Java Stars

Hi ya Moda Bake Shoppers! It's me again, KarrieLyne from Freckled Whimsy, bringing you my Java Stars tutorial! This quilt was really fun to put together and I just love the illusion it gives!

In putting this quilt together, you will have more "scraps" than usual, but if you hop on over HERE to my blog, I will give you some really fun ways to use these up!

As usual, Leah over at Burgundy Buttons is offering this up in a kit! Woo Hoo!! She has a very limited supply in this line though, so hurry over and grab one up! :)

Please enjoy.... Java Stars!

1 Java layer cake
2 3/4 yards light background (19442-20)
3/4 yard red for border (19448-13)
3/4 yard for binding (19445-11)
4 yards for backing (19441-15)

1.  Using the background fabric, you will need to cut 36 squares measuring 10".

2.  Start by cutting 9 strips that are 10" wide x width of fabric (WOF). Then sub cut these into 36 10" squares.

3.  Next we need to make a template. No worries, it's really easy and you can still rotary cut all your blocks. :)

4.  Take a standard piece of paper (8.5" x 11") or similar in size. Cut out a piece that is 4.5" x 10".

5.  Along the top edge that is 4.5" long, make a mark at the 1/2" mark.

6.  Now line up your ruler from that 1/2" mark to the opposite corner and cut.

7.  You will have two pieces. You need the piece that has the 1/2" edge marked. See photo.

8.  I am using a background fabric that is very directional for this quilt so you have to cut your pieces carefully. This will make sure when your quilt is together, all the words are as they would be in a book with no words that are sideways.

9.  Separate your background pieces into four piles of 9 blocks each. When I cut my templates out of these pieces, I cut three at a time. Just make sure each block is lined up well before you cut.

10.  Keeping your background pieces so that you can read the words left to right, take your first pile of 9 squares (only cutting 3 at a time) and lay your template as shown, then carefully place your ruler over the template, matching the edge.

11. Now cut along ruler edge. Repeat for remaining 6 blocks in this set. Keep each piece in its respective pile.

12.  Take your second pile of 9 squares (only cutting 3 at a time) and lay your template as shown, then carefully place your ruler over the template, matching the edge.  Cut along ruler edge.

**Note: You are not changing the orientation of the background fabric, you are only moving the template in each round. Cut along ruler edge.

13. Take your third pile of 9 squares (only cutting 3 at a time) and lay your template as shown, then carefully place your ruler over the template, matching the edge. Cut along ruler edge.

14.  Take your fourth pile of 9 squares (only cutting 3 at a time) and lay your template as shown, then carefully place your ruler over the template, matching the edge.  Cut along ruler edge.

15.  You should now have piles that look like this, still keeping the orientation of the words the same.

**Note:  If you are not using a directional background (or you do not mind if your words are wonky) you can cut each piece the same and you won't have to rotate where you cut the template or have to keep them in piles of 9. 

16.  You can set aside the pieces that were under the template. You won't use these in this quilt, but you can head over to my blog to see what I did with mine. :)

17.  Next, you need to cut up your layer cake in the same manner. You don't have to divide up your layer cake or rotate the template like you did the background pieces, just watch the directional prints when you cut them and match them to the corresponding background pieces when we get to that step.

18.  Choose 36 layer cake pieces and cut the template from the bottom of each piece.  I removed the lightest layer cake pieces since my background fabric is so light. Set aside the pieces that are not under the template.

19.  Now divide these template pieces into 4 piles of 9 and match them with the background fabrics like such. Again, watch your directional prints so they match.

20.  Using the large pieces of layer cake that you set aside, we are going to cut 36 squares that are 4".

21.  Start by cutting (I stacked 3 pieces again) a 4" strip from that layer cake.  Set aside piece on right. You won't use these in this quilt, but you can head over to my blog to see what I did with mine. :)

22.  Turn your 4" strip and cut a 4" square. Yields 36 squares that are 4". Set aside the remainder of those 4" strips to use in the border later.

23.  Draw a line on the wrong side of each of your 4" squares.

24.  Now we are ready to sew our blocks! I did one pile at a time. Take your first pile. Flip a template piece right side together with a background piece along the cut edge, leaving about a 1/4" space at the tip.

25. Sew 1/4" seam along edge. Press to print.

26. Grab up those 4" square pieces. On the opposite corner of the wide end of the template, place a square right sides together.

27.  Sew ON the line.

28.  Trim 1/4" away from sewn line. Save the trimmed pieces and check my blog for an idea for them!

29.  Press to the print. Repeat for remaining 3 groups.

30.  Now comes the fun part. Trimming. Don't groan. This is important...LOL!

31.  I squared mine up to 9.5" first. Remember to keep your blocks in their piles of 4!

32.  Then I only trimmed the template side. Line up your ruler along the 9 1/4" lines on the bottom and left side of your ruler with the matching sides of your block (as shown), and then trim the right side and top. 

