Spiders and Webs Quilt

Hi!  My name is Heidi from Boys, Buttons, and Butterflies.   I grew up in a household that didn't celebrate Halloween or go trick-or-treating, so I have always been intrigued by the holiday.  Since I first took my oldest son trick-or-treating fourteen years ago, I have wanted to take Halloween more seriously.

This fall, I fell in love with Trick-or-Treat by Deb Strain.  I couldn't resist the urge to make a simple quilt with this fabric!

1 jelly roll (Trick or Treat by Deb Strain)
4.5 yards of Moda Marble (purple)
Acrylic ruler that includes a 60 degree angle
Basic quilting supplies
Variegated thread (purple/pink/gray tones)

Unroll and sort the strips by color.  Separate the orange candy corn to the side for the binding.

Divide the rest of the strips into sets of four using the white, black, and orange.

Sort the four colors in different orders. I used the green as my guide for all the groupings. Sometimes it was first, sometimes second, and so on! When you have run out of green (because you will!), sort the rest of the strips in orange, black, and white colors to make more collections of four.

Sew each strip with 1/4 inch seam.  Press.  You will have several lovely rectangles!!

Now it is time to meet your acrylic ruler and it's 60 degree angle markings.  The arrows are on the lines that you will line up your fabric top edge with.

The line that is marked with the 60 degree number along the top edge of your rectangle.

Make your first cut at the left edge of your strips laid out lengthwise.

After the first cut, pivot your ruler and line the rule with top ledge with the 60 degree angle line going the other direction to make a triangle.

Continue down the fabric making 62 total triangles with ALL of the stripped rectangles.

Cut four 8.5 inch strips from the width of the Moda Marble (purple).  Then cut 22 triangles using the 60 degree angle exactly the same way you did for the strip triangles.

Using the photo below, layout your triangles to make hexagon shapes with the strip pieced triangles and purple triangles in between.   There are nine complete hexagons and two incomplete hexagons.  Arrange the triangles so that the green is distributed throughout each hexagon and that the colors alternate rows.  Don't stress too much about it.  I did and it wasn't worth it!!!  If you are worried, just follow the order I have below!

Piece the triangles together.  

You will have six vertical strips.

Press the seams.  Clean up the dog ears and snip the center where the three triangles meet to eliminate bulkiness when piecing the strips.

Pin the strips together and sew.

Pin each seam after aligning to ensure the finished seams will match up.

Fold them out and press.

Cut two 3 x 60 inch pieces and two 3 x 50 inch pieces from the length of the purple Moda Marble for sashing.

There is an imaginary line that you will make across the top and bottom of your quilt.  Use the tips of the hexagons on the end as your guide.

Use the sashing along that imaginary line as a guide and then place your ruler at the edge to trim the "dog ears" to ensure a straight cut across the quilt.

Piece sashing to all four sides.

Backing.  Cut four pieces of Moda Marble (purple) for the backing in the following measurements:
  • 32 x 60 inches
  • 18 x 40 inches
  • 3 x 18 inches
  • 3 x 17 inches
Piece the backing following this diagram.  The orange hexagon and purple triangles represent the leftover strip pieced triangles and purple triangles to make one final "web".

Quilt.   I love to spray baste my cotton batting and then get to work.

I set out to do stitch in the ditch for the webs and free motion quilting with spiders in the purple background, but when I set up my machine to start and had the foot over the webs, I instantly thought of the movie Coraline.

There is a part where Coraline is trapped in a web and it seems to stretch into a spiral.  The quilting was meant to be and I am really pleased with the primitive spirals around jarring color changes and straight lines.

I then ditched my plans for spiders because the fabric was already too busy. I decided to quilt very symmetrical triangles in the purple areas.  I left an open area in each triangle center.

Variegated thread seemed the best choice for the webs and a complementary purple for the Moda Marble.  It really detracted the fact that it was crossing white fabrics all the way to black. I definitely see myself using this more in the future.

I also used the variegated thread in the bobbin and it made the backing more interesting.

Binding.  Don't forget that you saved the six candy corn strips!!  Piece each strip together to make one long strip of my favorite candies!

