Antique Etoiles

When looking at Maison de Garance I was reminded of an antiqued cross stitch I'd once seen in the old homestead where my great-grandparents had lived. The cross stitch had a Ukrainian design and the bright whites and reds faded and stained over time. This design emerged as I tried to think of how I could piece something simple, at least simple compared to the intricate designs that can be cross stitched and embroidered. Antique Etoiles, which translates into Antique Stars, was born from there.

1 layer cake, Maison de Garance
1 charm pack, Maison de Garance
2/3 yard Tea background
1/2 yard Oyster background
2/3 yard Red "bars"
2 1/8 yards Old Brown (Border, setting triangles )
4 yards backing fabric
1/2 binding


WOF = Width of Fabric, from selvage to selvage.
QST = Quarter Square Triangle

From the Red cut (4) 5” x WOF strips and subcut to a total of (124) 1¼” x 5" strips, these are the “bars.”

From the Oyster background cut (5) 3 ½” x WOF strips. Sub cut into (60) 3 ½” squares. Cut in half diagonally.

From the Tea background cut (5) 3 ½” x WOF strips. Sub cut into (64) 3 ½” squares. Cut in half diagonally.

Cut (25) Red 3 ½” squares, from the layer cake squares and charm squares.

Cut one 5” x WOF of Old Brown and subcut (6) 5” squares for the QSTs.

For the setting triangles cut (3) 14” squares of Old Brown and cut in half on the diagonal twice.

For the setting triangles cut (1) 7 1/2" x WOF strips of Old Brown. Subcut into (12) 3 1/2" x 7 1/2" strips.

For the corner triangles cut (2) 7 ¼” squares of Old Brown and cut in half once on the diagonal.

Borders- From Old Brown cut (7) 5 1/2" x WOF. Subcut 1 of the strips in half.


Create Quarter Square Triangles that finish at 3". You can use whatever method you prefer, so long as you can make them from 5" squares. This is how I made mine.

Draw a line diagonally across each of the Oyster and Tea squares.

Layer one Old Brown and one Oyster 5” square, charm square or cut from the layer cake, right sides together and stitch ¼” on either side of the drawn line. Cut along line and press towards the light side. Repeat 25 times.

Layer one Tea and one Old Brown right sides together and stitch ¼” on either side of the drawn line. Cut along line and press towards the light side. Repeat 25 times.

Layer on Oyster/Old Brown and one Tea/Old Brown squares right sides together with the Old Brown laying on top of each other. Again stitch ¼” on either side of the center line. Cut apart and press open. Line up the 1 ¾” mark on the center and with the line on the ruler on the diagonal through the center. Trim blocks to 3 ½”.

Using the background triangles, stitch one 1 ¼” red strip to the long side of the triangle. Stitch a matching triangle to the other side of the strip. Press away from the strip.

Finger press in half diagonally, so that you can find the center of the red strip lengthwise (figure 1).

Open and finger press diagonally the opposite direction (figure 2).

Open and line up your ruler with the line matching up with the finger pressed line and the 1 ¾” mark on the center and trim to 3 ½” square (figure 3).

Make 48 with Oyster and 64 in Tea.

Figure 1
Figure 2

Figure 3

Arrange the patches into a 9 patch as per the diagram. Because each set of QSTs yields 4 matching patches, you can have each star have the same fabric points, or you can go random, which is what I did.

Setting Triangles

In the same manner used for the blocks, create 12 additional Oyster and Red "bar" patches.

Take (1) 3 1/2 x 7 1/2" strip of Old Brown and stitch the Oyster bar patch to the end. Stitch the unit to the bottom of the cut setting triangle. Press.
Line up your ruler across the top and trim off the excess as shown in picture. Repeat so that you have 12 setting triangles.

Layout the quilt on point with the Oyster and Tea squares alternating. Stitch together. Don't worry about overlap, it can be trimmed off.

Lay your ruler along the quilt top, lining up the points of the blocks with your 1/2" line. Trim the entire top.

Border #1

Take the 1 Oyster, 1 Tea and 1 Red layer square and cut into 2" x 10" strips. Stitch together lengthwise following the pattern Oyster, Tea, Oyster, Tea, Red, Oyster, Tea, Oyster, Tea. Press all in one direction. Subcut into 2" strips. Make up each border strip with 6 of these sections.

Attach a strip to the top and bottom and press towards the center.

Cut (2) 2 1/2" squares from both the Old Brown and the Red. Draw a line diagonally across the Red squares. Layer one Old Brown and one Red square right sides together and stitch ¼” on either side of the drawn line. Cut along line and press towards the Red side. Trim to 2".

