Charming Book Cover

Hi! Hi!  This is Aubrey from Maubys here with my very first post for the Moda Bake Shop!  I am so excited to be cooking with all of you today and hope you enjoy this recipe.  

Here is a little something to spice up those brown paper book covers.  Making them a little less...well brown.  

Book to be covered.

Measuring Tape.

Charm Pack.

Backing fabric to coordinate with charm pack (needs to measure at least 10" wider than the book width and 2-1/2" longer than the book length), muslin is also a good option.



1.  Measure the complete width of the book to be covered by starting at the the back left side and wrapping the tape measure around the book. 

2.  Measure the length of the book.

3. Determine the number of charm squares you will need based on your measurements and then add 2 more charm squares to the width of the book and 1 more charm square to the length. 

The book in the picture measured 17-1/2" in width and 9-1/2" in length.  

So I needed 4 squares to equal the initial width plus 2 squares for the end total.  

And then I needed 2 squares to equal the length of the book plus 1 square for the end total.

My final amount was 6 charm squares across by 3 charm squares down for a total of 18 squares.

4.  Sew all your squares together with 1/4" seam allowance.  The easiest way to do this is to sew the greater number of squares together into rows and then sew the rows together, lining up the seams to create a patchwork cover. 

5.  The sewn together squares should be as close as possible to 10" wider than the book measurement.

And the length should be as close as possible to 5" longer than the book measurement.

6.  Measure 1-3/4" in along the widthwise edge of each side and draw a line. 

7.  Fold the widthwise edge in to meet the line just drawn and press. 

8. Lay the patchwork top on the backing fabric, right sides together.  

If you have not cut the backing fabric to fit the measurements yet, then cut it to match the patchwork top.  

Pin and sew the just folded patchwork top along both widthwise edges to the backing fabric with a 1/4" seam allowance.  

Sew one lengthwise edge from top to bottom with a 5/8" seam allowance.  Sew the opposite lengthwise edge from top to middle, then stop and leave a 2-3" turning gap unsewn, then sew from the end of the gap to the bottom of the edge.  

9.  Turn book cover right side out through turning gap.  Push out all corners and press.  Sew the lengthwise edges with a 1/8" edge stitch.

10.  Place book on top of the top of the cover, center book on the very center of the cover both widthwise and lengthwise.  

Fold cover over the book so that that all edges meet. 

11.  Fold the top edge under the book cover and pin at the lengthwise edge creating a book "sleeve". 

Carefully remove the cover from the book keeping the "sleeve" and pins in place.  Add pins along the lengthwise edge.

12.  Sew along the edge creating a sleeve.  This is a little tricky, you want to sew a straight line along the widthwise edge in the exact place where you pinned the "sleeve" while it was on the book.  You can wing it or draw a line after pinning the rest of the sleeve edge down.  

I'll be honest...I winged it and it turned out fine.  I lined up the pin with the stitch line on my sewing foot and looked at the seam guide to determine the seam allowance, then I just sewed the edges with that seam allowance.    

13.  Put sleeve just created on the top of the book and wrap cover around book again. Create "sleeve" on the opposite side following the previous "sleeve" steps.

 14.  Turn "sleeves" right side out.  Push out corners and sides and press. 

15.  Sew the edges in between the sleeves with a decorative stitch, securing the edges together.  

16. Now put the cover on the book just like you would with a paper bag cover, one sleeve at a time. Close the book and tada!  A beautiful cover that can be removed and washed!  Now I am off to cover ALL my books! How about you? 

1 or 2 book covers depending on the size of your book.

Great for school books, cookbooks, or books you want to fancy up a bit!

Make some for each Holiday too!

Aubrey Schwartz


Linda said...

Great idea and great instructions! Thanks!

"Lois Grebowski" said...

Love it! I hsave a bill-paying book that needs a cover. What a great idea!!!!

Admitted Fabricaholic said...

Love it! I remember doing this with my text books growing up and paper bags - hadn't thought to do it with fabric yet - DUH!!!

~ko said...

Found my project for Christmas gifts next year! Thanks!

Terriaw said...

Cool project! This would be a great way to use some of those novelty prints I don't know what to do with. I can see making a smaller version for my moleskins. Thanks Aubrey for sharing!

Colleen said...

I love book covers! I usually buy mine from a little old lady who doesnt turn them at the end. I usually take them apart and sew them and turn them. I could never quite figure out the dimesions. Now I can make my own with your tutorial. One thing you should add is a ribbon on the spine for a built in bookmark-I love this feature.

Quiltjane said...

What a fantastic idea. Thank you for a great tutorial and welcome to kitchen.

Barbara said...

am I in a time warp ! LOL

Love the way you do it and appreciate the generic size directions - that part is awesome

thanks (again)

sariah said...

How fun! I have to do one for my daughter. Maybe it will help her enjoy cracking open the biology book a bit more. :-) Pretty fabric makes everything much nicer, don't you agree?

Michele said...

Great project!

Language Friendly said...

Happy New Year!! We would like to be friends with you! Follow us on

Daniel and Kari Tandberg said...

What line of fabric is that?

Jenny Garland said...

The fabric line is Fandango by Kate Spain :)

Carmen Patch e Bordados said...

Adorei essa capa de caderno .
Parabéns ,lindos seus trabalhos.

SarahB said...

Cute as can be!

Care-lyn said...

Love this idea. Also agree with Coleen that adding a ribbon to the spine for a bookmark would be a nice extra touch.


Aprendí mais outra forma de fazer capa para livros. Muito prático e fácil! Parabéns! Deus abençoe vocês!
Um abração com muito carinho.

Fernanda said...

parabéns pelo excelente tutorial.
Vou tentar fazer uma capa também.

Beth said...

I have a bunch of charm packs what a great idea!Hello presents.