Free Tote Purse & Bag Tutorials at

Robin said...

Super cute bag!

ullash said...

Ha! Love that pic:) Looks like all the one's of my boys, minus the cute backpack of course.
Your sewing skills never cease to amaze me!

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