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I’m feeling a little scrappy, how about you? I love using layer cakes to achieve a quick lap size quilt without the fuss of collecting a bunch of different fabrics. One layer cake, a couple borders, and voila! All the look I love of a scrappy quilt, with just a portion of the work. This will look great with any fabric line, but will especially shine with lines that have larger prints, like Bliss. Remember to be scrappy, have fun with it, and enjoy!

1 Bliss layer cake
1/2 yard: 1st border
1-1/4 yards: 2nd border
4 yards: backing
2/3 yard: binding

Begin by separating the squares into 4 piles, one for each of the cutting instructions that follow. Make sure you have a nice mix of each color in each of the piles.

Cut 8 cakes into 8″ squares.

Trim 14 cakes into 9 pieces each (3″ squares).

Trim 10 cakes into a 5-1/2″ strip and a 3″ strip. Cut each of these strips into a 5-1/2″ segment and a 3″ segment.

Cut the last 10 cakes into a 3″ strip and a 5-1/2″ strip. Cut the 3″ strip into 3 squares 3″ x 3″. Cut the 5-1/2″ strip into a 5-1/2″ square and a 3″ segment.

Cut the first border fabric into 6 strips 2-1/2″ wide.

Cut the large border fabric into 7 strips 5-1/2″ wide.

Separate all of the cut pieces into piles for each size. Feel free to mix the colors within each pile (or you can do my favorite thing – shake up each pile in a paper bag – one for each size)

* You do not need to do anything with the 8″ squares. Set these aside for now until you layout the quilt top.

For block 2, randomly select three 3″ squares. Sew these together in a chain. Make 42 chained units.

Sew 3 chained units together, creating a block. Make 14.

For block 3, sew a 3″ x 5-1/2″ segment onto a 5-1/2″ square. Remember it’s random! Make 10 of these block halves.

Stitch a 3″ square on the end of a 3″ x 5-1/2″ segment. Make 10.

Pair the two block halves together matching seams. You should now have 10 of these blocks.

Block 4 will begin by sewing a 3″ x 5-1/2″ segment onto a 5-1/2″ square. Make 10 of these groupings.

Once again, randomly pick three 3″ squares and piece them together in a chain. Make 10 chains.

Sew the two units together to create the last 10 blocks.

Layout the top, twisting and turning the blocks as you go.

Add the borders. Then quilt, bind, and enjoy!

One nice lap sized quilt finishing 59″ x 67″. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. For more ideas like this one, stop on over at my blog {}. I’d love to see what you’re working on and to show you what else I have been up to. Also, I’m having a little giveaway at the moment so stop by and enter to win!

Rebecca Silbaugh
Ruby Blue Quilting Studio