Jovial Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Hello to all Moda Bake Shop readers!

My name is Karin and I am the owner of Quilters Haven UK. I also write quilting books.
This yo-yo Christmas tree was originally a project I designed and taught on a Northern Lights quilting cruise, sailing along the coast of Norway, and organised by Thanks go to Sharon (one of the quilters on the tour) who had the idea of adding presents to the tree.

By the way... over here in the UK, yo-yo's are called Suffolk Puffs. Maybe they originally came from Suffolk, the county where my shop is situated? I like to think so! Quilters Haven is in a 650 year old pre-Tudor building. Do go and take a look

I hope you will enjoy my first Bake Shop pattern.

One Jovial Charm Pack

15" x 17" background fabric Jovial 30266 - 12 ( white)

one fat quarter backing and binding fabric Jovial 30267-17 (red)

16"x18" cotton batting

Neutral coloured strong thread, I use a quilting thread

A Clover yo-yo maker in the large size

21 assorted buttons for the yo-yos plus a star button for the top of the tree

King Tut thread colour 958 for quilting the background fabric

12" square Steam a Seam 2 (no sew applique fusible) Read the instructions before using.

Small ribbon bows to decorate parcels and tree

Snowflake buttons to embellish the background.

1. Choose 21 charm squares. Make 21 yo-yo's using the large yo-yo maker, following the instructions in the packet. Sew with a strong quilting thread, knot and leave at least a 10" tail of thread for attaching a button and sewing to the background fabric.

2. Pin the background fabric Jovial 30266 - 12, right side up on top of the batting.
Quilt a crosshatch design using the lines of the hexagon background print as a guide for quilting lines. Don't you think this fabric is wonderful for straight-line

The King Tut thread I chose matches the fabric well, but you could go for a lighter or darker shade. I like this variegated thread as it is 'forgiving' if I have a wobble in my machine quilting. After quilting, trim away any excess batting.

3. Stitch the first yo-yo in place with a button on top of the 'gathered hole'. The first yo-yo edge is about 3" below the top of the background. Do check it is central.
Arrange the remaining yo-yo's in rows, pinning well, before stitching each time with a button and attaching to the background fabric.

4. Choose a dark tree trunk fabric from the charm pack. Cut a 2" x 5" piece and turn under raw edges. Appliqué in position. Alternatively, you can choose to fuse it into position using Steam a Seam 2.

5. Press the 'presents' charm squares to one side of the Steam a seam 2 fusible. Cut out presents and arrange under the tree. Bond into position.

6. Layer the backing and top. Baste together, I like to use safety pins.

7. Trim away the backing 1½" away from the outside edges of the quilted tree background.

8. Fold the backing fabric over twice to form a ½" binding for the quilt. Stitch in place on the front of the quilt.

And with snowflakes..............

Makes one wall hanging 15"x17" or you could make it into a pillow.

A kit for this project is available from my UK quilt shop

We would love you to visit!

Karin Hellaby


Ellie Roberts said...

This is seriously cute, great job!

Quiltjane said...

Thank you for sharing your festive project. I love making suffolk pokes.

Connie said...

Very cute. I've been looking for small yoyo project to try. This is perfect. Thanks for the tutorial.

Barbara said...

So Cute Karin! Thank you for sharing this with us. I like the name Suffolk Puffs much better than yo-yos!

The Tulip Patch said...

sooo cute!

Kim and Jim said...

This is such a cute pattern! I love how you quilt the background before adding the tree. The colors are perfect, too!

Susan S said...

This would be so cute for me to make for my mother to hang in her room in the nursing home.

madrekarin said...

Super cute! My friend is from Ipswich and visits your shop when she is home. She has told me how wonderful it is! I will from now on call yo-yos Suffolk puffs. :)

Maria Wallin said...

Awww, this is a very cute project. I just brought my very first yo-yo maker after having resisted this popular trend for quite some time and I think this project is just the perfect reason to try it out =)
Thank you for sharing!

Jackie said...

LOVE this!

Georgina Close said...

Just got my fabric!

Excited to start.

Thank you x

mypatchworkantahkarana said...

Muchisimas gracias por este tutorial tan magnifico .. gracias por compartir

Terry said...

TOO CUTE!!! I actually made one and LOVE it, but now I have a delimma...How do I hang it? It is currently on the wall with two straight pins.... Yes, this is all new to me!

wilma said...

Es un Lindo Árbol de Navidad. Mil Gracias y Felices Días Navideños y un Prospero y Venturoso Año Nuevo 2012. Desde Venezuela.

Gayle Ballinger said...

Thank you for sharing! I have not yet been fond of the yo-yo thing, but this - THIS IS ADORABLE! And I much prefer your Suffolk Poke name. Guess I have to buy a Poke-maker!
Cute! Cute! Cute!
I have a bunch of Christmas theme buttons, presents, ornaments, etc., I think I will use.

Ирина said...

thank you for the tutorial!!