Weekend Spirit: Kitchen Ensemble

One layer cake of Spirit by Lila Tueller plus a few embellishments and you can change the whole look of your kitchen in one weekend.
I am particularly inspired by Spirit.
I love the line!
I feel like it is some of the best fabric for a project in the month of August.
 The summer transition time, school’s starting, gardens are readying for harvest, and picnics are winding down.
It isn’t quite fall yet and it’s not the 4th of July.
I know that with all the Zucchinis and tomatoes ripening that I will be spending loads of time in the kitchen. What better way to spend it then surrounded by the colors I love….
 I used one layer cake, some yardage and embellishments to make this ensemble.
3/4 yard Spirit sku #11436-15 chocolate dots
1 yard Spirit sku #11434-18 green
1 yard warm n natural batting
coordinating thread
grommet and setting tool (optional)
2 hand towels for embellishing PRE-WASHED
various buttons for embellishing
1 yard 1/2″ dark brown rick rack or coordinating color rick rack
Flip -N-Cut Magic Template Set 3 and Set 4
Flip-N-Cut Magic Templates are definitely magic. I am amazed at the shear number of combinations you can make with these sets. There are 4 sets total and I have used 2 of them in this tutorial. This project requires a bit of preparation and planning. Plan ahead as to which fabrics will be your table runner and potholder backgrounds. The rest of the layer cake can be used for appliques.
Here’s how you use them. First, start by tracing the first half of the template. Mark the center so that you can align the template when you flip it.
Now it’s flipped and the cross is aligned with the center and I continue to trace the flower shape.
Here’s the flower.
Easy as that.
Now you need to trace your desired pieces for each project.
Fuse them the fabric and cut them out.
Applique templates used here:
{4} #3A squared flowers
{1} #6A larger squared flower
{1} #6A larger squared flower
{2} 1″ circle
{1} #7A spike flower
Table runner:
{2} #6B flowers
{1} #7B flower
{1} #3B
{2} 1″ circles
Dish Towel
Take the plain pre-washed dish towel and lay your applique pieces out in a pleasing manner.
Audition some rick rack and a flower.
Or multiple small flowers
Cut the rick rack about 9″.
Sew to the front and center of the towel with a coordinating thread. Make sure that you wrap the rick rack to the back and catch the edge while sewing to secure it.
Fuse your flowers and buttonhole stitch them in place with threads that coordinate.
Add buttons to the flower centers.
Here are the finished towels.
Ingredients for 1 potholder:
2 layer cake squares
10″ square of insulbrite
flower appliques ready for fusing
50″ binding
Audition your flower appliques.
Iron appliques to the top fabric.
Layer the backing right side down, insulbrite, and then the top fabric right side up.
Buttonhole stitch through ALL layers of the potholder.
Stitch 1/4″ echo quilting or quilt as desired.
Square up potholder to 9″.
Sew on binding using your favorite technique.
Grommets should be added when entire potholder is finished.
Here’s a view of the back. Where the quilting is very prominent.
Table Runner
Choose 3 layer cake squares,set side by side and audition flower appliques.
Buttonhole stitch the flowers to the layer cake square before you sew the squares together.
Cut 2 pieces coordinating rick rack to 11″.
Sew the layer cake squares together and press seams open.
Sew the rick rack to the top, covering the seam of the layer cake squares as shown.
Your runner should measure about 10″ X 29″
Layer with batting and backing at least 14″ X 32″.
Quilt as desired…echo quilting or meander.
Using the 3A template, align the template with the corner of the runner.
Trace the semi circle to serve as a guide for rounding the corners.
Cut to the line.
Repeat for other 3 corners.
Here is the runner before binding.
Make 90″ bias binding.
Attach binding and it’s done!
Here’s a recap of all the awesome kitchen items you can make with your layer cake. Potholders, hand towels and a table runner. Be creative, make a plastic bag holder or toaster cover. The possibilities are endless.

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You will find more of my tutorials and tips on my blog, http://www.spunsugarquilt.com/.