His & Hers Personalized Baby Quilts

I'm a mom of twins, a boy and a girl.  A friend of mine just had twins herself and I decided it might be fun to find a way to use the same fabric line to make a boy and a girl version quilt.  I got the idea for this quilt from a pillow I made for Moda Bake Shop last year. You can see it here, it would be fun to make one to match the quilt using your scraps.

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1 Layer Cake: (you can use 1 layer cake for both quilts) I used Tweet Tweet by Keiki
1 yard white fabric per quilt for the center
1 yard fabric per quilt for backing
1/2 yard fabric per quilt for binding
Heat N Bond Lite

Buttons, colored thread to embellish applique
Smiley Monster Font (can be downloaded free)

First you will want to sort and pick your fabrics. Take your layer cake and divide it into a "boy" and a "girl" pile.

Next you want to decide which layer cake squares you want to use for the block border.  You will also want to set aside the layer cake squares you want to use for the applique names & shapes. If you want to have the tree applique (like on the boy quilt) you may need more than one layer cake piece to get enough  trees to cut out.

Cut the layer cake squares you want to use for the border in half so that they are 5" x 10". You will need a total of (14)  5" x 10" blocks for each quilt. I used some fabrics twice, but you will have plenty of layer cake pieces if you do not want to repeat any fabrics.

Sew (4) 5" x 10" pieces together along the short sides. Press & set aside. Repeat.

Sew (3) 5" x 10" pieces together along the short sides. Press & set aside. Repeat.

Cut your white fabric to 29 3/4" x 29 1/2"

Sew one of the 3 block strips to the 29 1/2" side of the white fabric. Repeat by sewing the other 3 block strip to the other side.


Sew the 4 block strips to the other 2 sides of the white block. Press. Trim off excess if necessary.

Quilt as desired. I quilted mine with a walking foot in straight lines approximately 2" apart.

Using a word processing program and the font Smiley Monster, print your name approx 4" tall. You may need to make it slightly smaller if you are printing a large name.

Trace the letters backwards onto the slick side of a piece of Heat n Bond Lite. Cut out roughly and iron onto wrong side of fabric. Cut out. You can see photos of my applique method here.

Apply to lower right hand corner of the quilted top approx. 2" from the bottom border.
I used the bird in the fabric as a guide for my bird appliqué.  I just scanned the fabric and printed the bird  enlarged so that it is about 4" tall.  I then pieced it using scraps from my layer cake.

Stitch around the letters and pieces of the bird.  Using brown thread in your machine stitch in legs for the bird.  Sew a button for its eye.

For the boys quilt, I cut out 5 trees from the layer cake pieces. I applied Heat n Bond Lite to the back and ironed them onto the quilt top. I then stitched around the edges, using brown thread for the tree trunks.

After you have finished the applique, bind the quilt as desired.

Finished size is approx: 30"x30"

Two or three personalized baby quilts from one layer cake.


sadieloree said...

These are amazingly adorable!! How cute!

Marcia said...

I love these! Thanks for sharing!

Queenmothermamaw said...

Yes they are amazing. I have not been over for awhile, just wanted to see how things were going. You have been busy as a little bee. Some beautiful things. I might try the casserole holder. Blessings

Timi said...

Beautiful and lovely quilts! I like them :o)!

carol lou said...

Great quilts! My cousin has a baby on the way. I am going to make one next week...

carol lou said...
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Vickie E said...

cool Missy!

KristenMary said...

Ah ha, quilt before you applique! That is what I was missing on my last kid quilt! These are wonderful, thanks for the tute!

Lisa said...

Love the tutorial, especially as a mum of 2 year old boy & girl twins. Can't wait to get going on them :-)

Liz said...

This is amazing. LOVE IT! You rock.

Nancy said...

I LOVE these!! What a great idea!!

traceyjay said...

oh my heck this is so cute!

Thank you for the perfectly fast idea... Love it. :)

Kim Walus said...

What perfectly awesome quilts for your twins. I absolutely love them and need to make one for a brand new little one in the extended family. Thanks for sharing your great ideas with us!

