Cabins in the Hills

Cabins in the Hills Quilt
Made from the range HIDEAWAY by Lauren and Jessi Jung.

By Julie Sebire of "Narioka" Australia.

I'm very pleased to bring you my third Bake Shop project, I think this one is my favourite so far.

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One Hideaway Jelly Roll
38 inches white setting fabric
30 inches red gingham print
35 inches green clock print

70 inches of wide quilt backing (more if you require wider for quilting)
18 inches fabric for binding

Unroll your Jelly Roll and take out the darkest red strips.
Cut 41, 2.5 inch squares from these three strips.
It's traditional in a log cabin quilt to have a red fireplace in the corner or centre of your cabin.

From the remaining 37 strips cut from each one

One 8.5 inch strip
Two 6.5 inch strips
Two 4.5 inch srips
and one 2.5 inch square.

Pop these into little piles like I have above. The top pile is the leftovers.

This next step may seem a little repetitive but it was the best way of explaining the cutting and still getting a good mix of the various fabrics over the quilt.

Cut these next strips from the leftover sections. There will be a complete mix of all the fabrics.
Cut carefully, there will be very little fabric leftover at the end.

Four 8.5 inch strips
Eight 6.5 inch strips
Eight 4,5 inch strips
and four 2.5 inch squares.

Add these to your piles as you go.


To start making your cabin blocks.
Take a red 2.5 inch square and join to a coloured 2.5 inch square (as above).

Repeat this with all 2.5 inch squares.
Its easiest to chain piece all 41 blocks.

Take the two pieces you have just joined and add a 4.5 inch strip. (as above)

Repeat the same step with remaining pieces, chain piecing again.
Make sure you add the 4.5 inch strip to the same side on every cabin block.

Join the next 4.5 inch strip as shown above.
Repeat on all blocks.

Now join a 6.5 inch strip as shown.
Repeat on all blocks.

...and another six inch strip as shown.

Finally, add the 8.5 inch strip as shown. This completes the cabin block.

On a bed or a clear section of floor, layout your blocks as shown. Keep all the red corners (fireplaces) to the one direction.

Section the quilt now into diagonal rows. ie. 1st row has one block, 2nd row has three blocks. etc.

Label the first block in each diagonal row.
You will have nine rows.

We can now begin adding the "hills" around our cabins (white triangle setting pieces).

There are four triangles along each side that are the same size.
The four corner triangles are slightly smaller.

We will do the sides fist.

Cut four, 14 inch squares.

Cross cut these squares into four triangle each, as above.

Add one of these triangles to each end of rows 1,2,3,4 and 6,7,8,and 9 using my photos as a guide to placement. The point of each triangle needs to match up with the cabin block evenly. The triangle will overhang the cabin block at the edge of the quilt, don't worry, this is intentional.

To make the triangles for the corners.

Cut an 8 inch square.
Cut diagonally once, to makes two triangles.
Repeat. You will have four triangles, one for each corner.

Join a triangle to either end of row five as shown above. Once again, there will be overhang.

Attach the final two triangles to the other corners as shown above.

Finish sewing rows together. The overhanging triangles will give the effect of the cabins being set into the hills, the white fabric completely enclosing the cabin blocks.

You may need even up the edges slightly with your rotary cutter before adding the borders.

I have put two borders on this quilt.
The first border is a 1 inch (1.5 inch cut) red gingham print.
The second border is 3.5 inch (3.75 inch cut) green clock print.

Quilt and bind as desired.

One quilt 65 inches square.
Much too pretty to roll up and take on the tractor to head up the hills!

Julie Sebire


lyn said...

What a lovely quilt, well done, I look forward to making it, thanks Julie.


Suzan said...

Excellent tutorial! I look forward to making this quilt.

Kristen said...

Beautiful quilt and your tutorial makes it seem really simple to put together!

Kristina said...

That is a lovely quilt and I just might try making it.

Jaderbomb said...


madrekarin said...

Beautiful! I love that fabric and the quilt!

Brita said...

I love Log Cabin quilts, and this version is a beautiful modern take, using the great colors. Thanks for sharing, I'm printing it out and putting it with my modest stash of moderns!

Liz said...

So cute! Thanks for the tute!

Lonnie Drahos said...

Looks like a great quilt to help me use up some scraps from my stash! I love the layout and great directions! I love your blog too. Thank you for the inspiration!

missavene said...

This gorgeous!! I love this line, and it's perfect for your pattern, thanks for sharing!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

another fabulous project Julie! You just keep creating!


DeAnna said...

Wow, I love this quilt. I have only made 2 quilts so I am hesitant on starting this but I love it!! Maybe I will just dive in. Thanks for a great tutorial!

Liv said...

I relly like this well done!

A Gal Who said...

Absolutely Lovely!

Learn How To Make Quilts said...

Absolutely lovely quilt. Of course the lovely fabrics make a huge difference as well, but I do like the design a lot as well.

Elia said...

I just love it!

Anonymous said...

I have always liked log cabins or half log cabins to use up scraps and I have always sewn them in straight rows. I do believe I like your name better and I especially like the triangle inserts. Thank you for the tutorial.
Susan S.

Kerrie said...

I love the quilt and the fabrics you choose! And an excellent tutorial as well! I really liked the photographs of the quilt, they are beautiful!

Emily said...

Thanks for this modern, cheerful log cabin, Julie! I can't wait to make this, as it will be my first Moda Bake Shop quilt. I've already begun gathering the material =)

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Lizzie said...

Love this one Julie, the colours are gorgeous and a great tutorial, might just have to make this one..

Sherry said...

What a great jelly roll recipe. I can't wait to make this one. Thanks for sharing.

jojo said...

tres jolie merci

jan Luna said...

What a pretty quilt!

Anonymous said...

A perfect pattern for using up those 2 1/2" strips I have my mother cutting out of her "no longer need" fabric pile. When I'm back visiting later this year, I plan to make a heap of Project Linus quilt tops and this will be a pattern I'll use.

Corrie said...

ohhh I love it! love the colours and just love the way you've photographed it! very australian!

well done


Que tutorial maravilhoso! Parabéns! Sucesso e felicidades sempre prá todos vocês! Muito grata! Fiquem com Deus!

Frances said...

This will be a perfect baby quilt for my niece who will be having a baby in September. Frances

Julie said...

Requirements to make this pattern in a queen size are on my blog here.

UniquePatchwork said...

love it have just finished making this with two Jelly rolls in central park as a wedding present for a friend (he proposed in central park)It came out beautiful and have now had a request from my mum to make her one in notte (cant remember the name!) jelly roll. thank you so much

Sheamus Warior said...

I was pinning away for such type of blogs, thanks for posting this for us.

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