Just Growing Quilt



Hi Moda Bake Shop fans! It is LeAnne from over at Everyday Celebrations. I am excited to bring you this new project and hope you love it as much as I do.

If a one year-old could answer the question, ‘What have you been up too the last year?’ they’d probably answer, “Oh, just growing!’ This little quilt celebrates the first year of life for any little one, or should I say former little one, 🙁 and what they’ve been up to…GROWING! This quilt is a simple twist on the classic patchwork quilt. Besides charm squares, this quilt features wide strips of fabric and darling flowers that are growing and blooming. You can also add an initial to this quilt for personalization.

2 Bliss charm packs
1/2 yard fabric – for horizontal strips
1/2 yard fabric – binding
1 3/4 yard fabric – backing
1/3 yard neutral fabric
4 – 5 fat quarters
1 yard iron-on adhesive such as Heat n’ Bond Lite




  • Seam allowances are 1/4″ of an inch.
  • RST = right sides together
  • WOF = width of fabric
  • I used a machine blanket stitch to finish off my flower appliques. Applique templates are found in the printable version of this recipe.
  • You will need to print off your own initial if you wish to personalize your quilt. To do this, just type your desired letter in a blank document in Microsoft Word or other program. You want your letter to measure no more than 4 1/2″ tall. (There are rulers on the side of the document in Microsoft Word.) Then, print off the letter. Make sure you select the ‘mirror’ or ‘flipped’ option when you print so the letter is BACKWARDS. If you don’t know how to do this, just tape the letter to a sunny window, with the back of the paper facing you, then trace the letter onto iron-on adhesive.

1. Select 60 charm squares for your quilt. I wanted the color scheme of my quilt to be just red, aqua, and pink. So I just left out the green and brown colors. (However, I did use the green charm squares for the leaves on the flower appliques.)

2. Cut twelve 5″ squares from the 1/3 yard of neutral fabric.

3. Cut two 6 1/2″ x 37″ strips.

4. Layout your squares in 9 rows with 8 squares in each row. Place the neutral blocks as pictured below:
Rows 1, 5, and 9 only have charm squares. (The neutral colored blocks are included in the charm pack; it is a white on white polka dot.)
Rows 2, 4, 6, and 8 have neutral blocks in the third and sixth positions.
Rows 3 and 7 have neutral blocks in the second and seventh positions.

5. After deciding placement, sew your blocks for each row RST. Press seams open or to the side, whatever you fancy. Repeat for all the rows.

6. Next, pin the rows together, matching up the seams of the blocks. I like to pin where the seamlines intersect. Sew the rows together. After sewing each row, press seams open. REMEMBER: After rows 2 and 7 sew a 6 1/2″ strip.


7. Decide how many flowers you will want on your quilt, I did four. The flowers will go on any neutral block in the quilt. The larger flower template will be the one you want to put an initial on if you desire.

I like to use Heat n’ Bond Lite for appliqueing on quilts. To use this method, trace the templates on to the paper-side of the Heat n’ Bond. Then just roughly cut out around each shape. Adhere to the appropriate fat quarter following the directions on the package. Then cut out around each shape using the tracing lines.

Appliqueing 101 Tip: When I applique on quilts, I like to cut out the middle of any LARGER shapes to help keep the quilt soft and cuddly. (Yes, I have forgotten many times, but for the most part I remember.)

8.  After you have cut out all the shapes for the flowers, remove paper backing and place on desired neutral block. Play around with placement. YOU WILL NOT BE ADHERING YET!!!!

9. After you are happy with the placement, remove all but the leaves. Fuse the leaves following the directions on the package. (Note: To help things go faster, I fuse all the leaves for all the flowers in place at this time, then I blanket stitch all at the same time. Then I fuse all the petals for all flowers in place, etc.)

10. Blanket stitch around each leaf. I did not do the base of the leaf because it will be covered by the rest of the flower.

11. Next, place the petals in place. Fuse and blanket stitch to finish. Again, I did not blanket stitch on the base of the petals since it will be covered by the center.

12. Next add the center, fuse, and blanket stitch to finish.

12. Lastly, add the initial if you desire. Fuse and blanket stitch to finish.

13. Next, make your quilt sandwich, quilt as desired, and bind. (I cut five 2.5″ x WOF for my binding strips.)

One darling 37″ x 53″ quilt for your growing baby or toddler

LeAnne Ballard