Valerie said...


Vickie said...

These are really cute and so do-able! Thank you for sharing!

KarrieLyne said...

Very cute!! Great use of fabric too!! :)

gina said...

How cute! It's hard to come up with something *different* for babies, but this fits the bill!!!



Crystal Hendrix said...

That is so cute! Thanks for the idea! I will have to make one for my new niece who is arriving in October!

Midnight Mama said...

Love them! I have twins too! I might be using this pattern for some new daycare quilts ... thanks a bunch!

Krista said...

My twin niece and nephew were just born today, 2 months early. Since I haven't started the complicated quilts I'd planned, I was scrambling for a quick pair to whip up and send off. Thanks for the perfect timing on the tutorial! Plus, I happened to have a Tweet Tweet layer cake on hand...these are meant to be. I'll send along pics when they're done.

delitealex said...

Very cute. I'd love to make them for my boys.

Jessabells said...

Wow, so cute.

the Material Girls Quilts said...

Love these!! They are so cute!!

Pedey said...

Rookie question for you.... What is a Layer Cake?

stephjacobson said...

These are beautiful! Bookmarking this for the next friend that has a baby.

Jenny said...

LOVE THE QUILT! Just one question. If you waited till after you were quilting to put the name on, wouldn't the stitching from the name be backwards on the back of the quilt? But, if you put the name on before you did the quilting, there would be lines going through the name.... is there a third option?

I have never made a quilt before and just recently learned to sew so be very basic with your answers :)

Thanks so much!

Rhoda said...

perfect for just what i need to do for a swap, simple enough for a beginner :D

Pedey: layer cake is approx 40 10"x10" squares from a collection. All different. I had no idea either, googled what it was

Jenny: good qn...maybe handstitching it??

Melissa said...

There is a 3rd option, to applique the letters first then quilt the lines on the quilt stopping at each letter and starting on the other side.
This method though won't give you straight lines across the back...
I had a hard time deciding how to do it, in the end I decided to quilt it first so that I had lines across all the back, and decided I didn't mind the outline of the letters on the back of the quilt.
I hope this helps.

Missy said...

I love this tutorial! Thank you, thank you, thank you. That's 3 Thank You's ... for the 3 quilts I made:

Marisa said...

Just FYI, for the backing fabric, you will want to get a little more than a yard. The finished front of the quilt is about 38.75" on each side, so if you only get 1 yard of fabric, one side will be almost 3 inches short.

Otherwise, the instructions are great and easy enough to follow, even for a first time quilter such as myself!

For option 3, I think hand-sewing the appliques looks really cute and allows you to sew onto only the front without having the stitching show on the back.

Katy said...

"Thank You" for the Signature quilt recipe. I needed a quick quilt pattern for a shower coming up in two days and this pattern was perfect. It turned out beautifully!

Orlaith said...

Am about to start my first one - have my fabric here beside me and am so excited. Think am going to hand applique the name afterwards.
Thanks so much for the idea and sharing.

Megan said...

These are so adorable! When I saw this I knew it would make the perfect gift for my friends' new baby. I just finished the first one and put picture of it on my blog. Check it out here: http://myhomemadebliss.blogspot.com/2011/02/babies-babies-everywhere.html

Thank you for this tutorial, it is wonderful and you are very talented!

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

I featured your quilt on my blog today!


erwicker said...

This is amazing. LOVE IT!

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Anngela said...

The quilt design is super cute. I'm making two for a niece to give her friend that is having twins.

However I am disappointed with the tutorial and supply list as I have found the materials requirements to be incorrect.

It calls for one yard of fabric for the backing but that isn't enough.

Additionally, the tutorial says the finished quilt is 30 x 30 so I bought batting that was 38 inches wide which should have been plenty.

The finished top is 40 x 40. So I now have two yards of fabric and two yards of batting that is not wide enough for the project and will have to buy more making this project more expensive and more frustrating than it had to be.

Anngela said...
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