Pinwheels in the House Quilt

Hello! I'm Kaye from Miss Print and I am so happy to be here! This is my first project at the Bake Shop, but hopefully it won't be my last! 

This quilt was inspired by my love of mixing different quilt blocks and techniques together. I thought to myself, hey wouldn't it be fun to mix a pinwheel block with a log cabin block? And so Pinwheels in the House was born...get it? Pinwheels inside of a log cabin block...Pinwheels in the House? Gosh, I kill myself sometimes...okay, on to the tutorial!

1 charm pack - I'm using Verna by Kate Spain
1 honey bun - Also Verna by Kate Spain
4 jelly roll strips
1 1/4 yard for backing
1/2 yard for binding

We'll begin by creating the pinwheel centres for each block:

Select 13 charm squares and cut each into four 2.5" x 2.5" squares. Divide into 25 sets of 2 matching squares (since you only need 25 sets you will have one set extra).

Cut your jelly roll strips into 2.5" x 2.5" squares. You will need 50 squares and each jelly roll strip will yield 16 squares. Pair up two of these squares with each of the sets that you cut above - each pinwheel will require two solid squares and two matching print squares.

On the back of each solid square draw a line down the middle.

Pair up one solid square and one print square right sides together. Sew a 1/4" seam on either of the line you drew.

Cut down the middle of the block along your pencil line.

Press seams away from the solid half of the block and snip off the little pointed seam ends so that the block is square. Repeat with the other solid square and the matching print square. You should now have four matching half-square triangles measuring 2" square.

Line up the squares as shown in the photo above.

Sew the two top squares together and the two bottom squares together. Once again, press your seams away from the solid side.

Sew the top and bottom pieces together along the long side and press your seams open. You now have a pinwheel centre for your block! Repeat with your remaining 24 sets of solids and prints.

Now it's time to add our log cabin borders to the pinwheel centre:

Here are the cutting directions for your honey bun strips:

Cut 2 honey bun strips into 3.5" pieces. Each strip will yield 12 pieces.
Cut 5 honey bun strips into 4.5" pieces. Each strip will yield 9 pieces.
Cut 7 honey bun strips into 5.5" pieces. Each Strip will yield 7 pieces.
Cut 8 honey bun strips into 6.5" pieces. Each strip will yield 6 pieces.
Cut 5 honey bun strips into 7.5" pieces. Each strip will yield 5 pieces.
Cut 1 honey bun strip into five 4.5" pieces, one 5.5" piece, and two 6.5" pieces.
From one of the leftover pieces from cutting the 7.5" pieces, cut one 3.5" piece.

Separate the pieces into corresponding size piles. You should have 25 pieces each of the 3.5" and 7.5" pieces; and 50 pieces each of the 4.5", 5.5", and 6.5" pieces.

Arrange the honey bun pieces around your pinwheel as shown above. I chose to match up the honey bun pieces with each pinwheel before I began sewing the log cabin borders to ensure the colour variation was nice from block to block.

Sew your 3.5" piece on first to the top of the block. Press seam out from the centre.

Sew a 4.5" piece to the right-hand side of the pinwheel. Press seam out from the centre.

Sew your second 4.5" piece to the bottom of the pinwheel. Press seam out from the centre.

Sew a 5.5" piece to the left-hand side of your block. Press seam out from the centre. You're inner border is now done!

For the outer border, begin with your 5.5" piece at the top and work in the same clockwise fashion as you did for the inner border. Press all seams out from the centre.

Look at that - your block is done! Repeat the above steps with the rest of your 24 pinwheels and honey bun pieces.

Layout your blocks in a 5x5 grid and sew together to create your quilt top!

Sandwich it up, baste, quilt, bind... and you're finished!

One 35x35" quilt perfect for cuddling a new baby, using as a play mat for a toddler, or draping as a stroller quilt.

Kaye Prince


KaHolly said...

Very sweet! Any baby would be swathed in love when wrapped up in this beauty! karen

majowababcia said...

beautyfulllllll.nice work

Katie B. said...

So cute, Kaye! LOVE Verna, and your "Pinwheel in the House" blocks are really cool.

Michelle said...

How pretty! I need to put this on my list!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Darling! I love the combination of the pinwheels and log cabin of both worlds! Nice fabric too!


Kelli said...

This is very lovely. Thank you for sharing-Kelli

Needled Mom said...

Gorgeous quilt. I love the name of it as well.

Christina Tierney said...

LOVE IT! So I want to make one!

Darla said...

did I miss the complete size of each block - before sewing them together?

Leslie said...

this is did a wonderful job

EmileeHope said...

So cute! I will have to add this one to my list of "quilts to make"

RETRO-fabulous said...

Adorable! Adding it to my to-do list!!

Jessica said...

Absoultely gorgeous quilt, I love the pinwheels within the log cabin blocks, adorable. Thanks for the great tutorial!

VickiT said...

What a gorgeous quilt and a GREAT idea. Way to go!

Colleen Greene said...

Beautiful. Love it!

- Made by Colleen

Colleen Greene said...
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webmailaddress2 said...

I love the quilt block design combo. It could work great with scraps. Strong work!

Nova said...

Fabulous Tutorial!

traceyjay said...

so fresh and cute Kaye! :)

Kelly O. said...

definately one of the best patterns! LOVE it!!!

Simone Artesanais said...

Oi Amiga!!!!
Amei seu blog!!!!
Uma coisa mais linda que a outra!!!!
Passa lá no meu cantinho também sua visita me deixará muito feliz!
beijos doces

Kaye Prince said...

Thanks for your lovely comments everyone - I'm really glad that my first project has been so well received!

To Darla: The blocks have an unfinished size of 7.5" square to finish at 7" square.

Sherry said...

What a fun quilt. Love the name you gave it. Thanks for sharing.

msmcporkchop said...

ohhh Kaye this is SO great!!! I love love love it!!!!!!

Kelli said...

I love this. I want to do something like this for my daughter when she has a "big girl" room. Thank you for sharing.

Vivien Tan said...

Will the quilt look ok if I'm using fabrics from different collections for the charm pack, honeybun and jelly roll? Would like to use what I have currently if possible.

Kaye Prince said...

Hi Vivien! I think the quilt will look great if you use different collections for the various pieces! As you can see my quilt is designed for use with many different prints - the more the better I say!

Vivien Tan said...

Hi again Kaye! Can I clarify if all the solids mentioned in your instructions are cut from the jelly rolls?

Kaye Prince said...

Hi Vivien! Yes, the solid fabric all comes from jelly roll strips.

Karen said...

Darla, ssince the last piece added to the log cabin is 7.5",that is the size of your block. (7" finished)

Locart said...

Really Happy!! I love its "life" the colours are great!!