Attach one HST to the end of each of the remaining strips. Make sure the red points down and in.
Attach to the sides of the top. Press towards the top.

Border #2

Using the stitch and flip method, attach one half strip to one of the full strips.

Place strips right sides together at a 90 degree angle and stitch from one corner to the other.  Open and press well. Trim to a ¼” seam allowance.

Press. Repeat so you have two of these strips.

Attach one of the strips to each of the sides and press towards the strip.

Using the stitch and flip method again, attach one full length strip to another full length strip. Press. Repeat.

Attach to the top and bottom of the quilt. Press towards the strips.

Now for the for the most loved and hated words in quilting; Baste, Quilt and Bind!

One 64'' x 64" quilt, perfect cozy under this cold winter!

Cara Wilson


Jessica said...

Gorgeous! Really makes great use of the rich colors!

Crafty Mama said...

That is super pretty and very clever Cara! Great job! I have a layer cake in this fabric just waiting for me. I think this will the perfect project for it☺

julia said...

Cara, you created a wonderful pattern! Thank you for sharing...!!!

Shawn said...

Wonderful quilt, I love it!!!

Annie said...

Beautiful design!

Darlene Gerber said...

Great quilt and pattern. Any chance the Print Friendly version will be available for download?

Colleen said...

I love this quilt! I have to add it to my list! It is georgeous!

Scrappiemommie said...

Love love love this quilt. I am a huge fan of stars and I love that this has a twist to the stars that I love! Unfortunately the print version is not working at this time though- please, please fix this quickly Moda! :) Thanks for the wonderful pattern!!!

Mishka said...

What a gorgeous quilt.

Sara said...

The reds and browns are so nice!!! Love it Cara!

Ariane said...

Oh! This is a gorgeous quilt. I just love it!! It's my favorite of your patterns so far. Wonderful!!!

Paula and Mel said...

Gorgeous quilt. Clever pattern and easy. Can't wait to make it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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busymom said...

Another great one!

syocom said...

very classic looking. I love it god job.

on vacation with di and Paul said...

I love it. Thanks for sharing the pattern and instructions. The colors are so beautiful.

Karen said...

This is stunning- the pattern, the fabrics, the story that inspired the design. Very lovely.

Regina said...

beautiful! I will wait until the PDF is working and definitely add this to my to-do file!!!

Kim said...

Just delightful....from the colors to block've made a really special quilt..congrats and continued success.

Happy Sewing

Frauke said...

wonderfull quilt I like these old colours

Deborah said...

The girl can sew! Beautiful use of color and pattern.

Jennifer said...

This is a very pretty quilt - I don't have this line of fabric, but I think I do have the right colors...this one's going in my book to make one of these days!

Jo said...

This is a project I am bookmarking. It's one of the best projects I've ever seen on bakeshop. Congrats and good luck moving.

Quilt Hollow said...

This is likely one of the BEST Moda Bake Shop FREE projects I've it! Well done to Cara!

Barb in Mi said...

Wow, this is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it on Moda Bake Shop!

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Just beautiful Cara! I love the snowflake block! :-)

sandra said...

Another beautiful quilt Cara, I really admire all that you do and share with everyone.

SheilaC said...

I just love the colors in this quilt!

Great job Cara


Kim said...

It's beautiful! But no printer friendly version yet??? ;-)

Quiltjane said...

Beautiful. You can never go wrong with French General.

Lexi said...

That is take your breath away beautiful!

traceyjay said...

this is gorgeous! :)

I love the French General fabrics, and this design is perfect and beautiful. :)

happy zombie said...

I'm super wowed by your quilt! And I love your photography too!

Pam Gavin said...

Gorgeous quilt and really love this fabric line. I am definitely making this quilt! I didn't not have any trouble getting the print friendly link to work. Thanks so much for this lovely quilt.

Pam Gavin said...

Gorgeous quilt! I defintely would make this quilt and I love this fabric line. The link for the print friendly version worked fine for me. Thanks again for a great quilt pattern.

momto2wasd said...

A beautiful pattern!

the ark said...

I loved this pattern sooo much that I immediately got myself to my fave online quilt store and filled my basket with the necessary "ingredients"!
Thank you!

tracy_a said...

This is so pretty! what a neat block - thanks for sharing.

Lucy said...

Outstanding.. agree probably the best free quilt project offered @ the bake shop. Tks for sharing.

Zany Quilter said...

Watch out for this one...I bought all the fabric with the original post's measurements and now I don't have the right stuff. Also, my directions were missing some important info and I've spent 2 months trying to figure them out. Now I find out that I have to find more fabric and figure it out on my own. Beautiful quilt, weak pattern, in my opinion.