About Town {Hometown} Ruffle Scarf

Hello! My name is Kimberly from My Brown Bag Studio and I’m so excited to be here! This is my first time in the Bake Shop kitchen and I really hope you enjoy this recipe for my About Town {Hometown} Ruffle Scarf! It makes me think of all my blogging friends from near and far… and if you make a scarf of your own, please be sure to let me know!


1 Hometown Jelly Roll
2 packages twill tape to coordinate (mine were ‘camel’ color)
Basic sewing/quilting supplies

1. Unroll your Jelly Roll, iron all the strips out, and gasp in delight as you discover your hometown in Hometown. I found mine {Abbotsford} right between Calgary and Hamburg.

2. Divide strips into four-color combinations – I did yellow/cream, blue, gray, and red. You’ll need 40 strips in total, divided into sets of 10.

3. Reserve 1 strip from each color grouping for ruffle pieces. I set aside 4 solid color strips in cream, blue, grey, and red.

4. Cut off the selvedge edge and cut strips to 37″. I did this in stacks of 5 strips to save time.

5. Arrange 9 strips per colorway the way you like them and sew each set together lengthwise with 1/4″ seam allowance. Press your seams open.

You’ll have 4 striped sections when you’re finished, and a coordinating strip set aside.

6. Create ruffles: I make my ruffles by hand. Stitch a long running stitch down the centre length of your jelly roll strip leaving a tail of thread on either end. Yes, I’m a lefty!

Pin your strip 2″ up from the end of your scarf section. Pin pin pin! Pin both ends in place the same way.

Gently pull the thread tails from either end to create your ruffle. Adjust to your liking and pin all along to hold it in place. Pin pin pin!

Machine stitch from one end to the other, down the centre of your ruffle. Remove your pins as you go… oops, I forgot!

Centre the twill tape on your ruffle and machine stitch along each side of its length.

Repeat for other 3 scarf sections.

7. Sew 2 of your color sets together end-to-end (not the ends with ruffles). Repeat for the other 2 sets. Press seams open. I paired the yellow and gray, and the blue and red together.

8. With right sides together, match the centre seams and twill tape sections and pin well.

9. Sew all the way around, leaving a 6″ opening near the centre seam to turn right side out – as shown by the purple pins.

10. Carefully snip the tips of the 4 corners off to reduce bulk, being careful not to snip into your stitches.

11. Turn scarf right side out through opening and press well. See how great it looks from the side?

12. Slip stitch opening closed by hand.

13. Put on your new scarf and enjoy a day in your hometown… or even in your own backyard… just enjoy!

I really love my Hometown scarf and with the cooler weather upon us, I think I’ll get a lot of use out of it! It would even be a fantastic gift for a friend or family member who lives across the miles… make sure both hometowns are visible and you’ll feel close despite the distance!

Feel free to stop by My Brown Bag Studio anytime for a visit… I’ll be there, and the coffee will be on!

Kimberly Friesen