They are perfect fit for the 1 1/4 inch Quilt Binding Tip for my machine.  However, no need for the machine.  Don't fear...you can just fold it in half and iron it!  I have done it without any difficulties for many years until I bought this gadget!

I like to sew the binding by machine to the front of my quilt matching the raw edges of the binding and the quilt.  I then hand sewing the folded edge to the back.  I was really pleased with the idea of alternating the background colors of black, white and orange.  They blend seamlessly and are interesting at the same time.

1 Halloween Quilt  50 x 60 inches.

Great for a picnic or hayride.  I actually plan on using it as a tablecloth for the celebrations.  It fits my kitchen table wonderfully!

If you like this quilt tutorial, come join Button and me over at my blog, Boys, Buttons, and Butterflies to see some other quilts and craft tutorials while I manage four boys. Baby Button and I are always up to no good most days while the rest of the boys are at school!

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you enjoy this tutorial!
Any questions?  Email me at boysbuttonsandbutterflies@gmail.com

Heidi Grohs


pcflamingo said...

I have already bookmarked this to make for next Halloween! Very very cute pattern.

Татьяна said...

Какое красивое одеяло получилось !!! И шьется легко . Хороший подарок на Halloween!!
С любовью из России .

Gemini Jen said...

Your quilt is fantastic! Thanks for the very clear instructions - I will be bookmarking this one for when I find the perfect jelly roll! (We don't really do Halloween down here in NZ so will look for a colour scheme/novelty fabric that will be ideal!)

beaquilter said...

very nice, I don't like HALLOWEEN, but a CUTE pattern.... the PDF link doesn't work btw :-( I was going to save a pdf of it. not that I can always link back to here.

Quiltjane said...

Great Halloween Quilt. Fabulous fabric.

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Kim said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Leila said...

Beautiful quilt and great instructions!

Anonymous said...

Love this and love your blog!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Just darling, and looks like a FUN quilt to make too! Thanks for sharing!


GabyLux said...

Great pattern. Many thanks. :-)

Caroline said...

Great pattern! This technique looks so much easier and less time consuming than the paper-pieced spiders I did for a swap. I should get those put together. I have a lot of Halloween fabric, too...I think one of these will be a must!

Cheryl said...

Congrats Heidi, I love it.

Sherry said...

LOVE this quilt! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. The pic of your little one on the quilt with the pumpkins is so cute.

jan said...

Thanks for simplifying a very complex looking pattern!

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Jenn at The Little Shop of Stitches said...

LOVE the quilt! So fun! And, how in the world do you quilt with 4 boys?? Good for you!

NanaTJ said...

how do I get a printed version? Usually this is at the end of the post on Moda Bake Shop. Thanks

Heidi said...

Thanks for all of the love everyone! REALLY! As to the question about how do I do it? I have a very awesome, supportive husband and sons!!

As for the printable .pdf, it was there, so hopefully, it will appear again!

Ashley said...

Going to pin this Asap! Very cute!Thanks for sharing!

farmgal said...

Adorable and without the high priced ruler!

Ruth Hamilton said...
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Ruth Hamilton said...

Great quilt and wonderful tutorial! Thank you.

Lynette said...

Great tutorial...what's 'the gadget'???

Heidi said...

@ Lynette:

The "gadget" is a Simplicity Bias Tape Maker. You can find online (Amazon, Ebay, Joann's)

Carla said...

wonderful tute! congrats!!

Kfcc said...

How cute this is! I bought "Halloween Night" from the Moda line last year, and could not find the right quilt pattern to use it for...now I have! So, sending a big thank you to you!!

Berglind Snæland said...

I love it! :)

Terri said...

Thank you!!! I have been looking for a spider web pattern for ages! It will be a year round quilt in my house!

Kathy said...

Girl, you so got it go'in on with this quilt. Brilliant idea and I absolutely love seeing your little baby sitting on top of it at the end of your tutorial! Will have to try this one for next year!

Hollie said...

This is perfect! My husband LOVe to seasonally decorate, we bought this jelly roll & I can't wait to make it for him!

Nikki said...

What a great quilt and post. Love it. Thanks!

Fiverr Work said...

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Jess said...

Love this! I only have a small bundle of fat eighths so I am modifying this to make 2 table toppers, 1 web for each. Thank you!