ABC Magnets… Easy as 123!


Hello everyone!


Yep… its me, Jennifer Overstreet from Gable House Sewing. I have something different to introduce to you today and can be a no-sew project if you prefer. This is a great project to involve your school age kids or grandkids with. Or better yet, this a great family project that you all can work on together.

The idea of these magnets hit me when I was working on my Snuggle Play Laugh Love quilt. I noticed when you fuse two fabrics together with Heat N Bond, it makes the fabric rubbery. And I thought why not? Why not see if any one has come up with something like this by making the letters into magnets, and I was surprised that nobody had.  It is another one of those things that stem from my childhood. I remember those plastic ABC magnets on my parent’s refrigerator when I was little. I even had them for my daughter too when she was little. It was always fun to see what words you could come up with. And with today’s technology and social media I added a few extras to add to the fun.


So with out further ado lets get started!

cc fabric
  • 1 Charm Pack (Circa 1934 by Cosmo Cricket)
  • 1 yard of Cream Garbo #37001 15 (Circa 1934 by Cosmo Cricket)
  • 2 1/2 yards of Heat N Bond Lite or two packages of Heat N Bond Lite
  • 6- 30 in magnet strips
  • 1- Arleen’s Fabric Fusion or any fabric glue of your choice will work.

Decorative stitching on letters and numbers if desired
Along with a storage pouch that includes a 7-inch zipper

To start:

You can either do the cut outs first or wait until you have all your material needs finished before printing and cutting out all the numbers and letters. There will be 70 of them to cut out, so grab a kid or grandkid of school age to help out.

ABC cutouts

*Helpful tip: Leave the dot attached to the j, i, and ? until you are ready to trace them out. Same goes for the = sign too. This way they will not get lost or thrown out by accident.

Material Needs
  1. Take the one yard of fabric and cut out two 10in x width of fabric strips.
  2. When you have both 10in x WOF cut out, open up the fabric and cut on the folded line. By doing this you will have four separate panels of fabric to work with.
    3. Take the Heat N Bond and measure to each panel 1/4 of an inch smaller on all sides to prevent any fusing the Heat N Bond onto your ironing board.
   4. Prep both the Heat N Bond and one fabric panel to be ironed on your ironing board.
   5.  On a medium high heat setting for your iron. Press your iron directly onto the paper side of the Heat N Bond and count to six. Continue on pressing until the Heat N Bond is bonded onto the fabric.  *It is best not to have your iron on a steam setting.
   6. Allow the fabric and Heat N Bond to cool before peeling the paper off. It will only take a few minutes to cool.
*Continue steps 3-6 for the rest of the panels.

7. Next arrange the charm squares (eight squares) to your liking on each bonded panel. You will end up using 32 squares out of the pack. Then place on ironing board to be pressed. Allow your iron to set for six seconds before moving around to another spot of the panel.

8. When the charm squares are bonded to all four panels, grab the cut out letter and numbers.


9. Take each cut out and strategically place them to your liking on each square for all the panels.

10. This is not something that I would normally recommend but trace around each template cut out on the right side of the fabric. Once template is trace remove from the panel. When every last template is traced you should have panels that look like the picture below. Then cut out each number and letter from the panels.


Now that you have all the letters, numbers, and extras cut out it is time to get out the magnet strips and fabric glue.

finished cutouts

11. Cut out magnet strips to each desired length needed for each letter and number. Once the strips are cut, peel back the paper on the magnet strip.

12. Take the fabric glue and place a bead of glue down the middle of the adhesive side of the magnet.

13. The bead should be thin and not heavy. This way there is no excessive overflow of glue when you press the magnet to the letter or number. * The reason for fabric glue is because the adhesive on the magnet will not hold onto the fabric for a long period of time.

14. Place magnet onto the letter or number with the adhesive and glue side to the fabric. Make sure you also are placing magnet on the backside of the letter or number. Then allow the magnets to dry.

* The fabric and magnets will curl a bit and that is okay. Once they are completely dry, lightly flex the magnet to straighten them out. They will also straighten out once they are on the refrigerator too! And believe it or not that is the end of putting the magnets together. Keep scrolling for the storage pouch option if you want to.

drying process
Storage Pouch Option
pouch tutorial

* All seam allowances are 1/4 of an inch unless indicated otherwise.

1. With leftover yardage, cut the full length of fabric x 6 3/4 inches wide.

2. Fold fabric down the middle and finger press the fold. Then cut on the fold line.

3. Place the zipper in the middle of each fabric pieces with the print facing correctly.

4. Place the zipper facing down on the right side of one of the fabric sides and then sew the zipper and side together. * When stitching near the zipper head, stop with your needle down and lift your foot, unzip the zipper pass the need and foot. Place foot back down and continue sewing.  Repeat and continue to do the same with the other fabric side.

5. Start with right sides of the fabric together. Line up the bottom edge then sew them together. Once the bottom is finished, sew up the side starting from the bottom up.

6. Once pouch sides are stitched. Pinch the edges and sew across 3/4 of an inch from the top. Do this on both sides of the pouch.

7. You should have…something that looks like ears.

8. Turn pouch outside right and push down on the “ears” so that they flatten on the inside of the pouch.

9. One completed pouch to store your magnets in. Yes, it is small but all the magnets will fit into it.

 70 fun filled magnets and one pouch to keep them stored in!
yield photo

Thank you for stopping by. If you do make these magnets I hope you have a good time sharing them with the kids or grandkids.

Take care all!

Jennifer Overstreet