33.  If necessary, turn your block 180 degrees and trim edges to make sure they are straight. This step may not be needed, but check a few of your blocks. 

34.  I used a design wall to layout all of my blocks in sets of four. One block from each pile.  In doing this, all of your words will be facing the same way. :)

35.  You will make 9 groupings of these, laying them out 3 x 3 like such...

36.  Sew the blocks into rows and then sew the rows together.

37.  From your red fabric, cut 8 strips that are 2.5 x WOF. Piece four sets of two together, end to end. Add to the sides first, trim extra. Add to the top and bottom, trim excess.

38.  Using the 4" pieces that were leftover from cutting the squares, we are going to piece the outer border. You will need 11 for each right and left side, and 12 for each top and bottom strip. To have enough, you will need to cut more from the layer cake pieces you pulled out in the beginning. Just cut 4" strips in each piece and then into 6" x 4" pieces. You will need 66 total.

39.  Sew pieces end to end along the 4" edge, two sets of 11 and two sets of 12. Sew onto the sides first, trim excess. Sew onto the top and bottom, trim excess.

40.  Press well. Sandwich your quilt with the backing, batting and quilt top. Quilt as desired and add your binding. Then of course, throw it in the wash to smoosh it all up like this....

Oh how I love that smooshed up look!! :D

This quilt will measure about 67" x 67" before washing.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! If you make this quilt, please oh please share it with me? You can email a photo of it to me HERE or you can add it to my Flickr Group HERE.  I would love to feature them on my blog! :)

Much Love and Happy Quilting!!



Crystal Hendrix said...

It looks so complicated but once you see your tutorial, it looks so easy now! Very cute and I love how it makes the cute stars!!!

Good job and very creative!!!

Crystal Hendrix said...
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Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

I agree, the optical illusion is awesome!! What a great tutorial and a super fun quilt!!

Debra said...

Very ususual - I LIKE it! Thanks so much for sharing!

Jenny Garland said...

Thanks for a great tutorial; I can't wait to make one!

MN2NM said...

Great tutorial - I am adding it to my growing MBS list! You can also use the cardboard square from your layer cake to make the template!

Jen of ReannaLily Designs said...

Super cute and EASY quilt. Love it.

The Tulip Patch said...

This is really neat!

Jessica said...

Love it! Super modern and clean looking, but fun at the same time!

Michelle said...

I LOVE it!!!

Elsa said...

great pattern! I didn't even see the stars at first, was just looking at the center! think I'm going to have to do this quilt!
thanks so much for sharing!

ashley♥nicole said...

This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I look forward to putting this together with my sister.

Michele said...

It is beautiful! I love the graphic look to it!

Sarah said...

You are amazing! This is so cute and modern... LOVE IT!

Jennifer said...

when you squared your blocks you said to trim them to 9.5", but it looks like yours are 9.25" in the picture. am i missing something?

Lisa said...

What a GREAT pattern!! THanks for sharing... Also, check out my giveaway here:

Marisa said... it! This is one I definitely want to try. Very creative!

KarrieLyne said...

Thank you all so much for your kind words! I'm so happy you all love the tutorial! I can't wait to see all of yours. :D

@Jennifer: At first I trimmed one edge to 9.5" because one side was longer (first photo set), but then I squared up to 9.25 to make sure it was square and no curvy edges. (second photo set) :) Hope that helps!

Much Love!!!

Wendy said...

This is very eye catching and beautiful! Another hit!! Thanks for baking again :)

Lonnie said...

When I saw this quilt, I thought that I need to make this one! Your directions make it seem easy although it looks so complicated. I love it!

Debbie said...

Your directions were great. I love this pattern. Very unique. Thanks

traceyjay said...

I think the collection suits this quilt, because it looks like it's caffeinated!

And again -- you are so good at seeing interplay of pieces... it's one of your gifts if you ask me. :)

GoodGollyMissMolly said...

I bought a TON of this fabric because I just LOVE it. I have been waiting for someone to do something gorgeous with it and THIS IS IT! I would really like to showcase the fabrics larger prints. Do you think that I could make my corner squares (4") bigger without affecting the pattern? I am a beginning quilter but wouldn't increasing the size of the corner block just cut some of the white out of the middle and just make the 4 piece square bigger? I LOVE the stars and don't want to mess them up. PLEASE let me know! Beautiful design!! Thanks so much for baking and sharing. BLESSINGS!

Rebecca Johnson said...


Angela D. said...

Oh this is so beautiful! I've added it to my to do list. Thanks for such a great pattern!

Third Grade said...

Did you use the 5 inch or 10 inch layer cake squares?

KarrieLyne said...

Hi Third Grade!! The layer cakes are 10" squares for this project! :)