Weekend with the Stars

I am so delighted to be back baking for Moda. My favourite quilting block is the eight pointed star and I just had to use Oliver + S City weekend to make it shine.

I thought it would be wonderful to make this quilt using only applique in order to give the block a mosaic effect and the illusion that there is sashing between each diamond.

The beauty of this pattern is that the diamonds can be placed in different layouts as long as the design is kept within the boundary of each star point.

1 x City Weekend Jelly Roll by Oliver + S
1 1/4 yards Robins Egg Bella Solid 9900-85
1 1/2 yards White Bella Solid
Fusible Webbing
Ruler with 45 degree marked angle.
Template Plastic


Step 1 - Colour Selection.

Divide strips into 6 colourways – Orange / Yellow / Jacaranda Blue / Pink / Pale Yellow / and Pale Green. The turquoise will be used for the binding.

Jacaranda Blue x 8
Orange x 4
Pale Green x 3

Pale Yellow x 4
Pink x 6
Yellow x 6

Step 2 - Cutting diamonds.

  • Cut 16” Strips from the 4 Orange strips.
  • Cut 2 1/4" matching strip of fusible webbing. Iron to back of strips.
  • Trim strips to 2" width.
  • Cut 16 x 2" diamonds.

  • Cut 2 x 16” + 4 x 9” strips from the 6 Yellow strips.
  • Cut 2 1/4" matching strip of fusible webbing. Iron to back of strips.
  • Trim strips to 2" width.
  • Cut 16 x 2" diamonds.

  • Cut 22” strips from the 5 Pink strips.
  • Cut 2 1/4" matching strip of fusible webbing. Iron to back of strips.
  • Trim strips to 2" width.
  • Cut 24 x 2" diamonds.

Jacaranda Blue
  • Cut 16” strips from the 8 Jacaranda Blue strips.
  • Cut 2 1/4" matching strip of fusible webbing. Iron to back of strips.
  • Trim strips to 2" width.
  • Cut 32 x 2" diamonds.

Pale Yellow

  • Cut 24" strips from the 4 Pale Yellow strips.
  • Cut 2 1/4" matching strip of fusible webbing. Iron to back of strips.
  • Trim strips to 2" width.
  • Cut 24 x 2" diamonds

Pale Green
  • Cut 24" strips from the 3 Pale Green strips.
  • Cut 2 1/4" matching strip of fusible webbing. Iron to back of strips.
  • Trim strips to 2" width.
  • Cut 16 x 2" Diamonds

Trim to 2" width after fusible webbing has been ironed on.
Cut 2" diamonds. I used the Jan Krentz Fast 2 Cut ruler

Diamonds ready to go

Place same colour diamonds into separate plastic bags.

Step 3 - Background.
  • Cut 1 x 42" square from Robins Egg solid.
  • Cut 4 x 5 1/2" white strips for borders the length of the fabric (1 1/2 yards long ).
  • Measure across the middle of the quilt and add side borders. Then, measure across quilt again and add top and bottom borders.
  • Make sure quilt is square and then fold into 1/4's. Press. Then, fold on the diagonal. Press. This will give you lines to lay the template on for placement of each star point.

Step 4 -  Make the star point template.

There are 8 points in the star. To make one point take a piece of template plastic (you might need to join two together) and cut out a 45 degree diamond with the following dimensions:

Across the width= 24", Through the centre 10" and each side 13" long.

The picture below shows a paper version of the plastic template.

Each section is a 2 1/4" 45 degree diamond. A 2" diamond fits in each section with a 1/8" border.

 Step 5 - Position the diamonds.
  • After you have pressed guidelines onto the quilt, lay the plastic template with one tip exactly in the centre of the quilt and the other tip lined up with the one of the pressed markings. Trace around the template with something that will wash out.
  • Draw the other 7 points in exactly the same way until you have a completed star.
  • Peel the paper of the fusible webbing and place the diamonds evenly within each point outline. Don't forget to leave a space of 1/8" border around each diamond including the outside. (Hint - position four star tips so they overlap the background and border).

