Pure Comfort

Hi everyone! It's Cara from CaraQuilts and I've got a project for all of you who are always chilled, or live with someone like my husband who is always hot, and therefore makes the house cold!!

This is a quilted wrap/shawl, and all it takes is one jelly roll! Very little waste in this one. And it's easy! And fast! What else could you ask for?? I have to tell you I've pretty much lived in this wrap since I finished it.

Like any pattern, please read through it completely before starting. If you have any questions at all, just e-mail/message me over at my blog and I'd be happy to help! Oh, and make sure to let us know if you like the pattern! :)

1 Pure Jelly Roll
1 3/4 yards Snuggles Chocolate, backing
1/2 yard binding

3.5 yards Pure twill tape (see option)

Center Section

Separate 29 strips for the center section of the wrap. Cut these down to 25 1/2". Take the cutoffs and trim them down to 16 ½” and set aside for use in the side sections.

Sew the center section strips together, alternating direction to help prevent stretching. Press well, all in one direction. Clean up the sides so they are even. Measure the length of the wrap; this is how long your sides have to be. It should measure 58 1/2”.

Take the remaining full length strips and cut them down to 26½”. Attach one cutoff piece to either end of the 26½” strips. Arrange the strips in whatever order you like best and stitch together into (2) 6 strip pieces.

Alternate the strips coloring, both in the middle and end strips.

Note: If making for either a plus size (because I love you all I'll admit to being a 14, which will give you a perspective) or someone tall (over 5’10’’, again because I love you, I'm 5'8'') you may want to make the wrap wider. To do this, cut two extra 2½” strips from the binding fabric. Trim down to 26½”. Add 16 ½” cutoff strips to either end. Attach to the side sections. This makes the wrap 4½” wider, about 53½”. If you need to go any wider you will have to adjust the backing measurements, so you have room for it to shrink up as you quilt.

Cut 8 of the remaining cut offs to 141/2". Stitch 4 strips end-to-end so that you have (2) four strip sections measuring 58 1/2". Press in half, wrong sides together. Press in half again. Pin on the edge of the center section, layering the side sections on top. Stitch through all layers. Press away from the center.

Option: Instead of the folded strips, you could sew the side sections to the center, and press, and then use the twill tape that is available for the line, and place it over the seam, pinning well, and stitch on either side.

Baste and quilt. I would suggest not quilting very heavily as you want it to drape and wrap around you well. Too much thread will make it stiff, and you'll lose some of the snuggley softness of the, well, Snuggles!

DO NOT BIND…yet anyways ;)

Now to make this a wrap and not a quilt.

Measure the entire piece and find the center, if you don't have anything this long, just fold in half and press lightly. Mark this with chalk pencil or whatever non-permanent method you prefer.

From that point go up to the 16th strips from the bottom. Mark.

Go back to the bottom mark and measure out 2” on each side and mark.

Draw a line from the mark you just made to the 15th strip mark. Do this on both sides. Sew on the line all the way up, and repeat on the other side.

Cut out the center “triangle” a scant ¼” from the sewing line.

For the binding, you will need about 290", including the 10"+ extra for corners etc.
I use 2" strips for binding so if you use wider you will have to recalculate the yardage. Cut 7 strips.

Now you get to bind! Wrap up and enjoy some Pure comfort!

Be sure to take a picture and upload it to Bake Shop's Flickr page so we can all see!

One adult size wrap/shawl! Get Cozy!

Cara Wilson


Huisvlyt said...

That looks lovely! Handy in winter and a great gift idea! Thanks for sharing!!!

Gudi said...

Thats a very good idea !!!!! I love it. I miss a printable version.

Hugs Gudi

Contented Caroline said...

What a fabulous idea - love it and feel like all my winter worries have been taken care of this year.

Gudi said...
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Darlene Gerber said...

This pattern looks like something I need to make for the Ohio State Football season!! Will a printable version of the pattern be available soon??

Mary Grace McNamara said...

What a clever idea! I'm always the hot one in our house, so maybe I should make one for my husband! Not that he'd wear it...complaining is so much more fun!


Liz said...

You know...in the winter I have a full size fleece blanket that I wrap around me at my desk, just about every day. It's big and warm and comfy, but kind of a pain because it's so big. This quilted wrap- that could be perfect. Great idea!

Little Lady Patchwork said...

Great idea! I can see someone wearing this outside beside a outdoor fire while they roast marshmellows.

Thanks Cara,

annette said...

I love your idea of a "quilt wrap/shawl!" I don't have any jelly rolls handy, but I have lots and lots of scraps. Can you tell me how much yardage I will need?
Also, would it be possible to use a fuzzy fabric (i.e. Minkee) for the lining? or would this be too bulky?
Thanks for the great tutorial!

Roberta Granada said...

Oi, adoro teu blog , tudo muito lindo como sempre,beijokas

Beth said...

What a great idea! I could use one, I'm always cold. Always.

SheilaC said...

That is a great idea!! And I LOVE the new Pure fabric.

Thanks for sharing this!


Annemariesquilt said...

Hi love this one I am planning to make one for a Christmas present. May I have the printerfriendly version back please??

a.niza said...

i really love this...brilliant idea!

Kathy Lungren said...

I love this! Now I know what to make my mother for Christmas!!!!

Jennie S said...

I am confused with the directions where it tells us to use the "folded strips" (56 1/2") pinning them to the center section, layering the side sections on top. Are we pinning to the right side of center section? Is the right side of the side section going against the folded strip like you would if doing a flange? Wish there were pictures of this part of the process.

Jennie S said...

I have tried going to Cara's website and internet explorer is having trouble opening it. Does anyone know if she has changed her web address?

Jenny Garland said...

Hi Jennie, Cara's link (first in the post) works for me. I will forward her your question. Thanks!

rainnwolf said...

Cara this is a wonderful item to make for the womens shelters, too.

Jennie S said...

I made it for my friend for her birthday and she absolutely loved it! Easy to make and a great gift! Thanks Cara.

Pat McCann said...

Could I please see a picture of the shawl laying out flat? Thanks, pat

Teri said...

Teri. Cambridge UK.
Really cosy, but had a slight problem with working out the front and neck cut. In the end I improvised. It seems to have worked but as I am about to make another as a gift I want to do it right! Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks