Funky Monkey Children's Personal Journal


Monkey Business by Erin Michael, or any Moda jelly roll or honey bun  (this is a great stash buster!)
lightweight fusible interfacing
white or ivory Moda Bella solid
composition notebook
crayons in various colors
white thread, brown thread, grey thread
Invisible marker

Cut varied sizes of strips of fabric 1.5 to 2.5 inches x 7.5
1 print 11x2.5 ( binding)
2 print 11x5.25 ( inner flaps)
1 print 11x 7.5 ( back)
1 print 5.0x7.5  ( crayon pocket)
1 lightweight fusable interfacing 2.5x7.5
1 solid 2.0 x7.5  ( nameplate)
1 solid 11x25 ( inner )

optional fusible interfacing for nameplate 2.0x7.5

To make the nameplate, you can either just have the child write his or her name freestyle or you can make a  school paper look by drawing lines on the nameplate piece of fabric. I found this made it easier for my little guy.

To make the nameplate measure up from the bottom 1 inch up and draw a solid line, the freehanded dotted line is .5 up from the first solid line and the second solid line is .5 from the dotted line.

1 inch up from bottom

.5 inch from bottom line

.5 inch up from mid line

Find your resident cutie pie to add the best part of the whole journal!

Thanks Adam :o)

After the lines are drawn, you can sew over them.  I used a light gray so his name will really show up!

I recommend adding a little fusible interfacing; it makes the nameplate sturdier. This is an optional step but I think it makes for a more finished look.

Sew over the name. I used a heavier stitch with added bumps :o) If you use a straight stitch, make sure to go over it a few times so it will look bold and stay put.

To put the journal cover together, pick some of your patterned strips and line up how you would like them to look. The dimensions will be 11x7.5.

Using 1/4 inch seams, sew the strips together

Press the seams

Fold crayon pocket fabric in half over the fusible interfacing and press

Place the crayon pocket on the front and check for proper visibility. Pin the pocket in place. Do not measure for the crayons yet.

With the right sides of fabric together, sew the binding onto the front of the journal

From the binding edge, mark the crayon edge 1 inch in and continue marking every 1 inch with an invisible marker or a light pencil.

Sew over the drawn lines. I made sure to reverse back over the top since there will be heavy use where the crayons go in.

Right sides of fabric facing, sew the journal back on

This is how the cover will look at this stage

Topstitch along the inner binding edge

For the sleeve (inner), place rights sides facing and sew

With right sides facing, sew the two pieces together all the way around. Leave an opening to pull the fabric through.

The opening does not have to be huge.

Before turning, snip the corners.

After turning, topstitch the entire journal.

Lay the journal flat and fold inner flaps in.

Sew the inner flaps to make a pocket for the journal to slip into. I sewed the flaps on from the opposite side following the topstitched seam so it would not show.

The journal cover is completed and ready for action!!!!!

One really cute and personalized journal for a little or big person. You can always embroider the name for an older friend or loved one. This makes a great birthday, Christmas, or Hanukkah gift. Or a perfect little book for quiet time in church or a just because I love ya gift!

Kim Niedzwiecki


Quiltjane said...

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful project. Love the idea. Love the fabric.

Timi said...

Very lovely idea! Thank you!

Kristy said...

Very sweet! One of my all time favorite fabric lines too!

Rachael @ Jangles Quilts said...

This is great! My 3yr old writes his own name so what a great way to capture it. Thank you.

Jo said...

Lucky Adam to have someone who loves him enough to make him something so special....Super Cute!

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

I love it! This is the perfect project for the Moda Bake Shop, and your instructions and photos are very clear and easy to follow. Thanks so much for sharing, I can't wait to make some for my kids!

Kristie said...

Very cute and functional. The kid-printed name bar is my favorite part, too!

Heidi said...

I have seen crayon rolls and journals, but never the crayons in the front instead of the inside! Love it! And the name...the icing on the cake!

VickiT said...

This is such a cute project. Thank you.

What's really funny is that locally my hubby and I did part of a shop hop today that I just found out about two days ago. At the last shop we visited the lady was super sweet and because all her fabrics were upstairs and I can't climb stairs, she went up to bring down all the sock monkey fabrics for me. The reason I knew she had them was because each shop was giving you one charm square and a pattern for a quilt block too. This shop had ALL sock monkey fabric charm squares to choose from. And after looking and rationalizing about this adorable fabric, I chose to not buy any of it and now I see this awesome tutorial.

BUT, the only reason I didn't buy this fabric was because she had the equally adorable sock monkey Christmas fabrics so I bought all those instead. That fat little Santa sock monkey is just adorable. I couldn't resist him.

brautkleid said...


Kim said...

Thank you all so much! I really enjoy when my kids can be part of the process :o)

kate said...

What a perfect little project. Each of my kids will be getting one at the start of our 18 hour car ride at Christmas...yea for no crayons all over the backseat!!! Thank you for sharing your creativity.

Nicole said...

This is so cute. It would keep my kids busy during church. I think I need to make a few for Christmas. Thanks for the tutorial.

Beth said...

This project is just sooo cute!!! I can not wait to make it.

Tonic said...

Im going to do this today!! Thinking I might try making the back of the journal with chalkboard fabric, that way I can put chalk in the journal pack too! What do you think?

Evelene S said...

This is such a cute pattern that I am going to make it for my two grandchildren. Thanks for sharing this!

Kathy said...

That is totally adorable and so is Adam! What an awesome and creative mom!