A Very Morris Piano Runner

I am always glad to be baking at Moda. From my quilting kitchen today, I have gathered the savoury tastes of William Morris and baked a piano runner.

For this project you will need:
  • 2 x 'A Morris Tapestry' Charm Packs by Barbara Brackman
  • 1/2 yard of dark blue fabric for border and binding
  • 1/4 yard for peeper border
  • 1/2 yard wideback fabric 60"
  • Fusible Webbing
  • Wadding
  • Template Plastic

Step 1 - Sorting the charms
  • From the two packs choose twenty four (24) dark / medium charm squares
  • From the two packs choose twenty four (24) medium / light charm squares
Medium / Dark set
Medium / Light set
Step 2 - Create the background
  • From the medium / dark squares, sew two (2) rows of twelve (12) squares each
  • Press open the seams
  • Join the two (2) rows together to make the twenty four (24) square background
Step 3 - Prepare the applique leaves

  • Make a template by drawing on a piece of light cardboard or heavy weight paper a 6" line. Mark the midpoint at 3". Next, divided the line into sections at 1 1/2" intervals either side of the midpoint. At the midpoint draw a 2 1/2" line across (equal distance on both sides of 1 1/4"s). At the other points draw a 2" line (equal distance of 1" on both sides). Carefully draw the outer leaf shape on one side only. Fold in half, cut along the line and fold out. Voila, a perfect leaf shape. Now trace it onto template plastic and you have a leaf template.
  • Select pairs of the medium / light squares.
  • Place a pair right side together and draw one line from corner to corner.
  • Sew either side of the line using 1/4" seam allowance.
  • Cut on the pencil line to yield two (2) half triangle squares.

  • Press the seams open and leave the tails. (There is not much room for error when fusing the leaf to the block)
  • Trace the leaf shape onto the back of the fusible webbing
  • Cut around the leaf shape leaving a 1/8" allowance.
  • Accurately lay the leaf (adhesive side down) on wrong side of block and line up the centre along the seam line. Make sure the leaf is on the fabric and press down with iron set on recommended heat setting for fusible product. I suggest using baking paper to avoid any adhesive getting on the ironing surface.
  •  Cut along the trace line of the leaf and voila, your first leave. Repeat Step 3 until you have made twenty four (24) leaves.

Step 4 - Applique leaves to background
  • Each leaf will be placed on a square as shown below. Make sure the the centre point is exactly where the blocks intersect at the seams  and the outer tip is in lined up with outer corner. There should be a 1/4" allowance between the outer point of the leaf and the corner.

Step 5 - Applique
  • Machine applique around each leaf. I have used a very small stitch in a neutral colour. A decorative or raw edge finish would also enhance the block.

    Step 6 - Adding Borders 

    Border 1
    • Cut four (4) x 1 1/2" strips WOF of border fabric
    • Measure through the centre of the runner lengthways and add  border to top and bottom.
    • Measure top to bottom and add side borders.
    Peeper Border

    • Cut four (4) x 1" strips WOF of peeper fabric
    • Press in half lengthways
    • Measure through the centre of the runner lengthways and add peeper border to top and bottom.
    • Measure top to bottom and add side peeper borders.
    Using a longer stitch, sew 1/8" from edge so that the stitching line is hidden when binding is attached.
    Step 7 - Quilting and Binding the Runner
    • Layer the backing (right side down), wadding and quilt top together. Baste and quilt as desired.
    • Cut four (4) 2 1/4" strips from the WOF (width of the fabric).
    • Sew binding strips together using a 45 degree angle.
    • Press in half lengthwise and sew to runner.
    • Cut back backing, and wadding layer to a scant 1/4". (Be careful not to cut quilt top and binding)
    • Fold binding over to the back and stitch in place.

    One very Morris Piano Runner.

    ..... and I used the left over charms to make a piano stool cover.

    (P.S Alternatively, use the leftover charms to make the runner backing or get more fabric and make a quilt)

    Finished Block 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"
    Finished Runner Size approx. 56 1/2" x 11 1/2"

    Jane Davidson


    Karenkay said...

    This is sooo beautiful!

    FabricandFlowers said...

    Great "recipe." I love the Morris fabric.

    Suzanne said...

    I would have never guessed that the construction of the "circle" was made this way. It's definitely a great tip.

    rachelrgb said...

    I love the fabric and the project. Thanks for introducing me to both.

    annmarie said...

    Very cool pattern - I don't have a piano but I'll widen the border a bit & it'll be a great table runner - THANKS

    Debbie said...

    very, beautiful!

    Momma Made This said...

    I love William Morris reproductions. I'm not a "glue-er", so I'd rather stitch everything together. This pattern/design would look the same and be just as simple, but completely stitched together if used with the Inklingo Orange Peel.

    ~ Ronda

    Katrina said...

    beautiful design!

    VickiT said...

    Just GORGEOUS! Thank you so much. I honestly can't say I've ever seen a paino runner before although I suppose some table runners would work with some modifications in size but this is wonderful. I just love the pattern and how you created it too.

    Modern Male Homemaker said...

    Gorgeous pattern and great tutorial, Jane! I have a thing against fusible webbing but this project might make me change my mind. Perhaps if I use a dissolvable webbing... Tempted to make this style for my next doggy/sofa quilt project! Thanks again!

    webmailaddress2 said...

    So pretty and classy!

    eamylove said...

    What a great project! My piano needs a runner. Thanks for the inspiration.

    vernagrace said...

    This is so gorgeous! I don't have a piano, but with a few alterations, it would be beautiful on my kitchen table!

    claudia said...

    I am a William Morris 'tragic' and I'm beside myself with this! It's a must and so pleased to have found this site- Why wasn't I told?!! What a red letter day!
    Thanks so much. Now I just hope I can get the fabric packs.