Convertible Crib Quilt

Hi everyone! I am Patty from Patty Trends! I am very excited today to share this beautiful convertible crib quilt tutorial here on the Moda Bake Shop!

When my little girl was about 19 months old, she managed to jump out of her crib... yes, she did it that young! This situation had me rushing to convert her crib into a toddler bed because I was concerned she would try climbing out again and get seriously injured. My little girl is 22 months old now and she actually has loved her "new" bed and sleeps pretty well. Since I am planning on having her sleep in the crib for a little while {at least until we have another baby}, I decided to make a quilt for her that would fit perfectly on the convertible crib.

So here is a tutorial on how to make a toddler quilt if you would like to make one for your kids or give one as a gift! I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

- 2 Charm Packs ( any design you want). I used the Giddy collection from Sandy Gervais. 
Note that one charm pack from Moda comes with 42 squares, I actually used a total of 48 squares on this quilt. If you don't want to buy the two charm packs, you can cut 6 extra 5'' x 5'' squares from a piece of fabric of the same collection. 

- 1 yard white solid (for the sashing)

- 1 yard matching binding print 

- 1 1/2 backing print

- Matching thread

- Crib size batting (45'' x 60'': I usually like to use the #180 100% cotton from Mountain Mist)

Cut the strips for the sashing (white solid):
 {56}  5'' x 1 1/2'' strips
 {10} 35'' x 1 1/2'' strips
 {1} 35'' x 4 1/2'' strip (for the main row between the second and third row, see the following diagram). 

This is the strip you will attach your applique design to.

Before you start sewing all the pieces together, take a look at the diagram above so you can have a better idea of how all the pieces and rows will be connected. The red strips on the outside of the rectangle represent the quilt binding. You'll need to cut two 35''x 1 1/2'' strips of the same fabric you used for the binding for the design between the second and third rows.

Now, let's start sewing! Sew one 5'' x 1 1/2'' on each side of the 5'' x 5'' square. I pinned the pieces together so you can see it where they need to be sewed together, but you don't need to do that.

Sew all the pieces together with a 1/4'' seam allowance.

Press the seams towards the square.

This is what you'll have...

... now sew another square to the right side of the piece you just sewed together... you are starting to make the first row of the quilt. 

Keep sewing the 5'' x 5'' squares to the 5'' x 1 1/2'' strips until you get 8 separate rows (see picture above)

When you are done making the 8 rows, starting with the bottom row, sew one 35'' x 1 1/2'' strip to the top and bottom unfinished edges. 

Press the seams towards the squares.

Now sew another row to the top...

You don't need to sew a 35'' x 1 1/2'' strip to the bottom.

Then if you take a quick look again to the diagram in the beginning of the tutorial you can easily notice how the rows are sewed together.   

Sew all the rows together like it is showing in the picture above (I forgot to take a picture showing all the 6 rows together on the bottom), including the extra row that is highlighted by the arrows...  Don't worry if you have some pieces sticking out on the sides, just trim them off when you are done sewing everything together.
And there you have the front of your quilt done! All you need to do now is to quilt and bind your quilt.
If you would like to know how to quilt all the layers together and make / attach the binding to the quilt, follow this easy tutorial. You can also add an applique design to that extra row between the second and third rows.

Here is a picture of the quilt on my little girl's crib.

I quilted this quilt in an all over free motion stippling design (see the two pictures above for a closer look). For the binding, I cut 2 1/1'' strips and followed the tutorial previously mentioned. It may seem complicated to make this quilt, but believe me, If I made it you can definitely make one too! Sometimes it takes a little bit of practice :)

Quilt finished size is approx. 51'' x 34''

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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Patty Wright


Erin Marie said...

Just a note: Your cutting directions say to cut the sashing strips to 1/2" wide.

Such a cute quilt though. :-)

CJ said...

Very pretty! I think you did an awesome job.

Stephanie A said...

Cute - the applique band is a great idea for personalizing the quilt.

eatmoresmores said...

Adorable. I really like this quilt.

Patty said...

@ Erin Marie: Yes, there is a typo, sorry. I meant to cut the sashing strips to 1 1/2'' wide.
Patty from

Jenn at The Little Shop of Stitches said...

Such a great design for a "Big Girl" bed. :) I love the personalization on the quilt.

Needled Mom said...

Very cute!

tmcc4 said...

This is BEAUTIFUL!!!! TFS!!!

Quiltjane said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilt. Just perfect for the convertible cot.

Kristie said...

Hey! This is just like my McKinley Quilt tutorial! I just added a few shabby chic flowers to the applique band:

Great minds think alike :)

Patty said...

Thanks everyone!
@Kristie! OMG!!! How funny!! I just checked your blog and i see that both quilts are kind similar! I think this is one of the most common and simple patterns for quilts :) by the way, i love ur blog! I'm a new follower! :)

Suzanne said...

love this quilt! Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

Super cute!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just finished this using Max and Whiskers yardage. It is such a perfect size for my 2 year olds big boy toddler bed.

Quilting In The Rain said...

what a pretty quilt!

missavene said...

Perfect! I think I'll be making this for my baby's crib... so pretty <3
You know I've often thought Moda should make bella solid honey buns... this pattern would be perfect for them! Where have all the honey buns gone :(

Mel said...

Hi! Love this tutorial. I am alost through it and it is my first real quilting project with binding. I have a question- do you have any tips or pictures to share for the part where I attach the binding around the middle panel to the top and bottom rows of squares? Is it just like the sashing? Pin together and sew?
Thanks !!

Patty said...

@ Mel: Yes, it's like sewing the sashing strips. For the "panel" you need two 35''x 1 1/2'' strips of the same fabric you used for the quilt binding. So all you need to do is to sew one strip on the top of the 35'' x 4 1/2'' white strip and the other one on the bottom. Then you just need to sew the rows of squares on the top and bottom of the panel (two rows on the top and 6 rows on the bottom). See the diagram so you can see better the order they are sewed all together. I hope this helps. let me know if you have more questions.
Come share your finished project on Patty Trends Facebook page later: I'd love to see it :)

Patty from

Jan said...

Love it! Just what I was searching for! The sashing strips are just the right size to showcase the charms.

Lamo said...

Do you pre-wash the sashing material? I've read not to wash the charm packs because they just get too wrinkled but what about the other fabric? I'm about to start cutting all my fabric for this quilt. Thanks for the great tutorial!

My Craft Spotlight said...

@ Lamo: I usually don't pre-wash my fabric before. I know it's recommended and that can prevent shrinkage, but if you are going to use a fabric piece that hasn't been cut (like the one for the sashing), you can probably wash it before. I can see that the charm pack fabric could get wrinkled.
Patty from /

stor said...

Never thought the convertible crib would be that big of a deal.Hello My Husband and I are expecting our first and are hearing all sort

Amstaff Mom said...

Did you do the stipple stitch over the applique/name part of the quilt as well? I wasn't sure if you did stipple stitch above and below it or all over and couldn't tell from the photos. I'm planning on doing this for each of my girls, just making it a little bit longer to fit their cots - they will each have "camp quilts".

My Craft Spotlight said...

@Amstaff mom: No, i didn't. I just did a straight stitch about half inch away from the top and bottom edges of the applique band, creating kind like a border.
Patty from

Amstaff Mom said...

Thank you for responding! That makes sense!

erwicker said...

cute, very pretty.

crib for twins

Mary said...

Very cute! I know this has been up a while but I just saw it today. I had to laugh about your little girl climbing out. My oldest did that at NINE months. He was a monkey!