Fabric Ornaments

Hi! This is Jera in Seattle from http://quiltingintherain.blogspot.com sharing a quick weekend project that doesn’t involve sewing for a change, though it does involve getting your hands a bit messy! I used the “Halloween Night” charm pack by Minick & Simpson; I’d love to see someone do a Christmas version. To make roughly 7 ornaments, you will need approximately 15 five inch squares (aka charm squares). You can use the leftover charm squares to make a matching table runner. All of the ingredients below (other than the charm pack) can be found at a crafts store.

  • Foam balls (2" in diameter and/or 3" in diameter)
  • 1 charm pack, Halloween Night
  • ModPodge
  • Clear brush-on glaze finish
  • Paint brush
  • Wire (I used fabric-coated wire from the floral section)

  • Ribbon
  • Halloween tree (from JoAnn's); or make your own similar to the one below using branches:

Step 1 – From your charm pack, choose about 10-15 charm squares. Cut these into strips no wider than 1”. If you’re using smaller foam balls, I wouldn’t cut them any wider than ½ ”.

Step 2 – Get your hands messy! (Tip: I covered my table with parchment paper). With a paint brush, apply a single coat of Mod Podge where you plan to place a fabric strip:

Place the fabric strip over the Mod Podge and smooth down with your fingers. Then, secure the strip by brushing it down with more Mod Podge. Don’t brush it on too thick:

Repeat the above steps but with another strip. Simply layer the fabric strips as needed until the entire foam ball is covered:

Let the fabric/Mod-Podged ball(s) dry on parchment paper overnight.

Step 3 – After the fabric balls have dried, apply a thin coat of clear brush-on glaze coating and then let it dry again overnight.

Step 4 – Create the ornament hanger. As shown below, cut approximately 4” of stem wire. Bend 2” of one end over to create a ½”-1” loop, and using the remaining wire secure the loop by wrapping the wire around the main stem to create a little knot.

Step 5 - Using a thin blade (e.g. the tip of an old pair of appliqué scissors), make a small incision on the fabric ball so that the blade cuts through the fabric. Insert the end of the wire hanger (the end that doesn’t have the loop) into the incision until it stops at the knot. The foam secures the wire better than I thought, but you can also apply clear glue around the base of the knot to reinforce it. If desired, add a bow using ribbon at the base of the loop.

That's it! You can use the leftover charm squares to make a matching table runner. The tutorial can be found here :)

Approximately 7 ornaments

Quilting in the Rain


Modern Male Homemaker said...

Great project! I know what I'll be doing this weekend. I'm thinking I may have to make some like this for Christmas too.

Quiltjane said...

What a fun and messy project. I will definitely do some Christmas decorations.

jennifer.lea.penick said...

That is soooo cool! It is fun to see projects using quilting fabrics, but don't use my machine. Great idea for a Church craft for a youth club, too!

Admitted Fabricaholic said...

That is AWESOME!!! Great idea! Thanks :)

Jamie in Louisiana said...

I love this! Years ago, I collected the eggs from panti hose (am I telling my age?) and covered them with fabric AND still have them. The eggs may just need updated fabric and using the clear brush-on-glaze is the perfect finish. Great Job Jera!

Kathy said...

Pulled my Halloween Night charm pack out of the stash, located styrofoam balls and Modge Podge. When I get back from dinner with the folks I will start this awesome project pronto!!

MareMare said...

Do you have a recommended size of foam balls? I didn't see foam balls at all in the "ingredients" list which kinda confused me...I am easy to confuse though!

Quilting In The Rain said...

To MareMare: Sorry for the confusion! I forgot to put foam balls in the ingredients list. I will try to get that updated, thanks for bringing that to my attention. I used 50 mm (~2" tall) and 76 mm (~3" tall)foam balls. Hope this finds you ok. Thanks! -jera

maggiesquiltnthreads said...

Thanks for the tutorial!!! I just did the first step tonight with a christmas charm pack ... i'll get you a picture once they are completed! thanks again!

Mod Podge Amy said...

I love this so much! It's so cute.