Sugar Baby Quilt

Finished Size: 32" X 42"

Hello again!!  It's Jamie from SunFlower Seeds with my new Moda Bake Shop project! It's called "Sugar Baby" and is a quilt made from a Jelly Roll!  I hope you like it and if you make one please add it to my Flickr Group!!  And as always be sure to check out my blog {} and my mom's blog {} for a giveaway!!

1 Jelly Roll (JR)
1 yd sashing/border fabric
1 yd backing fabric
½ yd binding fabric OR left over JR strips (you’ll have plenty)

 ¼” seam allowance for entire quilt.


1. Choose 12 strips from JR.

2. Take 6 strips and cut each strip as follows:

Two- 10 ½” pieces
Two-2 ½” pieces
One- 6 ½” pieces

*You will have fabric leftover from each of the 6 strips (you do not need these pieces - set them aside).

3. Take the remaining 6 strips and cut each strip as follows:

Two- 4 ½” pieces
Two- 6 ½” pieces

*You will have fabric leftover from each of the 6 strips (you do not need these pieces - set them aside).

4. What I like to do next is layout all 6 blocks as randomly as possible- this helps keep everything together while I’m sewing all the blocks together. Layout blocks with two-10 ½” pieces that are the same fabric, two- 4 ½” pieces of the same fabric, two 2 ½” pieces of the same fabric, two- 6 ½” pieces of the same fabric and one- 6 ½” piece of another fabric. See photo:

5. Sew one 2½” piece and one 4 ½” piece together and press; repeat with the other 2 ½” and 4 ½” pieces.

6. Sew the one different 6 ½” strip in the middle of both 2 ½”/4 ½” pieces, making sure to alternate the two 2 ½”/4 ½” pieces and press.

7. Take the two 6 ½” pieces and sew one on both sides of 2 ½”/4 ½” pieces and press.

8. Sew one 10 ½” piece on top and one 10 ½” piece on the bottom of the block. Press.

9. Repeat steps 4-8 until you have 6 blocks total. Trim up your blocks (they should be around 10 ½” square).


1. Take your sashing/border fabric and cut one strip 2 ½” X WOF (width of fabric) OR you can use a JR strip of the same fabric if you still have it.

2. Cut the 2 ½” strip into four- 10 ½” pieces.

3. Sewing along the 10 ½” side of your blocks, sew one 2 ½” X 10 ½” piece on the bottom of four blocks. Press.

4. Sew two rows of thee blocks each. Each row will be approximately 34” X 10 ½”. Press.

5. Cut one- 4 ½” X WOF strip from sashing fabric for middle sashing. Trim to length of rows. Your piece should be approximately 34”. You should have a 4 ½” X 34” piece for middle sashing.

6. Sew the 4 ½” X 34” strip between the two rows. Press.


1. Take the border fabric (the fabric left over from sashing) and cut four- 4 ½” X WOF strips.

2. Cut the four strips as follows:

Two- 4 ½” x 24”
Two- 4 ½” x 42”

3. Sew one- 4 ½” x 24” strip on top of your quilt top (the 24” side) and press. Repeat on bottom of quilt top and press.

4. Sew one- 4 ½” X 42” strip on each side of your quilt top and press.

Your quilt top is now finished!

Quilt as desired.


1. From binding fabric cut 4- 2 ½” strips OR just use four Jelly Roll strips.

2. Sew all these strips together (short ends) to make 1 continuous strip. Fold binding in half wrong sides together and press. Attach binding to right side of quilt (raw edges even) and machine stitch all the way around. Turn binding to back and hand stitch down. See finished quilt photo.

Finished Size: 32" X 42"

1 Jelly Roll can make up to three sets of blocks.  Just get extra sashing/border fabric to make more quilts!

Jamie Mueller


medina said...

Lovely and fresh!

Sharon said...

Nice and bright just wonderful.

rosa said...


Rachel said...

Wonderful directions for a beginner like me! Thank you!

Wendy said...

What a wonderful project! And I love the pictures in the snow.

Debbie said...

What a great little quilt! Thank you so much for the tutorial.

Cindy said...

Really cute!!

JustJoyce said...

Beautiful picture!!! Congrats! Congrats again for another great idea.

Liz said...

Very cool! It's sort of a different spin on strips. I like it!

Rachel Hill said...

Looks great! But no more snow, okay? :)

Stephanie said...

Love the quilts! They are so bright and fun. Yummy!

eamylove said...

How cute are those! So different in the two colorways...very creative.

Holley said...

I love it and I want a bigger version of it for me!stfi

Miss Nancy said...

Wonderful and as cute as can be. Great work.

Have a super great sewing day.

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Anonymous said...

What is the fabric collection you used for the red quilt? Very pretty!

Jamie Mueller @ SunFlower Seeds said...

I used Sugar Pop for both quilts!! Love this fabric many great prints and staples!!!

Kerstin said...

Great, what a cute pattern! I just bought a 'Freebird' by MoMo jelly roll, and I wasn't sure what to do with it. I guess I found my next project...

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I love these! Simple yet stunning. Great baby quilts. Sometimes new parents are afraid to use quilts because they are "too pretty". I think these are stunning but something a Mom would be willing to use. Plus it isn't too babyish so a toddler or older could still use it.

Jules said...

perfect size for snuggling on the sofa - too nice for babies ;-)

Susan S said...

I agree with Holley great for babies, but I want one, too!

Jamie Mueller @ SunFlower Seeds said...

Anyone who wants to make one for themselves instead of babies...just make more blocks and the sashing until it's as big as you want and then measure the length and width to figure out border sizes!

Heyyo Momma said...

I just finished up this quilt for a family member's new baby. It came out great! You can see pictures of it on my blog .

Thank you so much for the tutorial!