1934 Nine Patch

Hi! It's Jo from Jo's Country Junction. Here's my latest quilt project, 1934 Nine Patch. If you are new to quilting or are looking for an easy large quilt, this might be just the pattern that you are looking for. Nine patch blocks sew together quickly to create a beautiful and classic design. The colors of this fabric line, Circa 1934, are SO rich and creamy. The red and gold colors elicit a warm and cozy feel.

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Circa 1934 Jelly Roll
2 1/4 yards Circa 1934 Solid Red 37008 11
3 3/8 yards Circa 1934 Solid Cream 37008 15
2 1/2 yards Circa 1934 Solid Gold 37008 13
3/4 yards Circa 1934 Davis Black 37007 14-binding
6 yards Circa 1934 Ginger Sage 37003 12-backing

When making the quilt, I made extra blocks so I would have extras to add a row of nine-patch blocks when piecing together the backing. If you do not want a pieced backing, you will need more backing yardage than is listed above.

Start by making the gold and cream nine patch blocks first.
Cut 31 gold strips- 2.5" wide.
Cut 38 cream strips- 2.5" wide.

Sew the strips together in a gold-cream-gold pattern. You will need a total of 8 strip sets like this. Press the seams toward the gold.
Sub cut the strips into 122 gold-cream-gold sections that are 2.5" wide.

Sew the strips together in a cream-gold-cream pattern. You will need a total of 15 strip sets like this. Press the seams towards the gold. Sub cut the strips into 244 cream-gold-cream sections that are 2.5" wide.

You should now have a stack of pieces like this.

Matching the seams, sew the pieces together to create a nine patch block like the one shown. Press the seams out.

Next make the red nine patch blocks.
Cut 31 red strips. Sub cut the pieces in half.
Cut 8 cream strips. Sub cut into 11" pieces. If they are slightly smaller don't worry.
Select 30 of the jelly roll strips. Cut each strip into two- 11" lengths and one- 21" length. Keep each set of jelly roll strips together.

Sew a 21" red strip on each side of the 21" jelly roll strip. Sew a colored 11" strip to each side of the cream 11" strip. When possible, match sew the strips together (keeping the selvage ends next to each other). Press all seams toward the colored jelly roll strip.

Sub cut the pieces into 2.5" segments. You will end up with 4 of one and 8 of the other. This will make four nine patch blocks. Press all seams toward the colored jelly roll strip.

Assemble into nine patch blocks. Each of the red blocks will have a cream square in the center.

Continue making blocks in the same manner making 124 blocks.

All of the blocks are made. It's time to assemble them together into rows. Notice that one row starts with a red block. The other starts with a gold block. Create 8 "red" rows and 7 "gold" rows.

Assemble the rows as shown. You will have leftover blocks.

The next step is to create the back. To do this, Cut the backing fabric in half. Remove the selvage edge. Sew the red strips from the jelly roll and another 2.5" strip cut from the red fabric together into one long strip. Sew it to the one long side of the backing.

Cut an 8" strip from the remaining backing piece. Sew the 8" strip to the red of the first backing strip.

Sew some of the remaining blocks together to create a strip equal in length to the backing fabric. Sew the blocks to the 8" strip. Sew the last backing strip to the blocks.

Quilt as desired.
Cut nine binding strips. Sew together and bind.

90" x 90" Quilt
Gracie wasn't in the mood for a photo shoot with the quilt. The neighbors were shooting off fire crackers and the noise really scares her....poor girl....

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Jo Kramer
{Jo's Country Junction}


Oops-Lah said...

Lovely! And the backing fabric is indeed yummy!

Quiltjane said...

Thank you for such a wonderful quilt and tutorial. The Cosmo Cricket fabrics look stunning.

Jennifer said...

Very nice quilt Jo!

Pam said...

Very pretty.

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Just love it !!

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beeps said...

What a yummy quilt! I love 1930s inspired fabrics and this is just lovely!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to download the instructions for this, but all I get is "404 Not Found" when I try to access the Printer-Friendly version.

eamylove said...

That's such a great quilt!!! I love the colors and the way you've used an alltime favorite block.

Shannon said...

LOVE IT!! Great job!!

GeeMa said...

Great instructions for a lovely quilt.

sharon g said...

I haven't made a quilt in about 18 years, but would like to get back into it. I love Cosmo Cricket!

Barb in Mi said...

Love it!

Linda said...

Lovely quilt, I have always loved the traditional look. Great job.

Will Work for Fabric said...

Love this quilt! It looks like the perfect quilt to curl up in with a good book on a cool fall day...Now if we could just get those cool fall days to get here...GREAT TUTORIAL!!!

Sherry said...

I love your quilt. The pieced backing is wonderful. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Susan S said...

Just lovely! This would be beautiful as well in some of the collection for a cause jellyrolls.

Barbara said...

Love the colors Jo! Great tutorial!

Peach Rainbow said...

Lovely quilt, thanks for the tutorial :D

Aggiequilter said...

Love it love it love it! so cozy! thanks for sharing

Lupineke said...

Surching on the internet for ideas, I came across this beautiful nine-patch quilt.. lovely!! Thanks for shearing the pattern and the instructions! Lupineke from Holland

Carin said...

I found some amazing fabric for a quilt backing online and when it arrived it didn't match my quilt top and I was very sad. I am SOOOOO excited to use your quilt back pattern to make this backing fabric a quilt top. Such a fabulous idea!! Thanks!!!