Patchwork Pets Quilt

Hi, I’m Amy! Also known to some as Alliekatmom. I have a quilt in a day quilt to share with you. This quilt is super easy to make as a last minute baby quilt, or maybe a charity quilt, or maybe your fabulous pet needs a quilt for their very own.

1 Max & Whiskers charm pack
1/4 yard Max Whiskers Grunge Fur 30150 116
1/4 yard Max Whiskers Grunge Elafin 30150 115
1 yard Max Whiskers Grunge Blithe 30150 112
1.5 yard Max Whiskers Bubbles Blithe 30250 12

1. Select 20 squares from your charm pack to be the centers of your blocks.

2. Cutting:

Blue: You will need to cut 80 – 5″X2.5″ pieces. I start by cutting 10 – 2.5″ strips, then cut the 5″x2.5″ pieces you need from the strips.

Brown: You will need to cut 40 – 2.5″ squares. Start with cutting 2 – 2.5″ strips, then cut your 2.5″ squares from the strips.

Tan: You will need to cut 40 – 2.5″ squares. Start with cutting 2 – 2.5″ strips, then cut your 2.5″ squares from the strips.

3. Sewing the blocks:

Start piecing the centers of the blocks. Use one 5″ square (charm) for the center, and 2 – 2.5″x5″ for the top and bottom. Sew all the 20 blocks in this fashion. You can chain piece these if it is easier.

For the side pieces, you will need a total of 40. Sew a brown 2.5″ square and a tan 2.5″ in square on both sides of a blue 2.5″x5″ strip. Also chain piecing these makes the quilt go much faster.

You will now have two piles that look like this.

Next sew the strips to each side of the center block. Be sure to line up the seams and pin so that your corners match up perfectly.

I like to put my pins in this direction. This way you don’t have to worry about running them over with your needle, or having to pull them out as you go. The fabric is just as secure pinning this way as it is the other way.

Once you have sewn the sides to your blocks, you should have 20 blocks that look like this.

4. Piecing the top:

Layout all 20 blocks until you get a layout that you like.

Sew your blocks into rows first, then sew the rows together.

5. Quilting:

Baste your quilt, I like to use these T pins to hold my quilt down while basting.

Then pin, I pinned every other square and it was just enough.

Finally, quilt your quilt. I used a nice fall color variegated thread.

6. Bind, wash and enjoy your new quilt.

A 34×42″ quilt perfect for your pampered pooch or animal lover!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Amy Rivera