Sophie's Bouquet

Fresh from the oven at Jo's Country Junction is the latest Moda Bake Shop recipe....Sophie's Bouquet. Our old farm dog, Pepper, is showing off the quilt that features fabric from the line Sophie by Chez Moi. I am in love with the fabric. I am especially in love with the turquoise blue floral fabric that is used as the setting squares. The floral design is amazing. The quilt uses one jelly roll along with extra yardage.

To get you started, Kimberly over at the Fat Quarter Shop is sponsoring a giveaway over on my blog to get you started on the project. After you're done here, hop on over and check it out.

1 Jelly Roll-Sophie for Blocks and Scrappy Binding

4 1/4 yards Nosegay Blue Fiesta (32501-11) for Setting Squares, Setting Triangle and Corner Triangles

2 yards Sophie Leafy Swirl Pink Sorbet 32504 13- for constant pink in the blocks and the inner border

1 3/4 yards Sophie Petal Pink Sorbet 32506 22-for background fabric in the blocks

6 yards Sophie Paisley Floral Cream 32502 14

You will also need a half square triangle ruler such as an Easy Angle.

If you would want to fussy cut the setting squares, you will need extra yardage.

From the setting fabric:
Cut 12~ 6 1/2" strips. Sub cut into 72~ 6 1/2" squares.

Cut 3~ 9 3/4" strips. Sub cut into 9~ 9 3/4" squares. Cut these squares twice on the diagonal to get your setting triangles. You will use 34.

Cut 2~ 5 1/8" squares. Cut once on the diagonal to create 4 corner triangles.

From the pink constant fabric in the blocks:
Cut 17~ 2 1/2" strips. Sub cut into 270 2 1/2" squares.

For the background fabric in the blocks:
When I made my version, I used the lights from the jelly roll pieces for some of the back ground in the blocks. I cut the remainder from the light yardage. You can do it the way I did or you can make all of the background from the same fabric. You will need a total of 23~ 2 1/2" strips for the background.

I pulled out the strip of fabric that matches the setting fabric and set it aside.

Take one of the jelly roll strips. Layer it right sides together with one of the light 2 1/2" strips as shown. Place it on the cutting mat. Take the half square triangle ruler and position it over the top. Cut a straight edge on the side as shown.

Following the manufacturers instructions that came with the ruler, cut triangles as shown. Flip the ruler as you make each cut. Each block needs six sets of triangles. Continue cutting across the strip making triangles. You will get four sets of six triangles per strip.

Chain piece the triangles, keeping the like triangles together.

Cut the triangles apart. Clip the dog ears and press towards the dark fabric. Continue keeping like squares together.

Layout the half square triangles along with three pink squares as shown.

Sew the blocks into rows.

Sew the rows into blocks. Continue until you have 90 blocks. Press blocks.

Now is the fun part...the layout. This quilt is set on the diagonal. It's easy to get blocks twisted or turned. I kept watching and checking to make sure those pink squares were lined up in rows.

Continue laying the blocks out in a 9 x 10 setting. Sew the blocks into rows then sew the rows into a quilt top. Notice the pink squares are all in a line.

Take the backing fabric and cut it in half. From the remaining jelly roll strips cut 6~ 21" pieces. Piece them together connecting them on the diagonal as you would binding strips. Sew the strip between the two backing pieces. This isn't completely necessary. I just like to do it so that I don't have to try to match the prints in the backing fabric.

Layer the backing, batting and quilt top together. Quilt as desired.

Cut eight 2 1/2" strips of the blue floral fabric. Use them to bind the quilt.

One 74" x 83" quilt.

Come on over to my blog, Jo's Country Junction, and see all the pictures I took while making the quilt. There were a few mishaps that went into this quilt. You will also want to check out the giveaway that Kimberly from The Fat Quarter Shop is sponsoring there.

Jo Kramer
{Jo's Country Junction}


Quiltjane said...

Thank you for another beautiful quilt made with the gorgeous Sophie fabrics.

Linda said...

Love your pattern and the fabric is devine. Thanks for sharing your design skills.

gill said...

Gorgeous colours
Great quilt!

Carol said...

So happy to see another discerning quality controller. My boy Bud QC's all my quilts.

AnnieK said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty!!

Quilt Hollow said...

This one caught my eye has that strippy sort of look! I'm sharing this pattern with a friend who doesn't internet much...she will flip!

Busy Beavers said...

This is really pretty and I'd like to make it, but the "printer friendly" button is not working. How can I get the instructions in a better format?

Sarina said...

Cute quilt! Thanks for sharing.

Jenny Garland said...

The printer friendly button is working now - thanks!

Michelle said...

Beautiful quilt! Love the pattern and the fabric.

Blue Bird said...

The colors are great and the pattern shows them nicely.

Blue Bird said...

The colors are great and the pattern is perfect for them.

Vicki said...

love it. great job. and I do love that blue.

pricillaprecise said...

Jo has done it again, hasn't she! Lovely design for a lovely line. And I'm happy with the blue floral not being fussy cut. ...Margaret

saraann50 said...

Love the quilt!!!!

VickiT said...

Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. I just recently ran across this fabric and fell in love with it. I'm hoping to be able to buy some soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Great quilt! Is there really a border??

nhdaydreams said...

Love this quilt! I love that shade of blue with that pink! Thanks for sharing details of the "photo shoot" too!

Jo said...

Thanks for all the positive feedback...No there are no borders. I originally thought about it but didn't like the look once it came time to put them on. Looking at a quilt design on paper and looking at a quilt in real life can sometimes be two different things....a girl has a right to change her mind doesn't she?

Two Girls and a Garden said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful quilt. Your an inpiration!

Two Girls and a Garden said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful quilt. Your an inpiration!

Sonja said...

Love the rose pattern fabric. Beautiful colors!

javajean said...

Beautiful quilt, and it looks like a fun time getting pictures of it!

Aggiequilter said...

So pretty, thanks for sharing with us. Looks like Pepper really likes it!