Meandering Path Quilt

Hello Everyone! My name is Ellie from Craft Sew Create. I am so excited to be sharing my first Moda Bake Shop project!  I have been crafting and sewing since I got my first sewing machine in middle school. But I am currently obsessed with quilts! I absolutely fell in love with Lauren + Jessi Jung's BOTANY fabric and knew I wanted to make a simple, modern quilt out of it.

One Botany by Lauren + Jessi Jung Layer Cake
One Botany by Lauren + Jessi Jung Charm Pack
1/2 yard Botany fabric for binding
3 yards Botany fabric for backing

Step 1:
Take the entire Layer Cake and cut each square in half.
You will have two 5" x 10" rectangles.
Cut 1/2" off of each 5" side of the rectangle. Your rectangles will now be 5" x 9 1/2". {You can cut the 1/2" off before you cut the squares in half, it will save time...I just didn't get that picture, lol!}

That's it! Now the fun begins.

Step 2: 

I like to lay my quilt squares first so I can get the colors right where I want them. This is layout I liked the best, feel free to move yours around a bit. There are seven rows where the 5" x 91/2" rectangles are laid out vertically, and two groupings where the rectangles are laid out horizontally with an alternating Charm Square. Some of the vertical rows have Charm Squares at the top and bottom so that the rows can be variegated.
Here is an illustration so you could see the layout. From left to right the quilt has two vertical rows, a horizontal grouping row, three vertical rows, a horizontal grouping row, and then two vertical rows.  

Step 3:
{Sew the Rows}
 Use a 1/4" seam for the whole project. The first row has a Charm Square, 7 vertical rectangles and then a Charm Square. 
The second row has 8 vertical rectangles.
Next is the horizontal grouping row. Each row has one Charm Square and one 5" x 91/2" rectangle. Alternate between having the Charm Square on the left and on the right. There are 16 rows.
Don't forget to press your seams along the way! I like to press mine open.

Step 4: 

{Sew the Rows Together}


When you sew the rows together be sure to match the corners. 
On the outside rows and center row you can match the corners when you pin the row on like this.

Voila! Your quilt top is complete! 
 Now it's time to Baste....
(I quilted the vertical rows with a vertical stripe and quilted the horizontal grouping rows in a stipple. I love the contrast and how it allows the different rows to stand out.)
...and Bind!
You're done, yay! Let me know if you make it, I'd love to see pictures! If you have any questions or to show me some pics, email me at

One beautiful 60" x 72" Meandering Path Quilt!


SusanPatch said...

Thank you Ellie for sharing this fantastic tutorial..
Regards from Spain.

Annie said...

Lovely quilt - I'm a quilt fanatic too!

HegeT said...

Ohhh, what a lovely quilt...!!!...
Beautyful color.

HegeT, Norway

Cindy said...

Love the simplicity and the modern look!

Tara said...

I LOVE this!!! The thing I like best about the bake shop products is how quickly things can go together - this would be such a satisfying project for an afternoon!


Sherry said...

Love it! I'm going to try this over the week-end. Thanks so much for sharing.

News From the Nest said...

What a wonderful quilt! So quick and easy. Love the way you quilted it too! Thanks so much for sharing it! It's going into my "save" file!
Quilters are the BEST!!!

webmailaddress2 said...

That's so easy but cool! I've always wanted to do the brick style design, and this one is a winner.

Lisa said...

Love it, really like this quilt, can't wait to make this one.

Karen said...

Fabulous pattern. Thank you!

Sandra said...

Looks great! I have a whole bunch of Martha Negley prints that I might try this with!

Colleen Greene said...

Beautiful! Love it.

-- Made by Colleen

flossn1 said...

very uplifting and bright thank you for sharing sigrid and the deelitesdachshunds in va

Elsa said...

this is a very pretty quilt! I'm just finishing up 3 small quilts for some of the children in my life and I'm ready to do something for myself! in fact, just got some fabric I love, and this is the next quilt I'm doing!
thanks so much for sharing and the tutorial!

KH said...

I love this, I saw it this morning and have all but pieced it this afternoon! I had planned a 'quick and easy' quilt and had on hand 18 FQ, which I used and it looks as if they are going to be just right with enough scraps to create a scrappy binding, great tutorial, it went into my 'save' file as well!

Ellie-CraftSewCreate said...

Thanks for your sweet comments everybody! It really does come together quickly. I just love a quilt that goes fast with great results! I would love to see pictures when you finish!

Bender said...

I am a quilting beginner and loved this pattern - I am using it with Kate Spain's Central Park and it is coming out beautifully. Thank you so very much for the detailed tutorial and outstanding design!

jle819 said...

I made this quilt for a friend in Sugar Pop by Liz Scott, and it turned out so nice that I am making another one, this time for myself, in Sunkissed!

Denise said...

Why wouldn't you leave the rectangles 5x10"? Does it make a big difference? I am new to quilting. Thanks

Ellie Roberts said...

Hi Denise, what you'll learn about quilting is there is a lot of math involved! Because of seam allowances and in order for the vertical and horizontal strips to line up correctly, the rectangles have to be cut to 9 1/2". Good luck!

Lora said...

Love this quilt so much that I just pinned it to my sewing inspiration board. Thank you!! :)

Toby said...
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