Example of the spacing around each diamond

For each point starting from the inside:
  • 1 x Orange diamond
  • 2 x Pale Green diamonds
  • 3 x Pale Yellow diamonds
  • 4 x Jacaranda Blue diamonds
  • 3 x Pink Diamonds
  • 2 x Yellow Diamonds
  • 1 x Orange Diamond

Once you are happy with their placement, press the diamonds to the background and continue with the opposite point. (Hint - Just to make sure that you have accurately placed all the diamonds, layout the whole design before pressing).

    Step 6 - Applique the diamonds.
    • Applique each diamond.

    I chose to machine applique all the diamonds using a matching fine thread and straight stitch.

    Step 7 - Quilt and Bind your masterpiece.
    • Baste your quilt and quilt as desired. I suggest not over-quilting, as the star design should be the feature.
    • Use the remaining turquoise strips and some left over robins egg solid to make the binding. Cut the strips into 22" pieces and join to make a scrappy finish.
    • The left over strips from the project can be added to the backing or to another project.

    One Razzle Dazzle quilt just made for a weekend in the city.

    Quilt Size : 51" x 51"

    Here is another one I made using Kate Spains 12 Days of Christmas. The beauty of this design is that you can space the diamonds any way you want to as long as it remains within the boundary of each point.

    Jane Davidson


    Kelli said...

    This tutorial and idea are absolutely superb! How simple and perfect, thank you so much for sharing, I think I will take time to make this one! Cheers, Kelli

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    I love it!
    Something so difficult, I've always dreaded it. But now it's even within my reach.
    Thank you so much!

    Katy said...

    Stunning quilts! Thanks for the tute!

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    It's nice to see an applique project on the bake shop...you know, for when I get brave enough to try one! your stars are gorgeous!

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    I can't wait to make it!

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    absolutely stunning - thank you for the excellent tut

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    Great Pattern. Looks so simple. I'm printing this one. The PDF link is not working.

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    Hi Lorraine, the PDF should be working shortly. Thanks!

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    What an amazing pattern! Looks like a winner!

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    Now THIS star I might make! I have always loved this pattern, but NEVER, EVER wanted to tackle it. I love what you did!!! Thanks for sharing.

    on vacation with di and Paul said...

    Great idea and of course, one I would never have thought of. Pretty quilt.

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    This is gorgeous! I can't believe, but am very thankful, that you're giving a free tute for it! It's very generous when I'm sure people would pay for it, gladly!

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    This is great! I have always love the pattern but felt it was to hard to do, but I can do this one! Thanks so much for sharing!

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    Beautiful! And a wonderful tutorial as well!

    Jennifer :)

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    Absolutely gorgeous! I'm putting this on my to-do list! Thanks!

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    Oh wow this is gorgeous and definitely going on my to do list!!!

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    Absolutely stunning! I too love that it is an applique project. Thanks so much for your excellent tutorial.

    DANA said...

    Hello Mitzi! I came across your site while looking around at some blogs today, and I wanted to say hello and I really like your work. I also wanted to make sure you saw my latest post, I am sending the link to a few unique and fabulous blogs that may have not stumbled across my blog yet! I hope you will find time to check it out! Have a great week! Hope you are warmer than we are!



    paqui said...

    Fantastico !!! muy buenas explicaciones.

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    Fabulous as always, Jane! I really like the Christmas variation and am thinking this would make a great center for a larger quilt by adding a generous border. Love it!

    Quiltjane said...

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments. It is such a nice distraction from what is going on here in Brisbane and the rest of the state.

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    I love it! so pretty. THis one will go on my "I'd like to find time for this one" list.

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    Great tutorial. Your directions make it look so easy. Will definitely put this in my "to do" file.

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