The Backpack

Hi! I'm Tiffany from Tiny Seamstress Designs! I'm so excited to be sharing my ideas here with you on the Moda Bake Shop. This is a great backpack for all of your grade school children and can be altered to fit younger children as well.

I used the Lily and Will collection by Bunny Hill Designs to make this backpack, they have color ways for boys and fun!
  • 1 1/2 yard fabric for body
  • 1 1/2 yard fabric for lining
  • 2 fat quarters for ties (they do not have to be the same print)
  • fusible fleece
  • 2 Magnetic snaps

Using body (outside) fabric cut:
  • (2) 17" by 15" pieces (front and back)
  • (2) 17" by 6" pieces (sides)
  • (1) 15" by 6" piece (base)
  • (1) 15" by 9" piece (flap)
  • (2) 3 1/2" by 26" pieces (straps)
  • Apply fusible fleece to the wrong sides of each body piece.
Using lining (inside) fabric cut:
  • (2) 17" by 15" pieces (front and back)
  • (2) 17" by 6" pieces (sides)
  • (1) 15" by 6" piece (base)
  • (1) 15" by 9" piece (flap)
  • (2) 26" by 3 1/2" pieces (straps)
  • (1) 9" by 3" piece (handle)
  • (2) 6" by 5" pieces (pencil pocket)
  • (2) 15" by 10" pieces (pocket)
  • Apply fusible fleece to wrong side of one pocket piece.
Using 2 Fat Quarters cut:
  • (4) 22" by 3" strips
  • (4) 19" by 3" strips
Your cut pieces will look like this:


1. Pencil Pocket: Sew both pieces right sides together, leaving 2" opening to turn. Turn right sides out, press, and top stitch across top of pocket.

2. Pocket: With both pieces right sides together, sew across top. Turn right sides out, press, and top stitch top of pocket. See picture below.
3. Measure 5 1/2" from top center of back lining piece and sew pencil pocket in place across bottom and down both sides. Sew pencil slots 3/4" apart as shown. Line larger pocket up with base of back lining piece and pin in place. Measure 5" from each side and stitch from top to bottom, forming 3 pockets as shown below.
4. Place one body strap piece and one lining strap piece right sides together, sew down both long edges, leaving ends open. Turn right sides out, press and top stitch down both long edges. Repeat with other strap pieces.

5. Fold small handle piece in half and press. Unfold and lay right side down. Fold left side to center and press. Fold right side to center and press. Bring both folds together and sew down edges.

6. Measure 3" from the right top edge of back body piece and sew top of strap in place. Measure 3" from the left top edge of back body piece and sew top of other strap in place. Repeat with each strap on the bottom of body piece. Sew handle ends to top edge of bag as shown.

7. Next you're going to make four ties from the fat quarter pieces. Pin two tie pieces of the same length right sides together and stitch around three edges leaving one end open. Turn right sides out, press and top stitch. Repeat with the rest of strap pieces until you have four ties as shown.
8. On the base of front body piece measure from one side over 3" and sew short tie piece in place. Repeat on opposite side with other short tie piece as shown below.

9. On top of body flap piece, measure from one side over 3" and pin long tie in place from top to bottom. Top stitch tie all the way down on each side, stopping 1" from bottom of flap. Repeat with other long tie as shown below.

10. Place body flap and lining flap right sides together and pin, making sure your ties are tucked in. Stitch down both sides and across the bottom, leaving top open. Turn right sides out, press, and top stitch edges and across the top of ties.

11. Center flap on the top of back body piece as shown below and stitch together across raw edges as shown below.
12. This part is optional. Find top center of each body side piece and measure each way 1 1/2" and apply magnetic snap as shown below. This will allow the backpack to be a little more secure and shrink down a little.
13. With right sides together line body base piece up with base of front body and sew across edge. Line back body up with opposite side of body base piece and sew across edge.

14. With right sides together sew long edge of side body piece to side of front body piece. Sew opposite long edge of side body piece to the side of back body piece. Sew end of base to end of side piece. Repeat on the opposite side of the bag. See picture below.

15. Repeat steps 13 and 14 with lining pieces, leaving a 4" opening in the base to turn later.

16. Place body inside of lining with right sides together and pin around top as shown below.
17. Stitch around top edge. Turn bag right sides out through 4" opening, press and top stitch around top edge. Top stitch or hand stitch 4" opening closed.

Your backpack is complete and ready for school! :)

Visit my blog for a coordinating back to school project and other fun patterns!

When finished, your backpack will measure about 16" tall by 14" wide by 5" deep.
This bag is designed for a child approximately 4'8" and taller. If your child is smaller than this you can cut all of your body and side pieces to measure 15" tall for a better fit. Adjust straps as needed.


Crafty Mama said...

How cute is this! Great tutorial!!

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lovly!!!!!!!!!!!I gonna do for mine baby thx xxxx

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Super cute!

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So nice! Thanks for sharing!

Missy said...

This would be a great back pack purse for myself! How would I adjust it for an adult?

Betsy said...

Tiffany, everything you do is adorable! What a talent! I can't wait to try this one. Thanks for sharing!

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This is perfect for back to school!

Love it and Tiffany,

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Great job Tiffany!

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Too Cute!! I can't wait to try this one out:)

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How cute! I love the bows!

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This is really cute, thank you for sharing.

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I love the design! Thank you for sharing it! This calls for a trip to the BIG fabric store...special pattern calls for special fabric, right?

Kerry said...

This looks so easy and amazing!!! I love your blog and your projects, and especially for sharing your talent with all who love "craft & sewing". I'm going back to University, and I'll do a bit of adjustments for myself. (Cut pieces a bit bigger and use heaveir fabric -I have alot of heavy books)
thanks again!

Séverine said...


je suis française et j'aime beaucoup ce sac.
j aimerai le reproduire mais je ne comprend pas l anglais.
quelqu'un pourrai-t-il me faire la traduction
voici mon adresse mail:

merci beaucoup d'avance

L Johnson said...

Very, very and so fun for a change from the ordinary black backpack school bags! Thank you for sharing!

Kimberly said...

My girls would love this backpack!!!!

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how would i change it fot fit a highschooler? please email me the changes:

Anonymous said...

What are the dimensions for a highschooler?
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Keeker said...

this is great, gonna try and make this today for my girl!

Anonymous said...

I'd like the dimensions for a high school girl. If you could email them to, I'd love it.

Tiffany said...

Hey ladies! These dimensions will work perfectly for your high school girls! I've had lots of emails of people who've loved it for their girls! Hope this helps!

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nicky-clare said...

I am also interested in adapting for an adult. Can you suggest possible adjustments to the pattern?

Sandi said...

Do the straps actually need to be knotted to close the back pack?

Rylbluroses said...

Love it! Both my 4 yr olds start pre-school on the 13th, it would make them both feel like "big" kids if they had one. I am on my way to Jo-Ann's now, thanks for sharing!

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I love this backpack!!!! just wondering how would i ajust the sizes for a teenager, i am 5ft6 so could you tweet me at cattybet99 please or message me on here thank you!!!!

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Thank you so much for posting this backpack tutorial. I love it so much!! Shared it here:

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musicmonster13 said...

I am looking to make this for myself, but I'm not sure what kind of fabric to use. What kind did you use? And how long did it last for?

Jo Ann said...

this a wonderful project. Thankyou so much!